Christmas Devotionals (8 of 25) by Jason Major

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Read Luke 2:1-26 (New Living Translation)

“Come with Me to the stereo; Let Me put on some classic Christmas instrumental music on in the background, as we continue to enjoy company together.  My home is your home.  I desire for you to be at home in the Father’s heart.”

“See the Christmas tree in the corner; and the Christmas star that is on top; all kinds of tinsel and decorations and different colour bulbs of silver and gold, red and green and white.  See the decoration of snowflakes too.  Below the Christmas tree, the presents are not yet underneath the tree.  There is a Nativity scene; carved out of wooden, painted figures. Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Shepherds and the Animals- camel, the ox, the lamb, horse. Oh, what a scene.”

“It is this scene of the manager that I wish to speak to you of tonight.  It is easy to forget the reality of this journey and how this was Mary and Joseph’s journey.  Joseph cared for Mary.  He also had no choice but to obediently obey the law of Rome and go back to Bethlehem for the census.  A pregnant young girl, who was trying to wrap her head around the mystery and wonder of who she was as the Mother of God?  Imagine, Joseph, wondering where they were going to stay?”

“What about the star that guided the Wise Men? Did Mary and Joseph see the star too? When did it appear?”

“Joseph and Mary were guided in their love story to Bethlehem.  Bethlehem was chosen as the place where Jesus was to be born centuries before.  I fulfilled My promises, a promise I made long ago where the Messiah was to be born.  I prepared a place and knew what place was the right place.”

“See, all the inns were full.  I chose the little manager, a humble place for the Child.  It is so easy to forget- this was no ordinary Christmas story.  This Child was going to be the Son of God; the King of Kings and the LORD of Lords.  Yet I chose a simple place for the baby to be born.”

“The baby Jesus was born in humility, in a secret place. Yes, you know the story of the shepherds and the wise men, but there was no marching band- there was no royal treatment here.  Only the angels of Heaven gave glory and understanding to what was done. Oh, how the angels had waited so long for this moment and now it had come! What a glorious moment!”

“Joseph and Mary’s first home was simple one.  They were safe, they were secure.  The Father provided them love, significance and security.  What faith did it take to find the place!  Do you think that even though Joseph knew that Bethlehem was the answer; that he still next had to know the specifics of where the baby and his wife would be? A specific place was chosen and set aside for him and it became a landmark.”

“For you; I know where you live.  I know the journey that you are on.  I take away the fear so that you can know where you are to be and to know when and how.  I will guide you on your journey.”

“What was it like that first night that Jesus was born? What kind of feelings do you think Mary and Joseph had; seeing the birth of the Son of God?  So many questions; and yet their safe place rested in the Father’s heart.”

“Remember, there were all kinds of threats- King Herod, other travelers, disease, food, drink, money, all these were burdens to bear on top of being parents of the Son of God.”

“I see your own personal circumstances.  I see how you have questions about where you should be; what you should be doing.  Joseph and Mary were not unique, in the sense that you too can hear My voice so that I may show you the wonders of My way.”

“It is a faith to believe and receive.  I know the journey seems overwhelming sometimes.  I am with you; to provide you rest.  There does come a time when the hard act of child labour comes and then there comes a time where a child is born.  Similar there is a travail and pain in dream birthing. Then, finally, dreams are born.  Do you not think that Joseph cared for Mary as she gave birth to the dream of Jesus being born?  Mary experienced the truly unique- the only one who was to give birth to the Son of God. No one ever since and ever again would experience this and Joseph was a witness.”

“Who are you praying for to be birthed into salvation? What dreams are you waiting to be birthed?”

Journal Entry: What dreams that I have that You are wanting to birth?


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