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Christmas Devotionals (5 of 25) by Jason Major

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Read Matthew 1:17 – 23 NEW LIVING

“Come to Me in the Father’s house at Christmas Mountain.  Come into the living room.  Sit comfortably in the chair and let Me bring you some dessert. It is a chocolate and white giant swiss Yule log.  Here, have a piece. Make yourself comfortable. The story of Christmas is ongoing and living. It is a spiral, like a Yule log.”

“This is what you see when you read of the genealogy and the promises given so long ago- the promises and stories to be told and retold; and how each one is a promise of the other.”

“Abraham was the One to whom was promised. David was the king after My own heart. The generations that were from the Babylonian exile are another story of the return to the Promised Land and then we have a direct parallel to the coming of Christ.”

“The coming of Christ is parallel as an event, in importance to King David and the freedom from captivity.  The prophecy of Christ is included in the line of David. This genealogy traces back the origins of the promise.  My promises are real and everlasting and I make these promises real to your heart.”

“Listen to some instrumental Christmas music. Let Me put on a record. Put on some music, soak, relax, rest as you hear My voice.”

“Child, sit and rest. Let Me place some Christmas music on in the background on the stereo. Rest as you lay aside the problems of the past, present and future and meditate on the Son, Jesus. This is not about fantasizing this is about meditating on the One who was born to love you.”

“God is with us. It is the name of Jesus- God Saves. Do you understand the peace, rest and joy that comes from inwardly knowing the beauty of the phrase?  God is with us. God, made in baby form, to dwell, live and breathe and experience the fullness of humanity.”

“God is with us. How much of this experience, this encounter, reality do you truly understand? Imagine, Joseph, a man, a carpenter, a simple man, watching as his wife gave birth to the Son of God?”

“Do you not realize that Mary and Joseph both held in their hands a divine miracle? What must it have been like- a baby boy, not even a day old; and to surpass the understanding of the mind- this is God – in baby form.”

“Isn’t that a different feeling, emotion, sensation, to experience holding the Child of God to one’s chest? A baby, wrapped in a blanket is a warm and fuzzy picture.  However, there was a divine nature about Baby Jesus, there was perfection being held as a baby.  How could Joseph understand that he was to be a Dad to the Son of God?  What are the feelings, emotions, thoughts that you would think in having such a responsibility?”

“Oh Joseph! Joseph was not a warrior in the natural. He was not a Samson with physical strength. He was not in line for the noble throne. He is not listed as a military commander. He is not listed as a wealthy man. Indeed, he was a simple man, a carpenter.”

“Can you imagine the burden of the responsibility to know that this Son was to be the Saviour of the World?”

“When Mary told Joseph the news of her pregnancy he was sad, broken hearted and afraid for Mary and for the baby.  He did not understand what was going on and why.”

“When he had a dream and encountered the angel who told him the truth; what feelings do you think he felt? What thoughts would go through the heart? Joseph had a close enough relationship with God that he had an awareness and wisdom in his spirit to discern whether this was a real, spiritual, supernatural encounter or just a dream that could be easily dismissed.  He then acted on his dreams and visions that were given to him. He acted on the dream by taking Mary to be his wife.”

“Joseph, disheartened with his relationship with Mary, facing a difficulty in his relationship, wrestled in prayer not to just go with the legal advice or written letter of the Law but instead sought the ‘now’ Word from God.”

“It was this ‘rhema’ Word of God, a word that was birthed inside of him that healed his relationship between him and Mary.  Joseph had a desire in his heart- his heart’s desire was to work out both his love for God and his love for Mary, and God worked out an impossible situation.”

“Here, here, let Me pour you a drink of hot apple cider, pour it into your soul; your emotions, warmth and trust and the ah- ha of what I am saying, where am I going with this?”

“See Me go to the Christmas tree in the corner. Where the fireplace is to the far left of the living room, the Christmas tree is on the far right. It is time to turn on the lights on the Christmas tree.  See how the lights shine brightly! See them shine. Do the thoughts in your heart, does your heart also light up as I am sharing, or are you still in study mode?”

“You see, you have difficulties and relationships that I want to heal, mend and repair. It is not done by simply by reading the Bible like a textbook. It is done by wrestling out your love and hurt in prayer.”

“I see the amazing desires and dreams that are in your heart. I see the conflict and problems that stand in the way of their resolutions. I want to give You the now Word and give you dreams in your heart.”

“The experience Joseph had in dreams healed his broken heart and removed his fear. It was a healing dream. I want to heal and restore the broken dreams in your life.”

“Come now, with Me, with your impossible questions, and impossible problems, and see in My heart how I am here for you with healing and reconciliation.”

“Let Me light up your heart, let Me light up your night, and bring to pass the dreams and promises that you have so patiently been waiting for. Love and romance, and a home in My heart are yours.”

“Now, here, come with Me. We are going out of the living room to straight into the kitchen.  There are stairs coming both up and down before you enter the kitchen. Down is the basement.  Upstairs is the second floor, which is the study room and a second room for viewing movies.  The third floor is your bedroom, and then down the hall is the Master Bedroom.  We are going up to your bedroom now, where, before sleep, I wish to hear your heart, your feelings, so I may move into  speaking back My heart to yours.”

“So, here in the bedroom, share with Me now your own heart, and let Me share My heart back to you, your own need for healing, reconciliation and relationship.  Not just about Christmas, but where your heart is now, these dreams and hopes and impossible situations are what I want you to share, and hear My heart back to you.”

Journal Entry: Father, I open my heart up to you; where I am now; speak to me about how I am really feeling during this Christmas season.  What are the dreams You wish to speak to me about?


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