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Meet the Founders

A Brief History of Mark & Patti Virkler

Mark and Patti VirklerMark and Patti Virkler have co-authored all of the 50+ books available on this site, unless otherwise noted. Their writings are unique in that they are designed to draw the learner into revelation-based learning.

Mark was raised on this dairy farm in Lowville NY. Mark grew up Evangelical Baptist, also called Apostolic Christian Church of America, where he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at age 15. The extremely conservative worship service Mark experienced in his childhood is described here. Patti grew up conservative Evangelical United Brethren.

They met while at Roberts Wesleyan College in North Chili, N.Y. and married during their third year. Before they graduated, both experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit, becoming Charismatic and wholly committed to the Spirit-filled lifestyle. They graduated in 1974, Patti graduating magna cum laude.

Mark has received a Master of Theology from Miami Christian University and a Ph.D. from Carolina Christian University. He has also been included in "Who's Who in the World" many years since 2000, and "Who's Who in American Education" in 2006. Patti has received a Master of Ministry and Doctorate of Ministry from Vision International University.

Their focus has never been on degrees, but simply growing to maturity in the Lord. Degrees are viewed as incidental accomplishments and signposts along the road of life which can sometimes open up people’s hearts and minds to hear, listen and learn what they have to share.

They have two children, Charity and Joshua. Patti homeschooled both of them from kindergarten to 12th grade, after which they went on to earn degrees through Christian Leadership University, of which Mark is the founder and President and Patti is the Academic Dean.

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Dr. Virkler's Ministry Experience

They have been active in ministry together since meeting in 1970. Mark began as youth pastor at Avon Wesleyan Church. They founded the church, Pioneer Christian Fellowship, where Mark served as senior pastor for its first five years. Mark worked on several church staffs over the years, including seven years at Full Gospel Tabernacle. They have helped develop three networks of church-centered Bible schools, representing several hundred churches, and currently head up Communion With God Ministries and Christian Leadership University.

Mark's hunger to hear God's voice was rewarded in 1979 when he set the entire year aside to learn to do so. God gave him a breakthrough, which is recorded in the books 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice and Dialogue With God. Mark has traveled worldwide since 1984 teaching the How to Hear God's Voice weekend seminar. God has given him a commission to saturate the world with the message of communion with God.

Mark and Patti hold firmly to two great historical creeds of Orthodox Christianity, the Apostles' Creed and the Nicene Creed. Their ministry is Spirit-filled and interdenominational. They believe fully in the authority and inerrancy of the Bible and in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Mark functions as...

Your How-To Coach for the Spirit-Led Life
Making it simple, practical, transferable 
Christ formed in you (Gal. 4:19)

Host Dr. Mark Virkler as a Seminar Speaker in Your Church!

Mark is available upon request as a seminar speaker. For a complete list of topics available, see Life-Changing Seminars With Mark Virkler.

Spiritual Intimacy – God’s Idea, God’s Passion, God’s Reformation

We stand at the threshold of a new reformation. It involves the fulfillment of God's passion, which is an intimate love relationship with you. God has sought to restore this lifestyle experienced by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden ever since it was lost through sin entering into the world. Now you can participate in ushering in this reformation of spiritual intimacy to the Church and the world.

Our Training on Hearing God's Voice Is the Most Effective in the World Today!

Below are some responses from a survey of people who recently completed our 3-month training module entitled How to Hear God’s Voice. Eighty percent had been believers for more than 25 years, so these are responses from seasoned Christians and were offered at the conclusion of the course!

  • 95% stated, “I can hear God’s voice daily if I choose to.”
  • 97% felt their intimacy with God had increased.
  • 92% said their interpersonal relationships have greatly improved.
  • 94% said they were more at peace with themselves and God.
  • 94% said sin and negative thoughts were diminishing.
  • 95% considered it one of the top training experiences in their life.
  • The pastor said he considered it the top training experience in their 30+ years as a church.
  • You may view the entire survey here.
  • Download as: Adobe PDF 

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DVD Training Modules and a "Diploma in Applied Spirituality" Available for Individuals and Small Groups

Mark's passion is to put easy-to-use, life-changing, bite-size training modules into your hands for your own spiritual enrichment, and for your church group to use. After years of intense focus we have prepared nearly 30 of these modules. They can build toward a "Diploma in Applied Spirituality" for you and the members of your group. Check them out here. Bring anointed training into your home! See the lives of your friends be transformed right before your eyes. Try it. You will not be disappointed!

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