Great Resources for Restoring Damaged Joints

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I have experienced  tremendous joint pain for the first time in my 60 years. I injured my knee about 10 weeks ago and then re-injured it 3 more times in the following 8 weeks. I either sprained it or tore something in the side of my knee. I put out a prayer request for healing and am very grateful for all the prayer and email responses. Your prayers and friendship are appreciated more than you can imagine. Many have issued prayers of command for the knee to be healed, and I have agreed with them and seen God's healing power flow into my knee. I gave it three days of rest before I was scheduled to teach again. Now, two weeks later it is almost completely pain free.

Your prayers have made a powerful difference. Thank You, Lord, and thank you all for praying!!!

Several have given links to excellent services for healing joint injuries. I am passing them on so you may all benefit from them. The links below look awesome. They are not healing approaches that I have tried at this point, as my knee is healing up great without these but I am passing them on in case you have severe joint pain and could benefit from knowing about them. They all come from reliable recommendations.

Since the Bible speaks of "giftS of healingS" (1 Cor. 12:28) plus miracles, I am open to using and integrating as many ways of healing as possible. In restoring my knee I incorporated prayer, confession, vision, declaration, naturopathy, a blend of essential oils given to me by my naturopath, a gallbladder flush to cleanse the energy in my body (recommended to me by Dr. Reuben DeHaan), some healing ointments, chiropractic treatments, inversion table, two 20-30 minute Epsom Salt baths daily, acupressure, a knee wrap (day and night), and hot and cold water treatments as described here. So combining many kinds of healings is my preferred method of resolving any health problem.

A vision Tara Dulin sent me: "I've been continuing to pray for your knee. I saw your update. Thank you for sharing all you've done to receive your healing. I love that! Being a natural health person myself, it was encouraging to read.

"As I have prayed for you, I saw Jesus kneeling before you, His hands on your knee, releasing His resurrection power and His healing into your knee and your body. He was also releasing "the Kingdom of God" over your physical body. 

"I am believing for your complete physical restoration, and continuing to stand with you in faith!"

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