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Feeding the Homeless and Healing the Sick

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Yesterday we fed the homeless; today we did another clinic. Yesterday morning I put rice in over 100 baggies as others on the team went out praying on the streets. Many accepted Christ and many were healed. In the afternoon, we took the food to the homeless who live on the streets. We prayed with them for salvation and health as we distributed the food. It was a hard day. The whole scene was so distressing, as it is even illegal to feed the homeless in India. Yet this is what Mother Teresa did for many years in India. She showed love to those who were abandoned. I was reminded that I was now living out the Christian Manifesto which Jesus Himself lived (Luke 4:18,19).


Today we did another clinic in a city that we sensed exhibited life and joy. It was a glorious day. 150 went through the clinic, and many were saved during the day (although we did not get an exact count).

I worked in “intake” in the clinic and met the people face to face as they described the physical pains which had brought them to the clinic. Since three of us were doing intake, we could take our time, and offer to pray with people. I did, and many wanted hands laid on them and prayer for healing, and many felt release of several of their symptoms as I prayed. Normally I would need to pray one to three times until they reported that the symptoms had receded.

After healing prayer, we were trained to ask if they would like another gift from Jesus, which is to have Him live in their hearts and heal their hearts also. Most answered yes, and so I presented the gospel to them and had them repeat a prayer after me where they invited Jesus into their hearts as their Lord and Savior. Of course all this was all done with a translator and you can check out the video blog testimony below. Lots of additional healing testimonies from various team members are also available here.

The clinic closed and as we stood around outside, a group of young boys gathered around and just wanted to say hi and shake hands. So I asked them, “Would you like to hear about the gospel of Jesus?”

They said yes, and so I shared the story of Jesus coming down, dying, washing away our sins if we would invite Him into our hearts to be our Lord and Savior, and then choose to listen to Him, and obey what He tells them. All eight boys prayed out loud after me a salvation prayer and all came to the evening celebration with great excitement.

At the close of the evening celebration, I was in the front with other prayer counselors and about 8 or so young girls gathered around, and exactly the same thing happened, and I was able to lead them in a prayer of accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior. I must have lead about 25 Hindus to the Lord today, by simply offering Jesus’ healing love and saving grace to them. No arguing. No viewing it as “me versus them,” but we together. I was learning to honor all men as commanded in 1 Peter 2:17. This was the way Jesus won the lost. I was finally following in the steps of the Master.

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