Receiving and Acting on a Word of Knowledge to Heal Chronic Sickness

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Eighty percent of sickness is often considered to be psychosomatically induced, meaning emotional upset triggered the sickness. Emotional traumas leave pictures of events festering within which become blocks to our body’s normal healing processes, as well as to God’s miracle working power. So let’s explore some examples, and then learn how to get a word of knowledge to remove the root emotional cause, so healing can flow.

For example, I have witnessed the following 

  • Cancer being discovered two years after a violent job termination
  • Heart issues which began months after an event broke one’s heart
  • Arthritis which showed up 6 months after harboring anger toward a person who wronged them
  • Inflammation of the intestines occurring months after getting stressed out
  • Inflammation throughout the body after facing a fearful situation which caused the adrenal gland to be stressed
  • Autoimmune disorder erupting months after judging and hating oneself

Process emotional trauma immediately

If events producing emotional trauma are not processed in prayer and forgiveness immediately, they fester, producing sickness. To heal the sickness, and especially to stay healed of the sickness, these emotions must be processed with forgiveness, release, blessing and honoring those who have hurt you. Inner healing and deliverance prayer are generally going to be a part of this process and one effective way to release negative feelings is through Emotional Freedom Techniques.

But, how do we get a word of knowledge concerning what the root event or emotional cause is? The simple answer is, in prayer. Here are some simple steps you can follow.

Remove barriers to health by receiving a word of knowledge concerning the root cause

  1. Tune to the Spirit and Receive a Word of Knowledge: Close your eyes and place your hand on your belly. Relax (smile) and ask, “Holy Spirit, please bring to my attention the event that was at the root of this condition.” Tune to flow, and note what scene, person or thought lights upon your mind. 
  2. Inner Healing: Focus on the first person or situation that comes to mind. Allow yourself to feel the negative emotion for ONLY 1-2 seconds, then immediately look for Jesus. See, hear or sense Jesus with you dealing with the situation. What is He doing or saying? Respond in obedience to His instruction by forgiving, releasing, honoring and blessing the person who hurt you.
  3. Break Off Demons: "I renounce all spiritual forces that have attached themselves to my unhealthy emotional response, and I command them to leave in Jesus' name."
  4. Cellular Release: "I speak to the memory of trauma in my cells and I release it to Jesus now. Lord, remove all memory of trauma from my cells. I speak peace to my cells."
  5. Physical Healing: "In Jesus' name I speak healing and restoration to any damaged tissue or organs." 
  6. Bask: "Holy Spirit, move over me now, filling me with Your presence, Your glory and Your light." Bask in the beauty of what you are feeling and sensing as the Holy Spirit moves over you.
  7. Repeat as Necessary: Repetition deepens and enlarges, so repeat until you receive the full physical manifestation of your healing. You may also want to consider doing some healing soaking sessions as necessary. 

Deal with symptoms if they return

The Bible shows that demons contribute to sickness (Acts 10:38) and that they will come back seeking to re-enter an empty home they have been kicked out of (Lk. 11:24-26). So if they return (i.e. a symptom returns), do three things:

Fill yourself completely with the Holy Spirit through rejoicing in the Lord always, knowing He is near (Phil. 4:4,5).

Replace anxiety with prayer, supplication and thanksgiving, knowing that your loving Heavenly Father has heard your cry and answered it with healing and restoration (Phil. 4:6). His love was so great, He allowed His Son’s body to be whipped to purchase healing for you (Isa. 53:5). This restores your heart to peace (Phil 4:7). Then determine to only embrace good, believing, healing thoughts in your mind (Phil. 4:8).

Command the demon seeking to re-enter to be gone in Jesus' name (resist the devil and he will flee from you - Jas. 4:7,8). Don’t accept his lie that, “I still have the sickness. See - nothing happened, I am not healed,” thus inviting the demon back in. Instead, stand in faith. He is a liar, as is satan, who is the father of lies (Jn. 8:44).

Choose to live out of divine initiative, hearing the voice of your Heavenly Father as Jesus did (Jn. 8:42-43), and not the voice of the enemy. You speak, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13). I AM healed. Pain, leave now in Jesus' name. Demons, be gone in Jesus' name. Body, be at peace, be strengthened, be healed, in Jesus' mighty name (Prov. 18:21). Thank You Lord!”

Faith is acting like it is so

When it doesn’t appear to be so

So that it will be so

Because it is so.

(Mk. 11:22,23)