Seeing: Is It a Gift or a Skill? by Charity Kayembe

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My daughter Charity has some great thoughts about seeing in the spirit and hearing God's voice. Is the ability to sense the spirit a divinely-imparted gift bestowed on a few? Or is it a skill that we can all learn to cultivate and develop through time and practice? 

You'll appreciate her word and I trust it will be a great encouragement to you to keep pressing in for all the Lord has for you.

Be blessed!

That Robin Williams Movie

We just watched a cool movie again the other weekend, August Rush. There are some great spiritual messages in that film! The young musical prodigy hears things that nobody else hears, and writes them down (two of the “4 Keys” right there). It’s amazing and everyone is blown away by the beautiful rhapsodies and symphonies he’s captured and put on paper.

The little boy says the music is all around us and asks his mentor, “Can everyone hear the music?” His mentor replies, “Not everyone is listening.”

That’s the revelation. The spirit realm is all around us. Can everyone hear God’s voice? Yes, but not everyone is listening. Can everyone see angels? Yes, but not everyone is looking. The more we listen, the more we’ll hear. The more we look, the more we’ll see.

Gift of seeing?

I received an email after the Charisma angel article came out that said, “Wow, I wish God would give me your gift of seeing. God, are You listening? I just really want that vision imparted to me!”

While I appreciate her desire for spiritual gifts, a cultivation of skill is also required to properly unwrap and activate the gifts we’ve already been given. The Bible says because of practice we have our senses trained (Heb. 5:14).

Now I know that every good thing comes from above, so I'm grateful and thankful that He's given me spiritual eyes to see. But here's the thing: What’s the biggest difference between me and Michael Phelps?

He swims, and I know how to swim too. Granted, he’s got some natural gifting and God given ability. But in addition to that, and possibly just as important if not more so, is time. He has basically LIVED in a swimming pool for the last two decades. He's spent his whole life training, practicing, and working that gift.

What about Arnold Schwarzenegger? He has the same number of muscles in his body that I have. Sure God’s given him some gifting or bent, but he also lived in the gym. He invested time in body building, because that’s what he valued. That’s what was important to him.

Gift of snowboarding?

I can’t say to God, “Well, if You want me to be an Olympic gold medalist snowboarder, then tomorrow morning I should wake up and supernaturally have all the right muscles developed, all the important jumps and tricks magically in my repertoire and skill set.”

We know it doesn’t work that way. We know they have to practice, and they have to fall. They make ten thousand mistakes, ten thousand tries and attempts and crashes and fails. And then, after hours and hours of time and life put into it, breaking their bones from trying and trying before they mastered it, then they win the gold medal. Then, they’re the best they can be.

It's the same way with things of the spirit. Looking. Listening. It gets easier the more you do it. And it’s okay to mess up. I use the snowboarding analogy because I have messed up with that! I’ve fallen trying to stretch myself and go outside my comfort zone and do something I wasn’t sure I could do snowboarding. And what happened? I broke my back. Literally, a fractured vertebra. So do I give up? Do I never snowboard again? Of course not.

The Bigger the Risk, the Greater the Glory

My husband Leo is a perfect example of this. He was born and raised in Zambia, so growing up in South Central Africa didn’t afford him many opportunities for winter sports. Good thing he came to university in the beautiful winter wonderland that is upstate New York! My brother and I got to introduce him to all kinds of fun things like sledding, ice skating and best of all, snowboarding.

That’s one of the things I love about my husband. It seems like lots of times we’re tempted to stop learning new things or cultivating new skills once we've grown up. If we haven’t learned something by the time we’re adults, often we don’t ever bother trying. Not Leo! He’s constantly learning and growing. And he always goes all in.

Well, in case you’ve never tried snowboarding, I’ll enlighten you. It involves falling. A LOT of falling.

But with Josh’s awesome teaching, some lessons on the slopes, a couple instructional DVDs and a ton of time playing on the hills, now he’s one of the best riders out there. Why? Because he tried. And he practiced. And he fell and fell and fell again – just like anyone who learns to snowboard does. He got a bloody face. He got bumps and bruises. But he was humble and perseverant and didn’t give up.

And now? Now it’s really pretty breathtaking to watch him carve his way down the side of a mountain. He’s actually a better rider than I am, because he doesn’t mind falling. He loves going fast, easily rides switch, and enjoys black diamonds (the most narrow, steepest trails). He’s amazing!

Multiplying talents (Matthew 25)

Hopefully it’s easy to see how all these examples in the natural translate to our cultivation of spiritual giftedness and multiplying the skills God has given us. Where we might be tempted to say, oh, healing? That’s Randy Clark’s gift. Oh, hearing God? That’s Mark Virkler’s gift. Oh, seeing in the spirit? That’s Charity’s gift. The only way any of us have gotten good at anything is through practice and time and training.

Just like Leo watched snowboarding DVD instructors, we have video training on hearing and seeing in the spirit. Might you make a mistake? Might you be stretched so far you don’t quite get it perfectly right the first time? Sure! Is that okay? Yes! A million times, YES.

If we don’t try, we’ll never learn. If we don’t take time to practice, it will never get easier. If we don’t take the initiative to cultivate the skills necessary to move in the realm of the supernatural, it will forever remain out of reach.

You can do this. It’s not just special gifts bestowed on a few. These are skills that can be learned by everyone. You can see the invisible. You can hear the sounds of heaven, and you can walk by the spirit every day of your life.

Help Us Help You

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We even have a Bible School in your pocket now. How cool is that, right?

We’re going to spend forever in eternity basking in Jesus’ loving presence. Seeing the compassion in His eyes. Hearing the laughter in His voice. Heaven is too awesome to wait around until after we’ve left earth to experience it. By living into the spirit realm now, forever can start today.

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Seeing in the spirit

Hello Charity,

I been saved for about 3 years now, and I have recently been seeing this but I don’t know if it is just my eyes or it is real. When ever I am at a red light in my car, when I see cars passing by ( I don’t necessarily stare at them but I am looking straight ahead and cars are passing in front of me while I’m waiting at the red light) and I can see from the sides of my eyes a white vail or white cover behind cars as they pass by, not all cars have it but most have this white vail over them as they pass by. But if I am looking at it directly I don’t see it, it is only from the side of my eyes when I am staring away from the cars. I am so dumb because I have I have not prayed about to ask God what is it?

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RE: Seeing in the spirit

It's great that you are able to see these things. In fact, many people testify to seeing angels as flashes of light and other things of the spiritual realm in their periphery vision, so you are not alone.

You are not dumb! But I agree that the very best thing is to ask God what exactly it is that you're seeing, and also ask Him how He would like you to respond or act on the revelation. :)


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Seeing in the spirit

Hi, Charity, my name is Silvia. I´m from Argentina. Sorry for my English but this is my second language !!!
I´ve been Reading some of your books, listening, and watching most of your videos. It´s incredible but after thirty years of been born again what you are teaching is giving me a new dimension of God´s love.
My first encounter with the Lord was absolutly supernatural and those were my first ten years walking with Him. I was baptised in the Spirit soon after that, cast out demons, prayed for healing and also prayed for a baby who was dead and raised. After that, I suppouse, I began pursuing to much study and supernatural life vanish in the air while working hard in the church and preparing in ministry.
But deep in my heart I knew there was another way of living Christian life (1 Cor. 2:9). when we can not reach the biblical promises seek human responses to justify our lack of faith .
I regret having let the enemy fool me leaving the Father's desire that I live the abundant life Jesus promised.
When I read people living all of what the Bible says'm sure that's also for me.
I wanted to thank infinitely to be such a blessing and a renewal and take this opportunity to ask you a question, how I can do to make the theme of the visions not be so difficult? sometimes I could "see in spirit" but it is not always easy and not know how to handle it, could you suggest something? praying to meet you soon!!! blessings

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RE: Seeing in the spirit

Hi Silvia!

Thank you so much for writing - it's wonderful to hear the journey Holy Spirit has you on. I'm honored to be a little part of that!

I love 1 Cor. 2:9-10 too because you're right - there is MORE. It's exciting to hear how the Lord used you supernaturally to heal others and bring a baby back to life. Praise GOD. I encourage you to remember those awesome feelings of being used by Him in powerful ways and re-experience that faith and glory in the memories of your heart and mind. Allow your spirit to be reminded of those amazing emotions of equipping power, excited hope and supernatural joy. And live into them all over again!

Your question is excellent about practicing seeing in the spirit realm, and I have several suggestions. The easiest thing you can do is imagine Bible stories. As you read through the gospels, picture yourself there with Jesus as He's multiplying the food and walking on water and playing with the children. Invite Holy Spirit to take over these godly imaginations and the eyes of your heart will be enlightened to see more and more clearly into the spirit world that permeates this physical one (Eph. 1:17).

Also, dreams are simply visions that we have at night while we sleep, so ask the Lord to give you His dreams when you go to bed. When you wake up, go back to the dream and ponder those pictures, feel the emotions you experienced in the dream (love, forgiveness, joy, etc) and practice building your spiritual eye muscles by meditating on those visions of the night.

Another really effective tool is to use the visionary prayer journey, A Stroll Along the Sea of Galilee. Anointed music and guided meditation help set the scene with you and Jesus walking together beside the still waters. You can download it free here:

And one more you practice the art of looking into the kingdom definitely pray in the Spirit. The kingdom of heaven is within so we want to connect deeply with the river of Living Water that flows from our innermost being. Jesus lives in our hearts (not our heads!) and by praying in tongues we shift down into our spirits, which are joined to His Spirit, and we are able to live into heaven and live out of it that much more easily.

I trust you will be seeing more in the spirit realm in no time and I'm excited for you, Silvia! Every blessing as you move ever deeper into Father's heart!

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Seeing in the spirit- being blessed

Am blessed with this message

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RE: Seeing in the spirit- being blessed

So glad to hear this! Praise GOD. :)
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Hi Charity. What a blessing!

Hi Charity ! What a blessing to receive your comments ! I also saw you copied my post in your daily blog. As I read you were in Argentina before hope to see you soon again.
Can I share something am struggling with?
I know and believe that sins passes to 3-4 generations , but, when we come to Jesus don't we live under the law of the Spirit according to Rom. 8:2 ?
I've already done this when was born again and am convinced of its results , but it's difficult to explain this to others.
Thank you so much for your teachings , I'm absolutly focused going deeper and deeper every day. May His anointing and the amaizing power of the Holy Spirit lay upon you all every day.

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RE: What a blessing!

Your question is very good and I'm sorry to hear that you're struggling. I believe the revelation shared in this blog will be very helpful to you:

It's wonderful to hear that you are focused on going deeper into the Spirit. Further up and further in!

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Hi Charity thank you for the

Hi Charity thank you for the answers. Perhaps I wasn't very clear. I'm actually struggling with the "concepts" between generational sins and the Law of life in Jesus according to.Rom. 8:2, not with sins in my life, because I do understand the idea of renouncing to generational sins and had proven its benefits in my life. It ' s a real blessing the link you shared. Thank you so much , be blessed.

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Applying the Promises

Rom 8:2 For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death. This wonderful law needs to be applied, and as we do, it breaks the power of sin in our lives. One way we can apply it it by using the power of the Spirit to remove the residual power of sin being passed on down through the family line. As we apply this power personally, and state that generational sin is canceled out and removed by the power of God, the power of the Spirit of God causes this miracle to occur. If I don't believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, or I don't personally apply it, then even though it is available to me, I have not availed myself of it. The Israelites in the wilderness had available to them the Promised Land, but they did not avail themselves of it, so they never entered it, instead dying in the wilderness. We press into that which God says is available to us, and we access it, not by the striving of our flesh, but by the power of God.
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Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your teachings Dr. Virkler, you are really a blessing !!!

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Tnak you Dr. Virkler, very

Tnak you Dr. Virkler, very kind of you to answer and give me scriptural understanding about this issue, Be the light of God shine on you and your ministry , be blessed