By the Power of the Holy Spirit; As I AM, You Are

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My Lord speaks: “It’s not by might, it’s not by power, but by the power of the Holy Spirit. Who controls where the river flows? Who, with one command, can change the landscape, wash away mountains and shift the course of a river? Who hung every star, planet and moon in the sky and knows them all by name? Yet man thinks he can judge rightly between good and evil. This is the great lie that caused the great divide, the great separation between Me and My children. But My greatness made a way to return My children to perfect fellowship with Me. Each one was designed to be in right relationship with Me. Many are lost. Many are not yielding or responding to My call. But I never relent. My love never gives up. My love never stops. My love always pursues. My love never changes. It is perfect, and it makes all things right. My words cannot return void. My words create. My words bring to life. My words call forth destiny. My words move mountains. My words redirect the river. The River flows where I tell it to flow. We are in perfect agreement. As I do only what My Father does, and speak only what My Father speaks, so My River obeys My commands. Your words have the same power that Mine do. When you remain in Me, you are in right relationship with Me. Agree with what I am doing. Listen to the heartbeat of My glory. My glory – My love – pulls My words out of My river and wraps them around each name. At your command, that mini funnel cloud of My glory will ride on the wind to hit its mark. My words never return void. In My words is the power of life – my Lifeforce – My resurrection power. I speak to your spirit one thought at a time. One picture at a time. When you follow My flow, agree with what I am doing, speak what I am speaking, you release My funnel cloud of glory to hit its mark. It’s not by might nor by power, but by the power of the Holy Spirit. I hold the hearts of kings in My hand. I turn their hearts like water.”

I am on Jesus’ shoulders, reaching my right hand into His funnel cloud of glory above me. A laser beam of light fixes my gaze to His, continually transferring His power to me.

“This is but a taste of My glory. You are learning My flow. You are learning to live out of My love, love out of My love. As you are faithful in this, I will give you more. Much more. But I feed you one bite at a time. Follow My leading. Listen to the heartbeat of My glory. Speak what I am speaking. As I am in My Father’s love, you are in Mine. As I am One with My Father, you are one with Me. As My Holy Spirit is My very essence, My very being, it flows out of you when you remain in Me, sealing our bond. You are marked by My favor, My glory, My love. As I AM, you are.”


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Flowing as Rivers of Life

I have been in the book of Zechiariah all this week and I came across your blog and just as the Lord speaks, not by might, nor my power, but my Spirit is the Lord our God wanting this world to know that he is still Lord and is waiting for us (the church) to stop being the "tail" but he has given us His Word as to how the church is to be operational. We, the church, are not leading as he has told and spoke in existence to be -- out "in front" of all His people so that we can be the example for the lost, the downtrodden and the weak. It is time for the church to ARISE and AWAKE from it's dead sleep, no longer are we disciples, but he is calling those whom he has set apart, to come forth with the fivefold ministry to preach and teach the word, not in the building but outside the building where the people are. We must show them that we are true to the Word of God and all He wants us to do is to do His will so that others may be blessed! The Lord says that there is a great gulf between us, that the battles that are being done now are spiritual battles and his army stands ready on one side arrayed in beautiful fine golden apparel watching across the gulf our battles being fought in destruction, rather than we allowing God's army to fight our battles. The church must take a significant role in upholding God's blood stain banner for JESUS! There is no time in God, for as we count the days on this earth, his days are numberless and we must obey the Lord and start standing as his church to show the world that he is still in charge! O God, our excellent is your name in all this earth and we worship a true and loving God who gave us his only begotten Son as a ransom and redeemer for all of us. Why are we not showing HIM how much we love him by being His church? Wake up Church, it's an apostolic movement happening and we must be ready for the day of His coming! Let us walk in the Spirit of almighty God speak, prophesy, teach, preach and show compassion for all of God's children. We must do this soon and be alert to his dreams, his visions and the gifts that he has so wonderfully given unto us. Come and let us impart the Word, church, speak life of true living waters, so we can see God's manifestation.

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Response to "“Flowing as Rivers of Life”

I believe we are not showing Him how much we love Him because we do not know how much He loves us. When we encounter Him, we experience His love. When we experience His love, we are transformed. When we are transformed by encounters with Him and His love, we cannot help but give His love away to others. His supernatural love will then draw and touch others. When we try to do His works in our own strength, or out of our imperfect love, the fruit will not last. When His love pours out of our hearts because we are yielded and surrendered to Him, because we are abiding in Him and His love – it is His love and His Spirit that flow through us to impact our dark and dying world. The fruit that is brought forth when we abide in Him is Kingdom fruit. Fruit borne of the Kingdom is eternal. It cannot die. Let us pray that others will come to the River of Life to encounter our Risen Savior. He is alive! And He desires to transform us and set us free by the power of His supernatural love! As we seek Him first, everything else will follow. Let it be, Lord!