Releasing Heaven on Earth

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I put on the Sea of Galilee music as I journaled.

Lord Jesus, I come to You. Where do You want to meet me today?

Mark, I want to meet you in heaven. Because that is where I live and that is where you live, seated with Me in heavenly places.

Lord, I come. What do You want to show me?

Mark, I want you to see Me seated next to you in heaven. We are on thrones, and we rule the earth. We look out over the earth’s atmosphere and we see deeply down through it onto the earth’s surface. As we peer with eyes of love and compassion, we see the hurts and the needs of My people. We see them limping from pains in their bodies and within their souls and spirits. And we reach out a hand of grace to touch them, to heal them, in the wonderful Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You do it with Me as you are now My hands and My feet on this earth. You look with eyes of compassion. You ask if there are needs that people want prayer for. They tell you yes, and you pray and release My Heaven on your earth.

It is a simple Divine Exchange. It is a wonderful exchange. This Divine Exchange Changes Lives! By healing the sick you transform lives. Everything changes, because you were there and you stood in the gap and you offered My compassion, My love, My grace and My power to needy souls. That is all there is to it. It is a Divine Exchange done through your hands, your heart and your offer to pray for any need they have.

You offer My healing touch. Many are open to receiving it, and they do, and lives are transformed by My divine touch. So reach out and touch those whom I place around you. They are hungry for a touch from heaven. Reach out and offer it. Many will receive it. Many will take it. It is My gift to them through you. Be a good steward of this gift. Offer it often. Many will take it. Many are ready to receive. Many are at their wits end, not knowing how to move forward. I have the answer for them. I can provide it through you. Go and be My feet in a lost and lonely world. Go and be Me. Go, My son, go.

Thank You, Lord. And yes, I will go and be Your heart, Your hands and Your feet in this lost and lonely world.

Thank you, My son. Thank you.


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My name is Cheryl Massey and I am a part of a vineyard church in Mason City Iowa, we are watching the dvd series hearing from God and it is changing peoples lives. I noticed for myself that I am unable to visually see Jesus. I do sense his prescence in the scene but dont actually see. The other thing I noticed is that I have been really touched doing the exercises at church with the dvd and you leading the painting the picture but I struggle to be able to set up a picture on my own. What i have been doing is using bible stories to try and set it up but not nearly as powerful as doing it on sundays in our dvd study we have been doing..I do have a lot of "issues" that have prevented intimacy and i know some of it is just lack of discipline. Didnt know if you had any ideas on that?

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Help With Seeing Vision

Cheryl, My guess there is something blocking it that needs inner healing, and then perhaps deliverance. Ask the Lord to remind you of any unpleasant situations where you were seeing horrible things, and you heart likely choose to cut of vision. Tune to flow, and see what you get, and also see what your dreams at night reveal to you. Then go back and do inner healing prayer, and perhaps deliverance prayer. Get some prayer counselors to help you. Press through to victory. the blogs listed here should be gone through carefully, as they will give you ideas to pursue.
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Thanks for your feedback

Thank you for responding to my comments. I feel like I know you from watching the DVD's, We are being so blessed by this teaching in our church. Imagine what could happen if the whole body of Christ knew and walked in hearing His voice. The world would be set ablaze with His love and mercy. I could write more to you about what has been going on personally in my life but I know you are a busy person : ) Thank you


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Releasing Heaven on earth

Good Morning Mr. Virkler,
would you pray and release heaven on us, my husband and I. We really need a breakthrough in our lives.
We need more of heaven on earth in our church, our family, our spiritual and physical lives and in our finances.
We need God to touch us and to change us. We are retired and want to do His will in our lives and accomplish his plan for us before it is time to meet Him in heaven. Thank you so much for all you do for the Kingdom of God, with your teachings God changed our lives, but we want more.

André, Nicole St-Onge

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Lord, Thy Kingdom Come! Thy will be done, in this family as it is in heaven. Release your grace and power and wisdom and might to this family. Bring them into all that you have destined for them. Let them hear Your voice, see Your vision and receive your empowerment and divine creativity to ascend to their God given destiny. In Jesus Name, Amen.