Laying on of Hands and Prayer of Faith Bring Healing

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Each of us have so many opportunities to meet the daily needs around us by offering to people a supernatural touch from Almighty God. In the story below, what it took was the simple laying on of hands and the prayer of faith, performed over the phone, and a serious health problem was removed. Thank You, Lord! This testimony is from Lois Rader.

The Story of a Divine Touch of Healing

My brother-in-law, Carl, had surgery last summer on his neck.  During the surgery they had to move his esophagus to the side.  After surgery and ever since, he has not been able to eat normally.  His wife, Sandy, had to cut things very small and he still had trouble swallowing.

They called "just to talk" and he mentioned the problem and asked us to please pray for him.  I said, "Well, how about if we pray right now?"  They agreed and so I asked Sandy if she felt she could put her hand/hands on his throat.  She said she thought she could, and so we prayed by faith and in the name of Jesus.

We got a call last Sunday that he is doing much better.  He can eat most anything, swallow more easily and is calling it a miracle.  Praise be to God!!!!!

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