Do You Know Why Your Silverware Is Made of Silver?

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Silver has been used for healing for centuries. The Greeks and Romans kept liquids in silver jars. During the plagues in Europe, many royal families escaped disease because they ate off silver plates and used silver utensils. It was used by the American pioneers to keep water and milk from spoiling or becoming contaminated. It is used by NASA to purify water in the space shuttle. Russia also uses it in their space shuttle. It is used by some airlines to purify water on flights. Thin silver foil is still used in India and China to wrap portions of food in. The food and silver wrap are eaten together. Silver is used in most of the burn centers in the U.S (check under "dressings" in this article). and has been used to prevent blindness in newborn infants eyes for many years.

  1. Here is an article on colloidal silver and ebola by Dr. Reuben DeHaan. 
  2. "Silver acts as a booster" according to Dr. Joseph Mercola.
  3. Professional Quotes Regarding Colloidal Silver
  4. UCLA Medical Test on Colloidal Silver Water
  5. What Is Colloidal Silver, Anyway? And How Was It Discovered?
  6. You can purchase a colloidal silver generator here and on the bottom of the page, it has many articles you can click on to learn more about colloidal silver.
  7. Their $229 unit is sufficient to meet most needs. It is completely automatic and turns itself off when the colloidal solution is fully created. 
  8. The Blue Man Fraud (Note, I do believe the above collodial silver generator produces quality collodial silver. I muscle strong that it is valuable to my body)
  9. Structured silver is top of the line if you are looking to purchase silver to kill bacteria.


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