New CLU Course: BUS105 Money by Design

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In the spring of 2010, with the help of Gatekeeper Publishing and author John Muratori, the new Money by Design (MBD) book and multimedia curriculum officially launched. Based on the national bestselling book Rich Church, Poor Church, MBD was created with a dual purpose in mind: Get out of debt and create more income! This pioneering curriculum is guaranteed to empower every reader to reach their maximum financial potential.

The curriculum includes comprehensive workbooks, instructor guides and additional audio and visual materials which make this program one of the most in-depth studies in the area of biblical economics. Biblical economics was a phrase that hadn’t been coined until the “Rich Church, Poor Church” message was thrust into the mainstream market.

The Money by Design Difference

Most financial curriculums on the market today are built around the “debt reduction” philosophy, which simply states that the only way to change your financial situation is to decrease your expenditures and debt.

Money by Design introduces another solution: Increase your income!

From this curriculum you will learn:

  • The 12 biblical laws of wealth creation
  • The difference between riches and long-lasting wealth
  • How the Jewish people have prospered throughout history
  • Why the wicked prosper
  • The gates of societal influence

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“The role of Christian education must include biblical leadership, entrepreneurship and economics. Religion teaches useful information but it doesn’t always teach you how to make a difference with your life. Learn the 12 laws of biblical prosperity outlined in Money by Design so you can help finance the many causes of Christ and become a role model for others to follow.” —Jonas Clark, Editor-in-Chief, The Voice Magazine

“The message of Money by Design is one of the most comprehensive teachings on biblical economics I have ever heard. As a Christian in business it gives me broader understanding of my calling and purpose in the business world and in society in general…” —Alexander N., Sophia, Bulgaria

“Money by Design has gone against any prior misconception I had on a business book because it is a “how to guide” for living! From establishing the importance of the basic facets of life such as work ethics, power of creativity, and the importance of seeking knowledge in every aspect of your life, that we may at times ignore. From the college student to the well-established entrepreneur, this book has something that reaches everyone.” —Jocelyn M., Graduate Student