Missions Trip to India - How to Meet the Financial Obligation

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One week ago I wrote a blog on Spirit-empowered evangelism. You can review it here. I invited you to come with Steve Stewart and myself and others on a Journey of Compassion to India to share the gospel, heal the sick, provide medical clinics and help rescue people's lives. These journeys even go so far as to help provide business opportunities to those struggling in developing nations.

In the last seven days many things have happened. First, I invited Steve to become a regular blogger on the Communion With God Ministries site. His message is a wonderful complement to our vision and the things we are already offering on our website. We want to hear about Spirit-empowered evangelism that rescues lives! Steve will be sharing these exciting stories with us, inspiring our faith, and coaching us as we step forward taking "Journeys of Compassion." We are thrilled that several have already decided to join this missions trip January 20 - February 1! And it's not too late to sign up so we invite you to pray about joining us.

Steve's most recent blog deals with how to write an effective support letter, so others can participate in a missions trip by supporting you in any of several ways. Check it out and discover that money does not need to stand in the way of you taking a mission trip. We would like you to come and be trained in ministering the compassion and power of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Also, hard copies of Steve's book When Everything Changes are now available. You will be inspired, your heart will be touched, your faith will be increased and you will have a vision for world-changing evangelism which follows the pattern of Jesus! Order it here.

Five Simple Healing Steps (Stewart/Brasset)

Ask What’s Wrong – “Where does it hurt?” - deal with one item at a time

Listen to God – How should I pray for this person?

Invite God’s Presence - “Pour out Your Love on this person”

Command the Healing – Speak directly to the affliction – use short prayers

Test it Out – Invite them to do something they could not easily do