eGift Cards

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Birthdays, Christmas and special occasions are great times to share the gift of spiritual intimacy. These materials have blessed and changed your life. Now let them encourage others!

You may purchase an eGift Card of any size and have it registered in the name of the person you wish to. When you place the order, you provide your credit card but their name, address and email information.

This will be "money in their bank" at CWG Ministries. They can then order anything they desire off the CWG Ministries website, drawing upon this account balance which you have posted to their account.

We have set it up as $5 eGift Cards. You can make it for any increment (multiples of $5) which you desire. So if you order 10 eGift Cards, that means you have placed an amount of $50 into their account balance which they may draw upon when placing orders with CWG.

Share the Gift of Spiritual Life!
eGift Cards are in $5 Increments
 Cards Purchased Total $ Value
1 $5
5 $25
10 $50
15 $75
20 $100
30 $150
$40 $200
$50 $250
$60 $300