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Bible Meditation on the River Within - by Lieve

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The river within you (John 7:37-39) comes from My throne. It will flow all the time. It doesn’t want to stop. It will flow through you to others. It is designed to produce love and happiness and rest for the surrounding people. And also for yourself.

It is so important to live out of My river, because you cannot face this life alone. You need Me. You need My direction. You need My wisdom and strength. You – need – Me always. Always. It will never stop. We will have an eternal relationship. Forever be together. You and Me. You and Me together. Communication.

Never alone. Never on your own. We together in love and worship for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We together. Like the brothers and the sisters that live together and have peace and joy. Together we are stronger and better. You can never do on your own what you can do with Me. Never, Lieve! Never!

If you neglect the river, I will be there and wait for you. I want you to turn to Me and listen. Listen and do what I say. Alone is not the way I intended it to be. You are made for fellowship with Me and others. We are together. Not your own wisdom and strength. Never. But you and Me!

Lieve, the river is never ending. It continues to flow. There is no beginning and no ending. There is always enough to provide you and others. It will never cease. Never. Trust Me. There is always enough for you and your loved ones. Always enough. Always.

Lieve, I am very pleased in you. You are spontaneous and kind. I love you. Try not to figure everything out. I have the solutions. The solutions are coming when you are focusing on Me. Then the river flows and I am working. I will do what My word promises. I will always do it. Thank you for doing this course. It pleases Me a lot.

Bye, Lieve. Until later, … alligator.* You will snap what has to be snapped.° So long, my dearest.

Your Daddy and Jesus. Bye.

* We used it as children. One said: 'see you later.' The other: 'alligator.'
° I thought about the alligator that bites something. I understand it like this: the bad things I will find, they will be broken.