Is Your Quiver Full Yet?

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Question: Isn’t a simple prayer, “Lord, heal me" enough? Do I really need all these different ways of praying?

You gave me a 7 step model for receiving a miracle, then 7 more steps for ministering a vast assortment of “gifts of healings.” Then there is the 7 step model for “prayers that heal the heart” and a 7 step model for praying words of faith.” Wow. That is 28 prayers! I want just one, please!

Answer: Well, you know, one arrow in your quiver is sometimes enough. David killed the giant with his first stone, and the other stones he had with him were unused. And of course, God will answer the simple prayer, “Lord, help!” 

However if that first prayer or stone or arrow doesn't defeat the enemy, wouldn't you like to have some other arrows you could shoot so you could be assured of a victory? I sure would! So that is why we have given you more than one prayer to accomplish the miracle of divine healing. Come to battle prepared, equipped so whether it takes one or twenty-eight arrows, you fight until you win. That is my motto: I fight until I win.

Skilled Craftsmen Have Toolboxes and They Know When and How to Use Each Tool

I have worked on construction teams. I have carried a toolbox with an assortment of tools in it, and I have been taught by those ahead of me which tool to use, when to use it and how to use it. The education has been priceless, and the resulting products of a well-trained craftsman are plain for all to see.

You can be a well-trained spiritual craftsman with an assortment of biblical and spiritual tools which you bring to bear to deliver success in situation after situation. That is what we have been training you to accomplish as you minister to hurting humanity and guide them into the freedom and healing which Christ offers.

I know it is more than we bargained for. My passion is always to keep it simple and easy and available for everyone. I have tried to do that as I have written this series of 100 blogs on Vibrant Health and provided a host of biblically sound means for promoting health. This is as simple as I currently know how to make it and still equip people to get the job done. 

So Lord, since it is You who have granted to us both miracles and gifts of healings, along with discerning of spirits and casting out of demons, and words of wisdom and knowledge, we ask that You now grant us the grace to learn to identify and apply the right kind of prayer to each situation we are facing.

May we team up as You taught us to and minister together, bringing freedom and healing to the wounded hearts and lives we see before us. Thank You, Lord!

Go Deeper - Get Healthy!

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