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Ignoring the Question of How Much

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Over the years I’ve become convinced that one of our adversary’s best and most destructive schemes is showing us today while blinding us to tomorrow.  The, forest for the trees so to speak.


I know that Americans face some different issues and problems than other parts of the world but impulsiveness is more of a human problem rather than a culture issue.  The reason is found in the root of impulsive behavior.


We were all created with a profound and very real drive for life.  Life being defined as validation, worth, significance, and love.  We want more of the things that promote this and less of the things that don’t.  But the truth is that God is the only thing in existence promoting it while all others fall way short.  At least in all ways more than just a temporary relief of self-loathing.


And that’s where our adversary comes in.  He points us to every single temporary relief available and we chase them.  We run after ministry, careers, relationships, money, drugs, sex, and much more gaining a few precious (and fleeting) moments of what were happy to call life along the way.  And in the midst of the relentless race we never ask the all important and grounding question, how much is enough?


If unable to keep us from asking the question altogether, the enemy’s power rests in how well he can mask the answer.  Anyone who takes the time to process it can eventually come to the reasonable conclusion, there’s never enough.


That conclusion is one that can dramatically shift our feet from the exhausting race to the quiet stream where we can rest.  When we find that nothing we’ve chased has the ability to give us sustaining life, what’s left to turn too?  Hopefully we stop building on sand and shift to stone. 


This is a lesson that many of us seem to keep relearning as we grow.  And we need to keep relearning it.  Some of the more obvious things like drugs and sex may have been dealt with early while issues that are buried deeper are a little harder to recognize.


Ministry is a tricky one.  How many people healed is enough to give you life?  How many sermons?  How many people can we give a “word” to before we feel that life we drive for? How many ministry related books is enough?  How many sales, emails, and testimonies? All of this is a swirling cesspool of stress, anxiety, worry, dread, and heartache. 


So how much is enough?


The answer to it all is revealed in 3 little words: 


God. Loves. You.     


That’s it.  The only continuation is to consider what those 3 words mean to you.  To consider how many problems those words fix.  To let them fill you with life from an inexhaustible supply.  In them is more than just a temporary relief because in them life is ascribed and can never be removed.


So next time you feel yourself get caught up in the race for life remember to ask the question, how much is enough.  From there remember that God loves you and therein is all the life you need.




Jesse and Kara Birkey

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