Why This is A Perfect Curriculum Choice

Why These Training Modules Are Perfect for You!

  1. DVD training, allowing you to receive from an anointed teacher on a weekly basis.
  2. Groups hosted by facilitators, people willing to gather a group together but not required to be anointed teachers.
  3. Moderate work load – enough assigned work to help you fully understand and appropriate the life-transforming experience without requiring a major time commitment  (i.e., much less work than a Christian Leadership University course).
  4. Three months in length – giving you sufficient time to assimilate a new spiritual aptitude.
  5. Inexpensive – Learners only purchase a LEARN notebook/seminar guide and perhaps a book.
  6. Localized learning - Learn from your home, small group or church.
  7. A unique revelation-based learning approach is used (explore revelation-based learning here).