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Charity Kayembe's blog

Dr. Charity Kayembe has been guest posting on her father Mark Virkler's blog. We received so much wonderful feedback from her angel series! Thanks to everyone who emailed and commented on them. All of these posts have now been pulled together and put in one place.

Going forward Charity will continue sharing more on angels, dream interpretation, the supernatural realm and how quantum physics integrates with living and walking by the Spirit, with her more recent articles posted further down this page.

We invite you to check out her ministry website at and follow her on Facebook. Be blessed! 

Everything Angels (The Series)

  1)  Angels: God's Servants, My Friends
  2)  Angels: Guardians of Joy
  3)  Look-Alike Angels
  4)  Angel Diaries: Daniel 10
  5)  Lord of Angel Armies
  6)  Angels: My Personal Hegais
  7)  What an Angel Wants
  8)  What Angels Don't Have
  9)  Personal Angels - Our Match Made in Heaven
10)  Worshiping Angels (with video overview)

Angel Extras:

Seeing in the Spirit

Back to Eden: Restoring the Super to Our Natural

Going forward, new posts will appear in the blog list below.  Enjoy! 



Interview Airing on GOD TV

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Joy strengthens us (Neh. 8:10). Peace rules us (Col. 3:15). Love compels us (2 Cor. 5:14). Compassion moves us (Matt. 9:36). How do we live continually in these holy emotions of God's heart? Jeff Jansen, author of The Furious Sound of Glory prophesies that we have

The One Dream Symbol You Shouldn't Interpret

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A fundamental principle we must always remember about dreams is that they are not usually literal; they are most often symbolic. They are pictures that represent something else, thus need to be interpreted. That is true with most all dreams, and with most all symbols, except for numbers. Every time in the Bible that someone had numbers in their dreams, those figures represented the exact same number in waking life. However, the number will probably be linked to something which needs to be interpreted symbolically.

Brand New Seminars Coast to Coast

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I’m excited to announce two new workshops available this summer! Many of you have been asking for biblical teaching on engaging the angelic realm and practical training on how to do so. Our next book, Everyday Angels, is releasing late August and will answer ALL your questions, and we will have advance copies available at these events! “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?” (Heb. 1:14)

The Angel's Sword

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The topic of “visions” won out in our latest poll on Facebook of subjects you wanted to hear more about. I define dreams as pictures from God we see at night when we are asleep, and visions as pictures from God we see during the day when we are awake. Both are equally valid and both are revelation from heaven that we honor, pray into and live out of.

Eternity in Our Hearts

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I have written previously on the timeless dimension, The Eternal Now of God. While it has been over four years since I originally posted that article, I continue to meditate on the revelations shared there. The more I pray into God’s perspective on time, the more freedom I feel in every area of my life. When we see what God sees, the way that He sees it, everything changes.

Dreams and Physical Healing

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We recently did a poll on our Facebook page asking what topics you would like to hear more about. Dream Interpretation won (!) so I’m thrilled to share with you two more testimonies of what God is doing through dreams around the world.

“My Life as a Pastor Will Never Be the Same”

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Last fall I had the privilege of ministering at Gloriepoort church near Antwerp. It’s always exciting to hear what happens in people’s lives after we leave a city – “the rest of the story” in their dream journey. I love learning that churches have started dream groups to continue developing the culture of dreaming in their lives and I praise God for this wonderful report of what He’s doing in Belgium!

Satan as the Wizard of Oz

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If we are so powerful and have such tremendous potential to move mountains and live the abundant life, why don’t we experience it more often? When we struggle and don’t see the victory the Bible says is ours, we try to explain that. One common excuse we give is that it must be satan. He’s attacking me and that’s why I’m sick, that’s why I’m defeated, that’s why this bad thing happened to me.

The Family That Dreams Together

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It is such a blessing to receive your beautiful emails filled with testimonies of God's love flooding your dreams and overflowing into your hearts and lives. Here is another incredible message I just couldn't keep to myself. Tasha gave me permission to share a bit of her family's dream journey together and I want to encourage you that what God is doing for them He will absolutely do in your family too!

Free Dreams Crash Course

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“A dream un-interpreted is a letter unread.” We’re excited to announce a series of three new videos that demonstrate simple keys to unlock the revelation heaven is downloading while you sleep. You can get understanding and clarity on even your crazy dreams! It’s FUN and we will show you how.

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