Healed of Crippling Disease by the Hand of God

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“My name is Linda, I have experienced a miracle. Several years ago, in my quiet time, the Lord started calling me Narnie. I looked up the name and it means 'Beloved'." 

That statement begins a 10-page amazing testimony of God’s healing power in her life. In December of 2013, Linda’s doctor diagnosed her with shingles, and then in February of 2014, she was given the additional diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. Her legs no longer worked. She used a cane. She could not go up and down stairs. She was desperate for help.

Linda Burton cried out to God, and He met her in a series of amazing miracles which she describes in detail in her 10-page testimony below. It will bring you to tears of joy, gratitude and hope. It will amaze you with wonder. It will inspire you to an ever-closer relationship with God as you read the wonderful stories of a series of divine touches which Linda experienced over several months of prayer and journaling. Healing was an unfolding process!

Today she stands healed. She can run up and down stairs. There is no indication of the shingles virus in her body. And more than that, her heart is healed, and her relationships are improved. Her family is closer than ever before.

You will want to read her story. Click here and experience the heart of God as you read Linda’s healing testimony

Thank you, Linda, for sharing your inspiring story of God’s healing touch. We agree in prayer that all readers will be inspired to walk closer to God and experience similar healings. Lord, we thank You that You are a healing and magnificent God!

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