Prayer to Set Your Heart Free

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Note from Pastor Dwight Jester: Since I have been praying this prayer for people, I have seen many set free in a short period of time. It is the most powerful and simple prayer that the Lord has ever given me. Feel free to distribute it. 

I choose to totally submit my imagination to Jesus, and have Him deliver me from Satan in my imagination. I want Jesus to be the only one that rules in my imagination from this day forward. 

I ask Jesus to place in my memory the true person that Jesus created me to be in heaven before I was born. I want this true person to rule and reign in my memory and I do not want the false person that Satan has put into my memory to rule and reign in any way in my life from this day forth. 

I ask Jesus and the true person in my memory to go into my mind and emotions and deliver my mind and my emotions from all the thoughts and emotions that Satan has placed in my mind and emotions that are not of God, and for Jesus and the Holy Spirit to fill my mind and emotions with the true thoughts and emotions that come from the kingdom of God.

I choose from this day forth that what I have just prayed will forever be in me, around me and over me in everything that I think, and everything that I do from this day forth and forever more. Amen and Amen.  

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