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Dale Cresap is a Certified CWG Facilitator posting daily devotional blogs of two-way journaling. (What is two-way journaling?) Enjoy and be encouraged!

daily word - rush to judge?

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Do you rush to judgment? When something goes wrong, are you eager to attribute it to another person and in particular to attribute it to evil intent on their part? For instance, if something is missing do you assume that another person stole it? Yet there are many possible explanations for a missing item some of which involve inadvertent action on the part of another person and some don’t involve other people at all. If you are quick to impute evil intent and actions to others without really knowing you should ask yourself why.

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daily word - kindness

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Are you prepared to accept that I am present in every act of kindness? You do not struggle with this idea when it concerns yourself and those within your tribe. What about  those who are outside? How far outside? Is it easy to accept when it is another denomination within your same faith? What about other faiths altogether, or none at all? This creates a much different criteria than the nature of the kindness itself. What standard do you think those receiving the kindness would use? Does this challenge your theology?

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daily word - face to face

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Have you noticed that one side effect of the modern world is the need to carry identification, and to remember a username/password combination for all of your on-line accounts? This may be necessary for security, but isn’t it a relief to be among friends who know you, for whom you don’t have to present a card to establish your identity, or to log in? What do you expect when you enter the Kingdom of God? You may only know me by reputation; that which you hear from others, or read about.

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daily word - right or loving?

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Is it more important to you to be right or to be loving? Being right is highly regarded in your rational culture, and people find comfort in having a correct understanding, or knowing more than others. Are people as proud of their ability to love or as eager to develop it? Consider the story I told about the Good Samaritan. I intentionally chose someone whose beliefs were in error. Yet my audience could see that it was the one who stopped to help who showed kindness, rather than those of correct doctrine who passed by.

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daily word - agreement?

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Are you familiar with the concept of self-norming? Do you do it? Is it incomprehensible to you that others come to different conclusions than you do on important issues? Do you think that they are stupid? You can comprehend that there are different viewpoints than your own without agreeing with them. You may find that those who disagree with you are as informed and intelligent as you are. You may also find that they are of good character and conscience. You are called not to judge, and disagreeing with you is the worst reason for judging someone else.

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daily word - Kingdom now!

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How do you view this life? As preparation for the life to come? As a great examination to determine if you are worthy to inherit eternal life? Don’t miss out on the blessings of this life by putting them off to the next, and you do not honor me by considering this life to be only a test or a rehearsal. Consider the main thrust of my message, that the Kingdom of heaven has come and is now here. Did I ever say that the Kingdom would be available later at some unspecified date for those who attained to it?

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daily word - meaningful?

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How important do you think it is to lead a meaningful life? Do you require more than having your own needs met? This is part of the inescapable spirituality of every person. This becomes obvious when you see people with little substance in their lives making elaborate arguments to prove that they are making a difference in the world. And what is it that makes a difference? Actions that in some way benefit the rest of humanity. This is not difficult to do but it takes intentional effort and sacrifice.

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daily word - confiding

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Do people confide in you? Do they tell you their deepest secrets? Everyone needs someone to talk to, and you can be that person, but this requires a special set of skills and character. What sort of person do you confide in? You need to know that you are safe, and will not receive judgment and condemnation in return for your vulnerable honesty. Another aspect of safety is trust that the other person will keep your confidence, even if this condition is not explicitly stated. Everyone has a story to tell and needs to tell it as part of their growth and healing process.

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daily word - connection basis?

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What is your basis for connecting with people? Do you find that common beliefs form the strongest bond? Is this true of your closest friends? This can make strong attachments, but it limits the number of people in the circle. How do you connect with people with whom you do not share common beliefs? Do you find a sense of common humanity even with those with whom you disagree? I did. Consider how many of the people who came to me were outsiders, the rejected and marginalized, the least of these. Did I reject any for failing to hold the same doctrine I did?

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daily word - initiation

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Have you ever been through an initiation? Some organizations require this of new members. The term literally just means beginning, but some of the rituals can be quite harsh, like military or fraternity hazing. These practices may be hard to defend in polite society, but they build strong organizational loyalty and bonds. Is there a counterpart in the Kingdom of God? I told Peter that Satan had desired to sift him like wheat, and I did not prevent this. I knew I had a difficult baptism to face, and told my followers that they would be baptized with the Holy Spirit, and fire.

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