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Dr. Charity Kayembe has been guest posting on her father Mark Virkler's blog. We received so much wonderful feedback from her angel series! Thanks to everyone who emailed and commented on them. All of these posts have now been pulled together and put in one place.

Going forward Charity will continue sharing more on angels, dream interpretation, the supernatural realm and how quantum physics integrates with living and walking by the Spirit, with her more recent articles posted further down this page.

We invite you to check out her ministry website at and follow her on Facebook. Be blessed! 

Everything Angels (The Series)

  1)  Angels: God's Servants, My Friends
  2)  Angels: Guardians of Joy
  3)  Look-Alike Angels
  4)  Angel Diaries: Daniel 10
  5)  Lord of Angel Armies
  6)  Angels: My Personal Hegais
  7)  What an Angel Wants
  8)  What Angels Don't Have
  9)  Personal Angels - Our Match Made in Heaven
10)  Worshiping Angels (with video overview)

Angel Extras:

Seeing in the Spirit

Back to Eden: Restoring the Super to Our Natural

Going forward, new posts will appear in the blog list below.  Enjoy! 



LIVE Online Event with Joshua Mills

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We are excited to be joining our friends Joshua and Janet Mills this weekend for a FREE live event online. Many of you already know this powerhouse couple and the extraordinary anointing of signs and wonders they walk in. If you don't know them yet, this will be a great opportunity for you to be introduced and learn how you too can experience the miraculous as part of your everyday life. 

Christmas & the Dreams That Saved Jesus' Life

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As Christmas approaches, we read again the timeless story of the Son of God’s entry into our world. It is amazing to me what we are told, and also what we’re not told.

Jesus, Jonah, & Thanksgiving

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Second only to compassion, gratitude is the most powerful emotional state in which we can live. We see an example of this in the story of Jonah. His experience of being swallowed by a fish and spit back out is incredible! What we may have overlooked, however, is what Jonah did immediately before he was delivered out of the fish’s belly. It’s actually quite impressive, because with all the things not going right at that moment in Jonah’s world, he still found something to be grateful for.

BRAND NEW! German Translation & European Tour

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We are thrilled to announce that Hearing God Through Your Dreams has been published in German! Special thanks to my amazing CLU students, Manuela Schilling for her outstanding translation work and Pastor Gideon Tuerpe for presenting the book to Glory World Medien publishing house in Germany. We are so grateful for your help spreading God’s word about dreams far and wide. You guys are a blessing!

3-Minute Video: God's Message Through the Smallest Cigar

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Are there sacred messages hidden in our “silly” dreams? Is Heaven communicating even in the seemingly random pictures that show up in our night visions? God answered these important questions for us when He declared He would reveal Himself in visions and speak to us through dreams (Num. 12:6). He went on to explain, “I have also spoken by the prophets and I have multiplied visions and used similitudes…” (Hos. 12:10 KJV).

GOD TV Interview, New Resources & Thanksgiving Sale

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I’m a big fan of Patricia King and her anointed ministry so it was an honor to be hosted on her show, Everlasting Love. We talked about the power of imagination and how it’s designed by God as a tool to see into His spirit realm. We also discussed how the observer effect in quantum physics correlates with our walk in the Spirit and even decoded a couple of “crazy” dreams to receive God’s revelation through them. It was an awesome time.

Podcast: Angel Medics & Hospital Room Miracles

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One of the many exciting things we discover as we explore Scripture are all the different ways God intends for the angelic realm to intersect our everyday lives. While we most often think of angels in spiritual warfare or protecting our physical well-being, the Bible reveals God has created them to do so much more than that!

5 MORE Ways to Improve Dream Recall

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One of the most common inquiries we receive is How can I remember my dreams? This is a great question and we have explored many ways to improve dream recall in previous articles and interviews.

Angel of Light?

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The biggest concern some Christians have regarding angelic interaction is that they fear satan will come as an angel of light and they will accidentally start worshiping him. As we have already discovered, there is no record in Scripture of any believer actually doing that, so biblically speaking, that fear is not justified.

Dancing with Angels - A Workshop Testimony

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We had an AMAZING time at our first Everyday Angels Workshop! We started by providing a strong biblical basis for angelic interaction. We looked at how angels are referred to as "sons of God" in Scripture and how closely God identifies Himself with these mighty warriors when He calls Himself the Lord of Hosts.

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