Finally Fearless: Journey from Panic to Peace

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Cheryl McKay writes: In the past, Mark & Patti Virkler have honored me by featuring my film and book releases in their newsletter. They interviewed me when I released Never the Bride: A Novel, and Finally the Bride: Finding Hope While Waiting, my book for singles in need of hope, and announced to their readers when my film The Ultimate Gift was released in theaters.

Now, with the release of my next book, Finally Fearless: Journey from Panic to Peace, I would like to honor the Virklers, and the amazing ministry they have with Communion with God and Christian Leadership University, and share with you how it made such a big difference in my life in relation to the story behind writing this book.

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I first read Dialogue with God in 1994; it was the beginning of two-way journaling for me. In 2003, I went through the worst year of my life. In an effort to find some help and healing, I stumbled upon Christian Leadership University’s counseling curriculum. I decided to earn a degree while I healed, taking such classes as Dream Interpretation, Counseled by God, and a class that went through their book Prayers that Heal the Heart. I was desperate for healing and just soaked up every course they offered, finding healing in God’s counsel to me.

For my dissertation project, they allowed me to write one chapter of my book, Finally Fearless: Journey from Panic to Peace, for each class. By the time I was done with my studies in late 2004, I had a good portion of the book drafted. I knew I was healed for the first time in my life after a twenty-year battle with an anxiety disorder. I owe a lot to the Holy Spirit led teaching that these classes offered to me.

However, due to the nature of the challenges I had, I couldn’t complete this book until I got married. I needed to be married in order to test the waters of my healing. I had a long wait ahead of me, but thankfully, I was “finally the bride” in 2011. And now the time has come to release Finally Fearless and its accompanying Workbook.

If you want to read my story, you will see the many times God counseled me through two-day dialoguing and hear of some of the concepts the Virklers shared that helped me heal. If you’ve ever battled fear, abuse, or anxiety, perhaps my story can help you.

I want to personally thank the Virklers for all they’ve done to be obedient to God and spread the Word that God does indeed want a personal relationship with all of us, and to speak to us when we need His direction, healing, comfort, and guidance. I’m very thankful to Christian Leadership University for helping me understand how to allow God to be my Wonderful Counselor.

Thank you, Mark and Patti, for all that you do.

Cheryl McKay

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