Daily Word - In School?

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How long did you go to school? The accepted wisdom is that education precedes life and performance, but when is it over? At about age 20? Some people stay in school beyond this, and there are mature people who return to school, but these are rare. Should you go back to school at 50 to learn things you need to know at 50 that you weren’t ready to learn at 20? But where is there a structured way to do this? In the absence of that believers should see themselves as sojourners for whom education is a permanent endeavor. If you are willing to enroll in the University of the Holy Spirit you will find that class is always in session.

daily word - excellence

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Do you pursue excellence? Every area of human endeavor has those who excel, who put in the discipline and effort to be the best, whether it is athletic, artistic, intellectual, commercial or many more. You have admired displays of excellence in performance or competition and rightly observe that it took a great commitment of time to achieve at this level, but the time will pass whether you pursue excellence or not. Do you think there is such a thing as spiritual excellence? There isn’t a competition or awards banquet in this category, at least not in this world. Do you still consider spiritual excellence to be worth a lifetime of discipline and effort?

Daily word - suffering and misery

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Do you think of suffering and misery as the same thing? Suffering comes to all, but not all are miserable. And some people are miserable with very little suffering. I tell you to count it all joy when you encounter trials and afflictions, knowing that there is eternal value in these things. Misery is a choice, and lacking a transcendent perspective makes it easier to choose. If you can look past your unpleasant circumstances and see those things which are above, then you can have joy even in your suffering and this will be a testimony to the Kingdom of light to those around you who are in darkness.

Daily Word - Junk Thoughts?

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Have you ever eaten junk food? This is a commonly used term for food that contains calories but not much nourishment. There is an entire industry based on providing this and it is readily available. It is appealing and most people eat some although a steady diet of it is not beneficial for you. Have you ever had any junk thoughts? These too are readily available, and you have unlimited opportunities for them, but a steady diet of these is not recommended either. Thoughts can be without redemptive purpose in the same way that food can contain calories but not provide nourishment. So I invite you to think on those things that are pure and lovely. Keep me in all your thoughts.

Can I Receive Revelation Concerning How to Pray by Experiencing Someone's Pain in My Body?

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You are ministering to a person and you sense a pain in your shoulder and you therefore conclude the person you are praying for has a pain in their shoulder and needs prayer for it. What is this? Is this biblical? Is this compatible with Scripture? If this is a gift of the Spirit, can I become more skilled in utilizing this gift? What do you think?

Daily Word - Weep

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Are you familiar with the shortest verse in the Bible? It says that I wept. Do you find a profound truth in these two words? Do you also weep? What is it that moves you to tears?  One person will weep at the performance of a beautiful piece of music and the person next to them will be unmoved. Is the first one expressing weakness or the second one expressing indifference? You have a strong cultural bias against shedding tears, especially for men. Does this work for you or against you? Don’t let your cultural bias prevent you from experiencing and expressing the full range of human responses.

Everyday Angels Interview with Awaken LIVE

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It was such a blessing to be interviewed by Michael Lombardo on Awaken Live last week. We shared lots of Scriptures together discussing God's heart on angels as revealed through His Word and had a great time swapping stories about some of our fun angelic adventures. I shared about the time my angels helped me smuggle Bibles into a closed country and Michael talked about the "angel" with them in evangelism outreach... so many exciting ways God works through His ministering spirits (Heb. 1:14)!

Daily Word - Truth Telling?

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Do you always tell the truth? Is there ever a time when you should not tell the truth? Everyone who gossips will claim that they are telling the truth. Would that that were true. But even if it is, that is no excuse for speaking the truth without love. Can you tell the truth and do so in a way that is full of redemptive purpose? Only a fool utters all his mind and you know things that are true that you should not speak. It is the glory kings to search out a matter. People want to investigate and get to the bottom of things. But it is the glory of God to conceal a matter. Which of these is the greater glory?

daily word - truth and freedom

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I spoke to people about freedom and promised that those who continued in my word would know the truth and be free. My audience claimed that they had always been free. Can you lack freedom and not know it? Apparently so. Do you know people who claim to be free, who still follow predictable patterns based on habits, addictions, mindsets, or other forms of programming that interfere with real unforced choices? If such conditions existed in you are you sure you would be aware of it? My promise is still true. Note that it implies that truth and freedom are not a one-time thing, but require continuation with me.

Strengthening Myself in the Lord Through the Power of Memory - By Jeff Duncan

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There are so many powerful ways to pray and receive grace from the Lord. Jeff Duncan unfolds for us what the Bible teaches about the power of remembering God's feats of the past in our lives, as a wonderful way to become strengthened for the moment we are living in.

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