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Worship Is My Warfare and Praise Is My Weapon

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Years ago, my favorite Bible teacher, Derek Prince, showed us this revelation from Scripture:

Have you never read, "Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants you have perfected praise" (Matt. 21:16)?

Jesus was quoting Psalm 8:2, which says: "Out of the mouth of babes and nursing infants You have ordained strength, Because of Your enemies, That You may silence the enemy and the avenger."

So perfected praise is the ordained strength which silences the enemy! Do you need the enemy silenced in your life? If so, enjoy the following journaling from Kirsten Himmelberg.

Kirsten asks: Lord, the easiest, least taxing and least time consuming method I have found to remove the feeling of torment and harassment in the atmosphere and produce peace is worship music.  Please talk to me about this.

Worship is a form of warfare and the enemy hates worship music.  So when you carry your iPod with worship music it silences the voice of the enemy.  The enemy lives in the atmosphere and the music goes into the atmosphere.  You can’t see either but just as light always overpowers darkness the worship music overpowers the feeling of harassment and torment you feel.  When you are at work or sleeping and/or not allowed to have music on, you just turn it down so quiet that only you or no one can hear it, but it produces a subliminal effect in the atmosphere that silences the enemy.  The enemy uses subliminal messages all the time.  Why not shut them out with My messages on the worship music? 

You play the same song over and over because you can feel the positive effects of how it silences the enemy.  But then, after you have heard it so many times that you don’t want to hear it anymore, you turn it down low you can’t hear it anymore, but you are still benefiting from its message which is going into the atmosphere. I laugh at the enemy. 

Worship music is such an easy tactic to produce an atmosphere of harmony in your home and work.  There are so many ungodly subliminal messages on the computer, TV, radio that this is a way to counteract them.  You have used it to remove the ungodly effects in rooms and houses. (When I am cleaning my apartments after tenants leave, and something ungodly has gone on while they were there, I will feel the enemy has a stronghold in the house or a room so I play worship music there 24/7 for days until I feel like it has left. Worship cleaned a house that was occupied by pagans.  After they left the house didn't rent so I prayed over it, filled it with worship music 24/7 and it rented.) 

You can feel how it cleanses the atmosphere and removes ungodly assignments (in addition to praying).  You also had a problem with needing to silence ungodly messages in your mind and clean up your self talk.  Worship music allowed you to have a positive focus on the Lord rather than a negative focus on the past and things of the soul and flesh. It is a much easier and more uplifting tool than yelling at the enemy every day.  You know the enemy sometimes likes the attention he gets for being yelled at.  Because it doesn’t matter how much you yell at him, if someone did something in that room that gave him a right to be there he won’t leave because he has a right to be there.  You can spend hours in prayer trying to discern the right to remove the enemy or you can turn on worship music and make the environment a place he doesn’t want to be.  I laugh at the enemy.  

This tool is so much better for your mind because it is hard to yell at the enemy and not be focused on him and get all stressed and lose your peace.  With worship music the focus is right where it needs to be.  I wish more people would use this tool.  I know that you have heard some of the same songs so many times that you get tired of them, so now you sometimes turn on the audio Bible on Psalms and use it the same way and that is just as good.  The enemy hates My Word, too. 

But you have to be comfortable with what area of Scripture and what form of warfare you are involved in.  You have to choose worship music that you like and stirs your spirit.  If you choose music you hate it creates disharmony in your spirit and it is hard to keep your peace with disharmony in your spirit and for you it can create contempt for the Lord which can backfire in your heart. 

If there is more than one person who is listening, be courteous of the effects it has on your brothers and sisters because you don’t want to create disharmony for them.  If there is an unbeliever and they can hear it, it may cause great turmoil in their hearts and they might become unpleasant.  This is not a good testimony to them because they may develop contempt rather than love for the Lord because they can’t handle the torment it causes in their spirit.   However, if the volume is so low that they cannot hear it, it can clean the atmosphere for a better conversation.  It is like claiming the atmosphere as sacred ground. If you are using it in an empty room or house to clean the house, you don’t have to like it, it just needs to fill the atmosphere with the glorious name of Jesus and send praises into the atmosphere.  It will be a sweet sounding fragrance in the Father's ears.

Kirsten, you had a dramatic and miraculous deliverance that transformed you in just a few days*.  You were not prepared for the new wineskin you had to live in.  Worship was vital to maintaining your deliverance and getting you comfortable in your new wineskin.  The enemy had such a grip on you he was not going to let you go easily.  He was breathing down your neck looking for a road back in. You could not spend the entire day yelling at the enemy and telling him where to go.  And all that focus on the enemy would be very unhealthy. You really needed a tool like this.

Some people have a more gradual deliverance and don’t have as much need for tools like this as you did.  After your deliverance when you were told to live in radical worship to maintain your deliverance, that was an “inheritance word” (prophetic word) to you.  You heard it like a siren in your mind and sought out how to implement it and it was a lifeline to maintaining your deliverance.

Kirsten: Thank You, Lord. I don’t know where I would be without my iPod, modern technology and my kids who teach me how to use it.

The animation below was created by my granddaughter to illustrate the message of this post. Click on the green flag to watch.


DID resolved through phone prayer counseling with Bob Lucy.


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