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Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

Daily Word - Divine Dance

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What comes to mind when you think of doing the will of God? Do you think of a list of rules to follow? Do you think of a static and rigid burden to carry? This is a common misperception for those who look at this question from outside. My will for you is not written in an old book. It is flexible and dynamic. It is alive, just as you are. Don’t think of following me as finding your way through a maze with hard walls. It would be more accurate to think of it as a dance, which follows a path, but it is a path that is created as you go. Don’t be dismayed if you miss a step. Keep moving, and the dance will continue, even if on a different path.

daily word - plugged in

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I said let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify me. In my time a light was an oil lamp. I told another story about wise and foolish virgins with and without oil for their lamps. I also spoke of branches that only bear fruit because they abide in the vine. The modern version of a light that you are familiar with is a light bulb. You know that this type of light only shines while it is plugged in. The common thread here is  that the visible effect depends on connection to an exterior power source. Do you see from this the need for continual connection to me? Stay plugged in, and let your light shine.

daily word - Flattery?

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Are you susceptible to flattery? Have you ever used it yourself? Honest compliments are given without the expectation of favor, but one who flatters wants something in return for the false compliments. Can people manipulate you with ‘sweet talk’ or ‘buttering you up’? The fear of people works both ways, and both of them are bad. If you are dependent on people’s approval, or fear their displeasure, you are under their control. I said that no man can serve two masters, and this doesn’t just apply to mammon. If you would serve me alone ask of me to make you immune to flattery.

daily word - awake and aware?

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Most people you encounter are awake. Would you say that everyone who is awake is aware? Your awareness can be distracted, clouded or darkened, hence the expression, the lights are on but no one is home. Two people standing side by side can view the same scene and not see the same thing. I made frequent references to those who had eyes to see, and ears to hear. In this case I was not talking about healing the blind and deaf as normally understood. So having your senses intact does not guarantee discernment. I want you to understand the reality of spiritual vision and practice it, that you may be aware to the extent that you are awake.

daily word - mom & dad

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Are you doing the best you can? Do you think everyone is? You may not think that everyone is, but one task that everyone seems to take seriously, exert themselves and make diligent effort is in raising their family. Some parents are poorly equipped to perform this task, which is open to everyone. You don’t need to submit an application, take an interview, and pass a competitive selection process to be a parent. Yet as much as anything else, people tend to bring their best to this despite the sacrifice and expense involved. Honor your father and your mother. They are doing, or did, the best they could.

daily word - grow up!

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My word tells you to grow up into the head, which is Christ. Do you understand what I just said? I told you to grow up! Isn’t that what parents tell their children when they want them to show more maturity? Is this process complete in you, or are there ways in which you could show still greater maturity? Do you find that this process of growing up gets easier or harder the older you get? I want you to think of this as a life-long project, and you have made some progress. Don’t let the progress that you have made so far make you hardened and rigid against further progress. Continue to become as little children that you may continue to grow in the Kingdom of God.

daily word - heal the sick

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How do you deal with the sick? Do you offer them comfort and help them to find meaning in the midst of  their afflictions? How did I deal with the sick? Did I ever follow this approach? You may recall that I healed all their diseases. Isn’t this what you really want when you are sick? You may safely assume this applies to others as well. There may well be meaning available in the midst of trials, and it is never wrong to offer comfort to the afflicted, but I promised that you would be able to do in my name the same works that I did, and even greater works. Don’t withhold healing from the sick when that is what they really need.

Daily Word - Prepare a Place

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When you consider events to come, do wonder which category of people you will belong to in the Book of Revelation? Do you suppose there is more prestige associated with a smaller group, so being one of the two witnesses is better than being one of the 24 elders? But considering the population of the world even 144,000 is not a large number by current standards. Do you suppose that these numbers refer to fixed and literal counts, and that you are competing with your fellow believers for them? Don’t limit me. Don’t assume my infinite power is constrained by fixed numerical categories. I promised to go and prepare a place for every one of you.

Daily Word - Fire Baptism

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John the Baptist said that he baptized with water, but that one was coming after him who would baptize with the Holy Spirit and fire. He was referring to me. His statement of me was true, as demonstrated on the day of Pentecost. Christians still practice water baptism today. What about fire baptism? You won’t see this in a church bulletin, but it is just as real. Have you ever used this phrase in a secular sense of a proving ordeal, such as for soldiers in combat? Yet it is clearly a concept of spiritual origin, and for those who are prepared to receive it this is true. Have the people you admire for their spiritual maturity been through a baptism of fire? Have you?

Daily Word - shall we dance?

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Do you describe your faith as a walk? When you read that I called my disciples to follow me, is walking the first image that comes to mind?  You can follow someone who is walking ahead of you, but the same term is used to describe the response of a dance partner. Which do you think is a better illustration of your life of faith? You can walk behind someone at a great distance, but dancing requires you to be closer. Is there enough closeness, intimacy, intricacy of movement, and coordination of responses between us for this to be the appropriate term to describe it? May I have this dance?

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