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The last year has been a year of waiting on Father, resting in His arms and a general “cleaning up” of our house, family, ministry and work situations. He is so faithful to hold us during the chaotic times, and loves to have His kids come close and ask for His great hand to guide! As we look to “downsize” our home and get rid of the “clutter” in our lives (physically and spiritually), we are excited about what God is going to bring!

There are always seasons in our lives for nesting, and seasons for moving. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven”. Yahovah has this great plan for our lives, and most times it’s predictable – you are born, learn to walk, get a driver’s license, graduate high school, get married, work, etc. Sometimes it’s unpredictable – living in wartime, having great sickness come upon you, losing a mate or a child unexpectedly, etc. But still God has a season and a time for EVERY purpose under heaven! He’s wanting us to lean on Him and depend on HIM for ALL of life’s journey, and He’s always faithful to walk with us through it!

This also applies to our kids. There is a season for everything for them. They are a baby, then toddler, school-age child and college bound student. They learn their ABC’s, then learn to put them together into words, then make reports at school and write resumes for their first job.

God has made it clear in these days that things are heating up and there is little time for the “normal” seasons anymore! Oh, our kids still will go to school, graduate and marry, but there is a change in the air for them that is becoming more and more obvious. There is a “supernatural acceleration” that is coming upon them!

Joel 2:28  tells us "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions”. Our children WILL be active in the last days and Father WILL use them! Now, does that mean they will all become little Isaiah’s or Ezekiel’s, all seeing a wheel within a wheel? A few of them, yeah! God is such a Creator, though, that He’s going to cause fresh things to come from our kids that we’ve not seen before that will SHOW US and SPEAK TO US of the Almighty!

In John 14:12, Jesus wants us to believe this! “Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto the Father” (emphasis added). If God is not a respecter of persons (Acts 10:34), then our kids are included – as long as they “believeth on” Him!

That’s exciting to think about – we all want to see our kids succeed and become great women and men of God. If we do OUR part in raising them in the fear and admonition of the Lord, Father promises that they will be part of the end-times extravaganza of His power and exploits!

We have a tendency to “go with the flow” and think of our 7 year old as a basic 7 year old who walks, talks and acts like a 7 year old. We can’t do that anymore! We need to believe what Father is saying, and see the things that are working in our kids as acceleration for what Father wants them to do! Kids today already have more knowledge than we did as kids – they can use computers, upload, download, side load and play games that appear as real as your own skin. They’ve been exposed to things that we never even dreamed of when we were their age.

If you’ve seen the program “America’s Got Talent” in the last couple of years, you’ll notice something strange. Over the years, more and more children are coming into this competition with skills and abilities that are amazing! They beat out the adult competition by far, and we stand in wonderment as to how these kids can be so good at such a young age! This year in particular saw a 12 year old girl WIN the whole competition by writing her own songs and playing a ukulele which she had JUST learned to play within the last year! The creator of AGT, Simon Cowell, had to make the comment, “The kids are taking over the show!” and was amazed at the talent levels of these young ones!

We are seeing more and more of this “supernatural acceleration” – kids learning at a faster rate and doing things we’ve never seen kids do before. The internet and You Tube are FULL of stories and videos of children preaching at age 4-5, coming up with ideas for medicines or machines, and praying over people who see instantaneous healings or miracles appear. This is nothing new to Father, but it’s all part of the “grand plan” for the ages – the “season” we’re in!

Recently I ministered to children during a Prophecy Conference held in our home assembly. While the adults were hearing the speakers, we were in the back equipping the younger generation in hearing the voice of God, receiving salvation and the Holy Spirit, and walking out their destiny NOW. During one of the last sessions, the leadership felt the children were to come out and pray for the adults. It’s important that kids get a platform to work from – it encourages and strengthens their faith and allows them to learn in a safe and loving atmosphere.

We had two sisters (10 and 13) who came to the conference with their parents, but had never been in church before! This was their first time to experience God’s presence and saving grace in their lives! During our first session, these gals both heard the gospel and responded by giving their lives to Jesus. That was on a Friday night. By Sunday afternoon, the kids were ready to go and pray for the adults. One of our new little converts was excited to pray over the adults, so we paired the kids up with more experienced kid “pray-ers” and set them up front. This little gal was amazing, and was able to hear Father’s voice in the middle of praying for the adults and pray over them with authority and clearness – AFTER JUST RECEIVING JESUS TWO DAYS EARLIER!!!!  What a miracle to watch! Now THAT’S acceleration!

These are the days we need to allow our children more freedom to move in the Spirit – when they ask to pray for the neighbor, take them. When they see someone in Walmart in a wheelchair, let them pray for healing. When they feel led to pray with the adult team during ministry time, talk with your leaders and see if there be a way to show how God is ready to move through our youngsters! There is a mighty anointing coming on our kids – are we willing to see past the AGE and see the ANOINTING? The time is NOW – the “supernatural acceleration” has BEGUN!

Karen’s calling is to bring children into the manifest presence and glory of Jesus, lead them in experiencing His deep abiding love, clear unmistakable voice, wise Godly direction for their lives, and to ignite a spirit-led passion for serving Him in many ways at any age.

She is available for children’s and adult conferences, retreats, church dates, camps, leadership training and regional equipping sessions. Fire For the Nations hosts a summer camp for kids and periodic kids mission trips during the year. Her first book, KIDS CAN is now available in both the CWG and Fire For the Nations bookstores. For more information on the book or to schedule dates, check out the website (, or email her at [email protected].