Pauline’s Spiritual Children Are Healing the Sick

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The following testimony is by one of our Certified CWG Facilitators, Pauline Burthwick, who is currently writing a devotional book: Words of Life: Manna from Heaven.

I would like to share this testimony with you.  The Holy Spirit is sending several people that have learned the 4 Keys from me to different places and in different nations they are teaching these things.

My very first spiritual son is in Pakistan.  He asked me to be his mom in 2006.  Here is what he wrote:“Jesus is doing a lot of work in people's lives as I'm teaching families how to hear God's voice. Many people getting healed in Jesus name."

Pauline shares: Last week I was able to work together with my son Asif John via Skype to send a salvation prayer that helps people get delivered as well! I praise God that the person he was praying with is now a new born creation and felt much of the bondage he was under leave him!

Asif has also been using the book "4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice" by Mark Virkler and as he teaches from that book, many people are feeling the presence and power of God to heal.

Asif's Experiences: One of the women could not walk without sandals for 3 years and as he was teaching she felt the power of God for healing go through her and she was able to jump up and down and the pain was gone! Praise Yeshua! Also he was teaching some children from this book and one father came in and listened.

Again a second time he was there teaching children and the father was listening. This man had had more than two heart attacks but after listening to the message Asif was sharing with the children, God's presence came and healed him so he no longer was feeling the pains in his left arm and heart (angina). Thank you JESUS! The man did not tell him the first time, but when he returned later is when the man testified of the miracle.

Yesterday Asif chatted with me and told me that he again spoke to the woman who had that foot pain for 3 years and she is totally healed. The man who prayed the prayer for repentance and salvation led his entire family in that prayer and he reports that before “he was feeling a heavy pressure on his shoulders due to his family bound with witchcraft”.  He is now feeling happy and relaxed and he led his entire family to pray the prayer also and he reports “they all confessed the prayer and slept very relaxed, amazing”

Key elements in the salvation prayer

I have found that if people can forgive others and they confess, renounce and repent of the generational sins and false worship/witchcraft when they pray the prayer of salvation – much more deliverance happens right away.  Of course there is likely need for more inner healing and in-depth deliverance, but this is really huge in these nations where so much witchcraft is practiced (unforgiveness, generational sin and witchcraft are three of the biggest open doors that I encounter in these developing nations.). 

The salvation prayer I sent Asif

(If you have already invited Jesus in your life, pray it with us as a recommitment prayer – God knows your heart.) 

"Father God, I thank You that You are my true father.  I want to know you as my very own daddy.  I believe in Christ Jesus who died for me to take away my sins.  I choose to forgive all who have hurt me and those I know and love and I ask for your help to enable me to do so.  I also stand-in-the-gap to represent my entire family line. I confess that I am a sinner / and I repent of all sinful ways.  I confess, renounce, and repent of all participation and agreement with all sins, generational sins, iniquity, curses, unholy vows, and unholy declarations on behalf of myself, my family, and my entire family line.

I declare that I am willing to have the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh remove all love for sin that I have and replace it with a clear and strong dislike of and discomfort towards all sin.  I give Him permission to come and change my heart and my will.  I renounce all false worship in our history. I renounce and cancel any dedications/ covenants/ contracts/ or vows that were made to any other demon/ spirit or god, for me or by me, or on my behalf  that were not made to the One true God who is the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh. I ask you to honor and establish the spiritual covenant that I am now making with the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh.

I ask to be washed and cleansed of my sins / and iniquity and the sins and iniquity of my family / clan, tribe, and caste with His blood, removing them from myself and my children as well as from my entire family line.  I ask for healing and deliverance of our wounds, sorrows, and troubles. Father, on behalf of myself / my family / my clan / my tribe and my caste, deliver us from evil spirits and all their devices.

Thank you Father, for adopting me into your family. I want to know my worth and value as a child of God.  Teach me in Your ways and lead me into all truth.  Come and fill all of me with your Holy Spirit.  Renew me / my family / my clan /my tribe and my caste with all the blessings that have been stolen from us by the father of lies, the devil.  Amen.”




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Please pray for Asif John

I have just received word that Asif John was hit on the highway in Pakistan and injured very badly. He was on a motorcycle. Please pray for his life and for healing for him. Pauline Burthwick

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Healing in Jesus name

We speak healing and restoration to Asif in the name of Jesus. we speak divine protection over him in Jesus name. Let your healing hand be upon him. Let angels attend to his wounds and his needs, in Jesus name. Amen.