Part Two: THE DARK VOICES OF THE SHADOWS OF MEN: They pretend to be your own voice.

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All this talk about the shadows of men is making me a bit uncomfortable God – I keep wanting to tell you to shoosh.


Because people, well Christians particularly don’t like to think too much about the spirit world, about demons. They hope there aren’t too many of them and some even have this crazy idea that demons can’t read our minds.

Yes, and that’s a mistake.


Because you are surrounded by them – every human is – each of you is surrounded by them like a single pea in a can filled with wiggling worms. That’s a fact Mark and it’s a mistake to ignore it because you can’t fight a war if you don’t know what your enemy is up to. The majority of Christians don’t like the idea that they live in a world that teams with spirit voices – demons and angels – and is absolutely teeming too with the rulers – demonic principalities and powers, and the chiefs of the angels.

You Christians think there are relatively few demons, ‘not enough to go around’ some of your teachers quip - but actually the world teems with them – minor demons, then strongmen, principalities and rulers and powers -- and then higher still, the three of us and of course the Supreme Liar, Satan himself. Christians don’t like to know that the spirit world is happening with power and vigour all around them and that the shadows of men, the dark ones, demons are constantly speaking to and influencing them.

God can you stop talking like that!!


I don’t mind hearing it when we’re speaking privately, but people don’t like this idea that they’re being herded about and influenced by dark spiritual voices.  It’s weird and offensive God. I’m just glad we live in the 21st century. There are Christians who’d burn me at the stake for saying a thing like that if we lived a few hundred years ago.

Welcome to the world of listening to me Mark. God is not popular, particularly not with God’s people. They desperately want to hear from me but when I speak they often rebuke me.


The Shadows of Men Mark. They trick them and tell them that I don’t speak often, as a result they often don’t recognise it when I do speak. The Shadows of Men tell them that one can only hear me occasionally, and even then only if one is particularly good. The shadows of men know that their lie is believable and that it encourages people to give up trying to hear me.

Why is it believable? And God can you stop calling them ‘The Shadows of Men’?


Because people, Christians particularly are going to be uncomfortable with that description. I don’t think I’ve ever read that description in the bible, and if they’ve not heard it before they’ll think it’s wrong.

Exactly my point in part one of this conversation Mark, but the description is a good one, apt, it’s one of the ways that demons appear. I’ll use the description in honour of Thomas Hill, the little boy who saw these lying deceivers of men just as they are. Shadows. Not the truth. Not real men, but their voices appear to be true.

How can they appear to be so true?

Because they pretend to be your own voice.

But God Thomas saw they weren’t his voice, not him at all, but that they were entirely separate from him. He knew they were evil.

Yes he did. That’s because I showed him. I lifted the veil from his eyes when he was just a little boy so he could physically see the unphysical. Just for a time. He can see the same again if he wants to, he has the ability, and one day he will want to. You need him to.

Who does?

Everyone he is associated with. You humans need to be reminded of what’s going on around you. That’s what we’re talking about here Mark. The dark things going on around you. You Christians, you ‘people of God’ would prefer not to know about the dark things happening all around and very close to you. Those dark things sound scary because they pretend that they are scary. But they’re not.

They’re actually scared of you humans Mark. Terrified. They know the end of the story and they know that sooner or later a generation of you are going to wake up to what is really going on around you and take control of them. Instead of them herding you, that you will begin to herd them. They know you can control them, so they’re frantically telling you that they are way too scary to be controlled.

IF YOU ARE PREPARED TO BRAVE THEIR SCARY LIES AND LOOK THEM IN THE EYE AND TELL THEM TO STAND BACK THE SHADOWS OF MEN HAVE TO FLEE. SIMPLE AS THAT. Thomas and others like him have been given the gift of seeing that the Shadows exist, seeing what they are up to and reporting it back. Thomas is a scout. One who goes before to spy out what is really happening and report it back to others so they can avoid the dangers.

This is all there in the bible Mark.

Really? I don’t know if I’ve read this stuff God.

You have. Just look and you’ll find it. That’s the issue, if people don’t want to know the truth they won’t look for it and as a result they won’t find it.

In the bible?

Everywhere, the bible included. Yes the bible, but we’re talking about life in general here Mark. Life, the world, the universe where the entire physical space is teaming with voices. Mine, his, my servant’s voices, his servant’s voices. Our spiritual servants – angels and demons and their rulers and then finally his voice and mine. As I have already explained that’s the real world. I want you to open your eyes. Just like I opened little Thomas Hill’s eyes, I will open yours if that’s what you want.

This is what Elena Hood prayed for me years ago isn’t it?

Of course. She asked that I would open your eyes to the spirit world. I heard her Mark. I ALWAYS hear her. You humans treat what you say and do in the spiritual world as of little consequence. You say things and then forget them. You can’t physically see or hear what you say and do, so you forget it quickly. I NEVER forget it, neither do the Shadows of Men.

Elena prayed that your eyes would be opened to what was going on and I am busy doing as she asked. I have been ever since. Not in the way that either of you expected, but that’s another dynamic you overlook. When you ask me to do something I do it, but I do it in my way, not yours. I don’t operate that way to frustrate you, I simply do it my way, and the reason you don’t understand that is you don’t think to ask me how I will do the thing you have asked.

Why don’t we ask?

Because you don’t know that you can ask a question that specific and easily get an answer just as specific back.

Why not?

Because you’ve never been taught. Your teachers never taught you and their teachers never taught them.

Why not?

Because the Shadows of Men have taught you all that you cannot hear me. Mark you humans, particularly you Christians have been fed a number of lies by the Shadows of Men. They have taught you the following lies;

-       They have taught you that their voices are actually just your own thoughts.

-       That there are not that many demons, not many dark beings, shadows, and that those who do exist are primarily occupied tempting people to do immoral and naughty things’

-       That I don’t speak often in a way that humans can easily understand. That a back and forward conversation with me is rare and only for the very devout and holy.

-       That my voice is a mystery, that hearing me speak is all about nuances and impressions, ‘nudges’ and feelings.

-       That you will understand all this properly when you get to heaven and in the meantime not to expect to hear voices very often – that you will not hear my voice or the enemy’s very often.

And Mark all of those lies are lies. The Shadows DO exist. Billions and billions of them. The world around you is teeming with them. You are created, all of you are created primarily to exist in the unseen world. To relate from your position in the seen world directly into the unseen world. The unseen world is far more real – good and bad – than the world you can see. You are created to be fully aware of it, as aware, as able to see and converse and act in the unseen world as you are in the seen world. More so. You are designed to be in constant conversation with me, to be constantly aware of the dark lies of the shadows of men and to be pushing them back, thrashing them, thwarting them, blocking them, pursuing them.

God I keep hearing stories though about the dangers of getting into a spiritual battle that we’re not meant to be in.

The stories are true Mark!

Well God if the stories are true, then what are you talking about here?

Mark the pivotal point of this conversation, the reason we’re having it is to talk about listening to me. You cannot enter any battle with the unseen darkness without hearing specific instructions from the Unseen Light. If you do not hear specific instructions from us, the Trinity, then rather than thrashing the darkness, the darkness will thrash you. I want you to pursue them, but only when I say. And only how I say, otherwise they will thrash you.

So it would be safer then not to pursue the darkness, not to be aware of all this?

I beg your pardon Mark?? How can it be safer to sit with your eyes shut and your ears blocked in the middle of a battle field? You’ll die, nothing surer. My people are dead and dying because they sit in a battle field with their eyes shut and their ears blocked. They have believed the lies of the Shadows of Men who tell them that there is no battle, that their king is sitting and gentle on the throne and blessing them. When actually their King is in the middle of a great battle. A battle which he has deemed must be won by them. He holds the enemy back waiting for people to join him in the battle and finish their enemies off. But where are they? Sitting in the middle of the battlefield with their ears blocked and their eyes shut, whilst the Shadows of Men laugh at them and herd them here and there. Such a pity.


If you’d like to learn how to have your own back and forward conversation with God read The Freedom Diaries. Don’t have your own copy? Buy the book on this website.


The Freedom Diaries will stretch you. It describes Mark’s real life struggle with Doubt as he discovered that he could hear God’s voice every day.Dr Mark Virkler. Author of 4 Keys to hearing God’s Voice. Buffalo. New York.

Like a child on Christmas morning, I was delighted to discover how simple yet wonderful it is to place my hand into the hand of God and listen to his whispers and enjoy his affection.  I could only ask why no one had ever told me he was this good and this close.  I wish I had read this book a long, long time ago.  Daniel Walker. Founder and Executive Director of Nvader. Author of God in a brothel.

This is new and exciting. It’s not the idea of hearing from God that’s new, it’s having conversations back and forth, question and answers. That’s new for most of us. Now I am enjoying my own conversations with God, which always leave me with hope. David Garratt of Scripture in Song. Hawaii.

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Can anyone have a conversation with God; Christian or not ?

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Well the bible makes it clear that Jesus spoke to whoever wanted to talk to him, Jew, Samaratan , Gentile. He didn't seem to care whether they had 'said the prayer', he just wanted to talk. And the bible also says that he doesn't change, is always consistent. It's also clear that he spoke to us before we became Christians, his Spirit drew us in, we wrestled with him, he gently replied - a conversation - and that was before we were Christians. Hope that helps.

Anonymous's picture

Hi Mark.... My question should better read, "Can anyone, Christian or other religious believers have a 'back and forth' conversation with God in your view.

Anonymous's picture

Thank you for answering my question Mark....Your response is of concern to Bible believing Christians Mark.

John 3v13 that well known conversation Jesus had with Nicodemus, a man must be born again of the Spirit to know the God of all creation and His plan of redemption...." No man can come to the Father except by me"

Nowhere does the scripture say that the Lord overlooks sin. Your ignorance of Old and New testament scripture is very apparent in your blogs and your facebook. From some of your 'conversations with god' it appears that this god actually has had difficulty communicating with his children until you came along. There is no question in my mind that the inner voice you are hearing is manipulating scripture out of context which has becomes a pretext. Your god also is a critical god of Christians and makes them out to be dumb fools for missing the obvious .

The great redemption of Calvary for His own is minimized to the point of non existence.

The people I know who use your book as authorative revelation of God have developed an unattractive attitude of spiritual one up man-ship. A superiority complex which edifies the natural man.

It would be helpful to your followers and more honest if they were able to read the critiques of men and women of the Scriptures to be able to assess for themselves the authenticity of your revelations. Christ commends every believer to test the spirits to see if they are of God.....

You are quite correct that the Holy Spirit drew us to Christ but you miss out the fact of repentance and acknowledgement of sin in order to place our lives in trust of His atonement to purchase us. We were bought with the price of His suffering and shed blood to on Calvary....

Mark Virkler's picture

Mark is one of about 10 bloggers on our site. You will do well to embrace the entire message of the entire site, as each of us only has a part of the truth, since we see through a glass darkly.

You will note in our 4 keys ( that the fifth step in testing is that you submit your journaling to your three spiritual advisors, for confirmation.

5) Share It with Your Spiritual Counselors (Prov. 11:14)

We are members of a Body! A cord of three strands is not easily broken and God’s intention has always been for us to grow together. Nothing will increase your faith in your ability to hear from God like having it confirmed by two or three other people! Share it with your spouse, your parents, your friends, your elder, your group leader, even your grown children can be your sounding board. They don’t need to be perfect or super-spiritual; they just need to love you, be committed to being available to you, have a solid biblical orientation, and most importantly, they must also willingly and easily receive counsel. Avoid the authoritarian who insists that because of their standing in the church or with God, they no longer need to listen to others. Find two or three people and let them confirm that you are hearing from God!

end of quote...

So humility is demanded. Meekness is required. Pride is the center of satan's heart and is not tolerated on anyone's part. we are commanded to "Honor all people. (1 Pet. 2:17). This is part of humility and meekness. We are to honor those we disagree with, and not put them down. There is dis-honor in the way you wrote your response to Mark. If you want any additional responses published, then you must show honor. God has commanded it, and we require it of all responses published on this website.

It was God's voice that called me to salvation. It was prophetic dreams and divine revelation to Pharaoh that saved his nation during a 7 year famine. So God does speak to all.

God's voice is not hard. it is simply "flowing thoughts which come to you. Jn. 7:37-39 says out of our heart FLOWS the River of the Holy Spirit. The reason people have a hard time hearing God's voice is that they have not been taught to honor flow. I sure never was. I was taught to worship rational thought which is what I did for the first 10 years of my Christian life.

Please consider reading the additional materials on this site and see if together we present fuller truth than any one of us does. God says that is the way it should be. We are all members of His body, and together we serve one another with our gifts. There are many gifts represented in the various writers on this website. Together, we present a fuller representation of Christ, than any one of us does individually. We are here to serve one another and to serve the body of Christ. We do all see through a glass darkly. None of us have full truth. We all fully acknowledge that. We are learners. You can help us learn, if you come with an attitude of honor and meekness and clear Scripture showing us an insight we have overlooked. Thank you for your gifts.

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