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Daily Word - Drama?

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Have you had a dramatic encounter with me? Moses did, and so did Paul, and Jacob, and so many other characters in the Bible. From reading my word do you get the idea that this was the rule rather than the exception? But do you find this is rare today? You describe your faith in terms of a relationship with me. That implies an encounter of some sort. Does it have to be dramatic? Some people, like Paul, required that. But I don’t. Drama is more for the need of the individual than for me. Moses had a dramatic encounters with me, but I also spoke to him face to face as a man speaks with his friend. I have also called you my friends, and I can speak to you in a still small voice. 


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So encouraging

This is still the best thing i read on the internet every day. Find this so encouraging and edifying and He is so personal to you.

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Thanks for your kind remarks.