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I said BEWARE!

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God what are you wanting to talk about this morning?

That you CAN hear me clearly.

Even though I think I can’t??


Ok then God, if I can hear you so well, what’s all this interference about? It seems like there’s been a lot of it from the dark side lately, it makes it really difficult to hear you God. I could whack him sometimes, his constant chatter is incredibly frustrating!

Mark the interference doesn’t stop you hearing me, it tells you that you can’t hear me. There’s a big difference. It doesn’t stop you hearing, it distracts you from hearing. It is constant, and you’re right, it is chatter. But that’s all it is, just chatter.

It’s like this Mark: Imagine you were having a quiet conversation with your dad, but you had an elder brother and he was making the conversation difficult. Imagine he was in the room with you, but instead of talking quietly too, he was screaming and cursing at you both. It would be enormously distracting. If you made a real point of listening to your dad you’d still be able to, you’d be able to hear the words but it would be very difficult to focus on them.

That’s because it’s hard to listen to two voices speaking at once, particularly when one is gentle and unassuming and the other is often screaming, and always wanting to be the focus of attention.

It is exactly the same in the spirit Mark. The way you listen is different, you listen with your spirit and not your ears, but the same brain is processing what you hear. The human brain finds it difficult to listen to two voices at the same time – whether they be human or spiritual voices.

Imagine that when the screaming proved unsuccessful, this elder brother of yours sat down in front of the two of you and tried to reason with you personally, tried to persuade you both that what you thought your dad was saying, wasn’t what he meant at all. ‘Did God really say?’

So God what’s this ‘dad’ of mine doing during all this screaming and carry on?

What do you think?

Well obviously you’re the ‘dad’ in this situation, and in my mind’s eye I can see you looking at me quizzically, with a raised eyebrow, as if you’re watching to see what I’m going to do about the interference.


But how come God?

It’s your house Mark, it’s your world. And it’s his too. Although I built it, I have tenanted it to you and given you command. Both of you. I haven’t gone away, I’m right here, but I’ve put you both in charge. I respect the two of you, have created and loved you both. Given both of you power - you more than him because of his clear and focused desire to kill you. He has the right to prowl about roaring and screaming and distracting, I have always made that very clear.

How on earth do you imagine that so many demons managed to be screaming and cursing at me as I walked about Israel? Do you think for a moment it would have happened if I hadn’t allowed them to be there in the first place? I’m God Mark – ‘in the beginning was the word’ – the only way for them to be there, was for me to allow it.

Ok, I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for that one God. People don’t like all this talk about him. They think it glorifies him.

He is glorified Mark. Let’s say a human had the same titles that he does; ‘The Prince, or the ruler of this world’, would a human with those titles be glorified?

God can we not talk about this please!?! I just KNOW that all kinds of people will have issues with what you just said. They’ll berate me for glorifying Satan etc ad infinitum. When they take issue with what you say to me, it’s me not you who gets in the gun. To be honest I myself have issues with what you just said. Isn’t it glorifying the dark one a little bit too much?

It’s right there in the bible Mark. I said it and you know that I did. Can you imagine what it was like for Paul, or the disciples?

What do you mean?

They were constantly in the midst of demons being cast out. As we went about our business the enemy was continually screaming in audible voice through countless people in the crowds, and when they or I cast them out, the screaming and cursing got even louder. The disciples discovered that if you want a conversation with me you draw the enemy, there’s no way around that.

He is a cunning and ferocious enemy with little fear, he is committed to destroying what you do and what I do and when he sees us talking together he is bound by oath to be there in force attempting to distract you from what I am saying before things get too powerful for him. You may not realise the power of a conversation with me Mark, but he does. He is desperately afraid of the consequences, and is constantly opposed. That’s why you are more conscious of him since you have become more conscious of me.

Oh oh God – you just contradicted yourself! In the same paragraph - first you said he had little fear, but then you said he is desperately afraid. Come on God, which is it?

Both. He has little fear, he is not afraid to try his luck, not afraid to attack, but he is at the same time bound by fear, he is fear.


Reality is filled with seeming contradictions Mark. You accept that happily from the reality that you can see. A job might be one you love and yet there are days you hate. The things that most calm your spirit, are sometimes the least calming. And so on. But when the contradiction comes from me, the reality you cannot see, then it seems an opportunity to question what I say. It isn’t. When you understand that everything, seen or unseen, carries in it seeming contradictions, you will find it easier to understand what I say. This has always been an opportunity for critics to criticise what I say, and it will attract criticism for you too, but sobeit. Worse things have happened than a little derision.

It doesn’t really matter what the naysayers think – truth is still truth. It puts them and their families in danger to think otherwise. Your enemy really IS constantly harassing and interfering.  He really is the one ‘who prowls around like a roaring lion’. Constantly. Not a quiet lion, but a very proud, loud and arrogant – and dangerous lion. Those who do not think the enemy is against them are in grave danger. And if they recognise that he is against them but think that he is for the most part quiet and overwhelmed by me, they need to ask me direct for guidance on this matter. I didn’t say don’t worry the enemy won’t cause you any bother, I said ‘beware’.


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I have just picked up your book freedom diaries, - it jumped out at me in the bookstore and I'm so glad I listened! I am loving hearing the amazing things the Lord shares with you, and I am loving having this way of communicating with God validated. So many things you talk about in the book he has also shared with me. And in a time of great grief some years ago I also learned to talk and hear and write the voice of the Lord to me down, but I haven't followed it up or fully realised what a blessing it is and how the Lord wants us to share in this each day- all day. I'm excited. Super excited! Thank you for writing and sharing your book. You are a pioneer (one of many no doubt) and I appreciate your courage in sharing your experience.

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Do You Know We Are Listening ... and Growing??

I have been a Christian for 30 years. The prodigal son who just returned to his Father after wandering for about 10 years. A few months back I stood on my balcony and asked God a question out of frustration. I was shocked to enter into dialogue with Him and to find Him talking with me. I then was stirred and searched online "hearing God's Voice. Guess whose blog I landed on?? Do you have any idea how your posts opened my eyes bro?

I always look forward to hear what God is speaking to you and was so encouraged reading your post this morning ... you need to know how many of us are listening and reading your dialogues. Does it matter if there were only 5, 10 or 20 of us? Words are seeds Mark. Keep sowing and sharing.

We are in the middle of a move. When leaving out condo rentals, we always leave them in better condition than when we moved in ... spotless for the new tenant to simply walk in and unpack. I awoke this morning, read your blog this and then God said "sand the walls". When I fill holes from pictures, mirrors and decorative hangings I wet an abrasive sponge and gently sand the filler level. The water makes it quick and easy. God showed me as soon as I started this is what He does with the washing of His words. His words wash and level the imperfections in our lives. The words He speaks through you wash me, Mark. They encourage me. Every time. The truths Father shares with and through you are as the water on the sponge ... I submit to the Truth and allow His Voice through your words to confirm, change and encourage me. Of course, the washing of His written Word is our foundation as He reveals Himself through the scriptures.

Forget the naysayers and what others will think of you. There are many of us listening ... and learning. Continue to share with us the simplicity of how easy it is for each of us to hear His Voice. Your message for me out of this post is clear. I need to stop listening to the opposing, annoying and badgering voice of the enemy who only wants to challenge and distract me. Father has been speaking to me exactly as He does to you. Reading your dialogues pushes me to continue to dialogue with Him myself.

Love you bro. Keep posting.


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That's really encouraging- keep having a conversation with him yourself aye?

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I love Marks posts too and my life and the way I see God will never be the same because of his conversations with God. Just wanted to encourage you to get his books, especially the first one- much longer and expansive than this blog- every time I read it it's like the first time- so full of wisdom. Also check him out on Facebook- search the Freedom Diaries...I think more of his posts end up there than here...loved your reply to Marks post!

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