I AM; Power transfer; The heartbeat of His glory

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I quiet myself: “I am here, Lord. I wait for You. I watch and listen for You.  What is it You want to speak to me today, Lord? What is it You want to show me today? Open the eyes and ears of my heart to see You and hear You.”

My Lord speaks: “I shall fulfill all of My children’s needs according to My riches and My glory, according to all I have and all I AM, according to My love. I AM. I AM love. Call them to Me. Call them to My River. They want a formula, steps, an action plan. I AM. Everything they want, need, desire, I AM. Receive of Me and My love. Receive of Me. Surrender to Me. Let Me have My way.”

I am on Jesus’ shoulders. The funnel cloud that is His glory is above me. My right hand is reaching into it. My eyes are fixed on Him. His face is in the middle of His glory. My eyes are locked to His. I feel movement in my spirit. When I look into His eyes, I receive more of Him, His essence, His being, His understanding. He is the perfect law, the law of liberty. He fulfilled the law that I don’t have to. All I have to do is receive what He did for me, surrender to Him, allow Him to heal and restore me, that I can look into His eyes, touch Him and be a conduit of His lifeforce, His resurrection power. Our eyes are still locked. A power transfer is underway. It is like a laser beam. I feel the jolt of it. I reach deeper into Him and His glory with my right hand and my eyes. I am bathed in His gold glory. My body is the same color as His funnel cloud of glory.

“You are a vessel of My glory. My supernatural glory, love, lifeforce flow through you. Open your mouth and speak My words.”

I am weeping.

“Set the captives free with My words. Your heart of compassion will be moved on behalf of the sick and the suffering. Your words have the same power as Mine. At your command, affliction will flee. At your command, demonic oppression will cease. At your command, the dead will be raised. Open your mouth, and speak My words of life, love. You have My supernatural eyesight. You hear My voice. Keep your eyes fixed on Me and I will show you what I am doing for each one. I came to set the captives free. I set you free, that you could be a vessel of My glory. Co-laboring with Me is remaining in Me like you are right now, listening to the heartbeat of My glory, agreeing with what I’m doing. Then you can be My hands, My feet, My mouthpiece. All that I AM is yours. I AM. I am yours.”

I remain in Him; His glory cloud is above me. He is my firm foundation. My eyes are fixed on Him. I cannot look away from His eyes. The transfer of power continues as my eyes look intently into His. He is the perfect law, the law of liberty. Now the whole River is liquid gold. The River is His love, His glory in action.

“Come. Come. Come to the One who loves you.”

He is calling them through me. Every time I speak His words, another mini funnel cloud of glory with a name and His words is carried on the wind to find its mark. More and more people are on the shore of the River, they are mesmerized by His glory. The mini funnel clouds of His glory that hold their name and His words are swirling above each one. He is teaching them. He is ministering to them. He is setting them free as they look upon His glory. His glory is filling the earth one yielded and surrendered vessel at a time.

“Come. Come. Come to the One who loves you. Come. Come. Come to the One who loves you.”

When I am in Him, I hear the heartbeat of His glory.