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Sixtieth Birthday and Blessed Beyond Measure!

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Folks, I cannot thank you enough for all the birthday greetings I received from all around the globe, and what a blessing to hear so many people say their lives have been radically changed by learning to hear God's voice, just as mine was.

What a privilege it has been to share my battle and victory in this area and see it help so many others also come through to victory. God has been gracious to bless this message and use it to help restore His voice to His Church.

And, God has blessed us with wonderful health, and wonderful children and grandchildren. Today we had an opportunity to spend time with Joshua and Charla, and our grandchildren, Jasmine, Bekah and Hudson. And even got our picture taken today with them. Aren't they awesome!!!

On Tuesday, we get to go out with our daughter Charity and her husband, Leo Kayembe. So that, too, will be a great blessing.

And we are grateful we can work together with our children every day in the ministry. How special is that!!! 

And now a wonderful team of thousands have joined with us to saturate the world with the message of Communion With God. Thank you all!!!

The best is surely before us. God is on the verge of huge things, and one of the things in the center of His move will be continuing to restore His voice to His church, and I believe we will all play a key role in that. He will usher forth revival and restoration upon His planet and we will be awestruck by what we see Him do. So watch and see the salvation of the Lord.

Thank you all again for making this a very special day for me. God bless you all.



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Happy Birthday Mark. Great

Happy Birthday Mark. Great picture of you and Patti and the grandchildren. Aren't grandchildren fun? from Jean Jones in Georgetown, SC

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Belated Birthday!

Mark, Happy birthday! Many, many blessings to you both!