Jesus continues to want His people to spend time with Him!

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Lord Jesus, what would You say to us about Your soon coming?

Ben, My people are slowly learning that I want their love and their fellowship.
But they are such slow learners. Because of that, My grace is shed upon them
as I delay certain events. I so love each and everyone of My children,
and I so want them to spend time with Me, to learn of My ways,
to experience My love and My healing in their minds and their bodies.
Knowing Me and My ways are not complicated. Just spending time in
My presence accomplished that which I desire and lets My people know
of My great love for them. Beyond this, religious activities are just
that - religious activities. I just want relationship! Period!



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A relationship with the Lord...

Thank you, Jesus, Lord... and Your Lord, Your Father, God... and Your Holy Spirit... and Ben... Thank you for Your words spoken thru Ben about spending more time with You! I have heard similar words spoken thru at least two other people about a closer relationship with You! It is a confirmation for me! I will try harder to spend more time with You... and I will try to tell my children, family, and friends about these words spoken about spending more time with You and about the importance of a relationship with You!

To enable You to manifest thru us...

I thank you, Holy Spirit, for the words to express...

I thank you all!!!

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Spending time with the Lord

Hi Ben, pray all is well, I recently sent you a message on Koinonia Network did you get it? Also can you tell me the best way to spend time with God, I have been reading your blogs that the Lord has spoken to you about spending time with him.

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I was doing some cleanup reviews and found your note.  Please
forgive me for not responding sooner.  I do not remember your
message posted on Koininia Network. 
Setting aside time is one of the best ways I know to have intimacy with our Lord.
For me, early in the day works best.  For others, it is at other times. 
Another is to think about our Lord as we go thru the day.  With practice,
we can find ourselves in a continuing state of communion with our Lord.
 Like so much of our walk with Jesus, it is being in a state of discipline.
I hope that this helps some.  Let me know if I can be of further help.
Many blessings to you,