Vision Accomplishments in 2011 - Video Blog

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God continues to enlarge the work of CWG Ministries with 2011 being our most amazing year ever. Our passion is to see training materials in every community teaching how to hear God's voice and how to live by the Spirit. 

God has called us to nurture a movement that
saturates the world with the message of communion with God
and to extend the voice of God into ALL areas of life.

We want to equip you to do everything
as an outcome of your daily conversations with God,
and to train others to do the same.

Some Specific Accomplishments During 2011 for CWG Ministries

Christian Leadership University enrolled 445 new students bringing total enrollments since we began to 6348. Sixty five students graduated in 2011. In addition we have 363 mission students, 388 students who are in prison, and 1390 international students from 127 Nations.

Sid Roth ran interviews with Mark Virkler three different times and this introduced us to hundreds of thousands of new people.

Mark did seminars in churches and schools, including Catch the Fire in both the U.S. and Canada, Randy Clark's school, and Youth with a Mission in Hawaii.

Some of the creative works produced by those we have helped train to hear God's voice include The Secret Place, and The Basics in 21 Days and Never the Bride, to name just a few.

There are over 100 groups listed on our online map, where people are offering our training material in their communities. And we have about 70 Certified Facilitators trained and teaching How to Hear God’s Voice.

The translation of 47 sessions of our key teachings is going well. We have currently funded translation into twelve languages and these translations are in process now. These are: Hindi, Nepali, Spanish, Mandarin, Telugu, Japanese, Tagalog, German, French, Korean, Pashtu and Russian. Praise the Lord!

The above is all just the mechanical numbers. But the real victories are the changes being made in people’s lives as they are set free of demons, receive healing for their heart wounds, learn to hear God's voice, begin walking by the Spirit, and then share this lifestyle with others. We have seen thousands of lives radically transformed, and for this we praise God.

We are so grateful that God has allowed us the privilege of creating tools which can be used by others in discipling people in Christian Spirituality. Now Lord, let revival break out and heal our land!

Thank you all for participating in this movement of restoring spirituality to the Church world-wide. It cannot be accomplished without tens of thousands helping. We appreciate every helping hand. We appreciate you!

Join This Movement Which Promotes Spiritual Intimacy - Hearing and Seeing God!

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  4. Introduce others to Communion with God by introducing them to this website and to these proven and effective training tools.
  5. Pass out our free “4 Keys” wallet size cards. Many have found us through these!
  6. Host small groups or seminars where the “4 Keys to Hearing His Voice” training takes place by way of DVD and LEARN notebooks (home groups, Sunday school classes, etc.).
  7. Become a “Certified Facilitator of the Communion with God message, and begin teaching it throughout your region and around the world. Join over 70 other certified facilitators listed here.
  8. Become an “affiliate and post these training materials on your website and receive a percentage of what is sold through your website while bringing transformation to people's lives.
  9. Support the expansion of this message worldwide through your prayers.
  10. Support the expansion of this message worldwide through your donations.
  11. Post your personal story of intimacy with God on our social network and/or add your testimony of divine encounter on this website, alongside the product that prompted you to take a step deeper into the river of God. Your story will inspire others to hear God’s voice for themselves. Your personal story is the most powerful tool you have in introducing others to a living Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Use it! Put it on a billboard by posting it on Koinonia Network or alongside a product on this website! See "Tips for Posting Your Testimony."
  12. Release divine creativity out through your life! Create a business or a book or a movie or some other creative expression by following the guidance you receive through the voice and vision of God. Enjoy testimonies below of people who are releasing God's creativity out through the unique lens of their personal lives and giftedness! Send us your testimony and post it on Koinonia Network.