Explore Our Ministries

  1. Born of the Spirit - A salvation website which honors the role of the Holy Spirit 
  2. Communion With God Ministries - Your home for trusted Spirit-anointed resources
    1. Over 50 books on practical, biblical, Spirit-led Christianity 
    2. Small group resources - DVD's, books and workbooks
    3. Host weekend Seminars with Mark Virkler or his daughter, Charity Kayembe
  3. Personal Spiritual Trainer coaches who help you in mastering spiritual disciplines
  4. Christian Leadership University – Associate through doctoral degrees
  5. CLU School of the Spirit – A diploma program, delivered electronically
  6. Take Charge of Your Health – Learn how to care for your precious gift of health
  7. Communion With God Leaders Network - licensing and ordaining available
  8. Love Story Library - A free lending library for Western New York

You are welcome to link to the above websites, our blogs or our articles. Let's grow the kingdom.