How to Move a Mountain

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I quiet myself: “I fix my eyes on You, Jesus. Where do You want to take me today, Lord? What do You want to speak to me about?”

I am with Him on the hillside overlooking the Sea of Galilee. My right hand is in His left hand. My head is on His shoulder. He embraces me with His right arm. His arm is strong. His embrace is secure. My right hand is warm and glowing. It is effortless. I am doing nothing to conjure it up. I am with my Savior. I am in His embrace, and my right hand glows as a result.

My Lord speaks: “Performance can take many forms. I am exposing its many forms in your family line that we can do My Kingdom business with it to pull it out at the root, and cast it into the fire.”

I respond: “Yes, Lord. Have your way in me, my family, my marriage, my children, my household. We choose You, Lord. We want all You have for us. We want to be free of the lies of performance once and for all.”

“Love out of My love. Live out of My life – My lifeforce inside of you. You are the conduit. I am the lifeforce. Remain in Me and My joy. My yoke is easy and My burden is light. I am always with you. Listen to My voice. Speak what I am speaking. Be My mouthpiece. Lead gently with love. A soft answer turns away wrath. Keep your eyes fixed on Me. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am the beginning and the end. I am the author and perfector of your faith. I did it all for you. I finished the work for you on the cross. In My resurrection, I conquered sin and death once and for all.”

As Jesus is speaking, I notice the nail scar in His left hand open, and His river flows from His nail scar into my being through my right hand which is still in His. My hand absorbs His river.

“Receive of Me, My truth, My words. My word washes you, cleanses you. You are holy and perfect in My sight.”

His river is in me. I feel it bubbling up. It washes and cleanses me from the inside out.

“Receive. Receive. Receive. All day long, receive. You are the conduit, I am the lifeforce. My river is in you. Remain in Me. Keep your hand in Mine that My lifeforce can flow through you, that My river can flow through you.”

The river is flowing from Jesus’ hand into mine. It is pooling in my belly and building and growing, filling and bubbling up, it is pushing its way out the top of my head, and a spring forms. His river bubbles up from within me, and washes and cleanses me from the inside out. It is flowing down my face, hair and clothes. I am refreshed. I receive more and more and more. With my hand still in Jesus’, He lays me down. He grows bigger and bigger, and flips above me. He becomes a funnel cloud of glory. My right hand is still in His. I am at the center of His cloud. My hand glows. The river continues to bubble up as a spring from the top of my head and washes me, but now it begins to gush and flow from my belly down the side of the mountain. It turns into a raging river. His glory, the wind from His funnel cloud creates waves in the river. The river flows underneath. His glory rides on the waves. I look up into the funnel cloud of glory that is Jesus. I see His face at the center.

My Lord speaks: “This is how, together, we will move mountains, Tara.”

He smiles at me. I stand up, my right hand never losing contact with His funnel cloud of glory. I lift my left hand as I look at the river flowing from my belly, and the river parts. I begin to walk down the mountain on dry land. The river is still flowing from me to either side of me. His funnel cloud of glory remains above me. When I get to the bottom of the mountain, I turn and watch; both hands outstretched. His glory cloud picks up speed, stirs up a big tidal wave in the river, and from both sides of the mountain, the tidal wave picks up the mountain and carries it away in a flash. The mountain is gone. It is washed away. The only thing that remains is His flowing, raging river. His funnel cloud of glory is the source. My right hand is in His funnel cloud of glory. His river flows out of my belly.

Performance is gone.

I throw my head back and laugh aloud. I open my eyes and see Jesus in His glory cloud laughing with me. Our laughter skips across the waves of His river. The sound of our laughter joins together, skips across the waves and creates a new song. Animals surrounding the river stop, watch, and listen. They come to the river banks and line up. They join their voices to the chorus. The trees dance and sway in unison with the wind from Jesus’ glory cloud. Their movement creates a sound of freedom.

“I am doing a new thing,” says the Lord.

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Hearing God's Voice!


Your visions and how well you hear from our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus is remarkable. I wish I could do either one of those half as good as you. I would love to hear or envision our Lord like that. Both would be better but I'm not picky lol.

I would really LOVE to speak to you more on it through email or Skype or by telephone of it is something you are willing to do.

Thanks for the encouraging journaling and I look forward to reading more from you and hope to hear from you SOON.

Your Brother in Christ,

Retired/Disabled USN Veteran

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Response to "Hearing God's Voice!"

Hello Jon! Thank you so much for your kind words! I apologize, but I have limited availability at this time. I am praying about how I can perhaps carve out some availability in the months to come. I will keep you posted. Please consider following my blog. I will share many more of my encounters here in greater detail. If you have specific questions, feel free to post them, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend you go through Mark Virkler's teachings. I've gone through his course, “The 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice” three times. Mark is an incredibly anointed teacher. It was his teaching that catapulted me into more detailed visions, dreams and revelation. Keep pressing into Him. He knows your heart's desire, and He has much more for you. I pray the Holy Spirit continues to lead you into all truth and all righteousness. He will meet all your needs according to His riches and His glory. He never disappoints. His answer is always more than we can ask, think or imagine. I look forward to hearing of your great encounters with Him soon! Huge blessings on you!