Are Chakras Demonic?

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Ann asks: My question is “Are chakras demonic? One Christian pastor had on his blog one time they were demonic energy centers located along the spine. I Googled it and found where they are referred to as being New Age. We know that Satan likes to counterfeit God, so are chakras of God or of the devil?"

Energy Medicine is God's Idea - Free Gift - Click Here Answer: Ann, this is a great question, and yes, you will get different answers from different pastors. So let me share my answer and why I believe as I do.

First, I don’t see any truth as being a “New Age truth”. All truth is God’s truth! He is the all-knowing One, and He reveals His knowledge to ALL, even evil men (or New Agers, or Hindu or Chinese, or Americans). For example, God gave Pharaoh, the evil king of Egypt, dreams of seven fat cows and seven skinny cows (Gen. 41), which gave him wisdom as to how to provide for his kingdom for the next 14 years. So just because an evil king, or a New Ager, a Hindu or an agnostic American has received some insight, I still call it God’s insights. I never bother to ask if New Agers or unbelievers believe something or not, as it is irrelevant to me what they believe. I do not live in reaction to them or in rejection of what they know. I live in God’s truth, and for sure, they can and do pick up some of God’s truth, and that is not a problem to me. So for example, I believe in aerodynamics, as do many New Agers. Not a problem as far as I can see.

Second, there is nothing in the Bible that specifically discusses chakras. We cannot point to a specific verse that mentions the word chakra to give us God’s view on the topic. So then I ask the question, “Do chakras violate any biblical principle, or are they compatible with any biblical principles?"

We should start by defining "chakra" so we know exactly what we are talking about. Let’s go with the following working definition if we can: “Chakras are believed to be centers of energy, located on the midline of the body. There are seven of them, and they govern our psychological properties.”

Chakras are considered both transmitters and receivers of energy. "Meridians" are energy pathways in the body which this energy flows through. The idea is that one must have balanced chakras and meridians in order to be physically, emotionally, mentally and spirituality healthy. A body can get problems in different areas with blockage or instability in either the chakras or meridian pathways.

So do we run on energy? Are there energy pathways in our bodies? We know for sure there are pathways for blood in our bodies, and pathways for nerves, and pathways for lymph, so why wouldn’t God have created pathways for energy to flow through our bodies? I have no problem believing that He did. I have no problem believing we are energy organisms, infused by God’s divine energy, for the Bible declares that God is all and in all (Col. 3:11) and in Him all things hold together (Col. 1:17). Our high school science class taught us that all atoms have electrons spinning around them, and that it is the flow of electrons that produce energy and current. Beyond any doubt science has confirmed that we are energy beings on the molecular level.

I suspect it may be possible that chakras are spiritual energy centers that receive and release the spiritual life force of Almighty God in and out of our physical and spiritual beings. I know when Jesus laid hands on to heal, there was a flow of God’s energy from Him into those He prayed for (Mk. 5:30), so I see the release of the healing anointing to include the release of God’s energy into our bodies to right things that are messed up. So for me, I believe in energy and energy pathways. 

Now if I were going to limit God to being simply a mass of energy, rather than a personal loving God (as some religions do), then I would object to that. God is much more than a flow of energy. Healing is much more than a flow of energy. It begins and ends in the compassion of a wonderful and loving God (Mk. 6:34).

So even though these energy pathways or chakras may be true, and even though Hindus (not New Agers) may have discovered these energy pathways, I would not embrace any belief that reduced my loving Savior to a mere energy field.


For those of us hungering to see more of the miracle-working power of God released through us, we present this paper which explores in depth one of the three Greek words translated “power” in the New Testament:

    God Himself Uses Energy to Heal, So Energy Medicine Is God's Idea


Caution: If your involvement with Chakras or meridian lines involved you dabbling in false religions, New Age beliefs, Buddha's or anything of the sort, then you have opened yourself up to demons, and need to repent and renounce all such beliefs and practices. Command any demons which attached themselves to you through your mistaken beliefs and sinful activities to leave in Jesus' name.


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I have never really looked into the Chakra concept until today when a friend asked me about it and sent me the link to this page. To me Chakra is a human word made up to describe a natural occurrence in nature and then de-Godified by associating it to ungodly concepts and things.

I have Epilepsy and that is something which uses a lot of 'enery' / 'electricity' naturally occurring in your body and sends out massive doses of it without the right controls in place. These days the things which control this come in the form of prescription drugs. I do not consider my 'energy' evil. I have had to change the way I live / eat / exercise to get my body to be more self supporting and as a result I have been able to reduce the amount of drugs to almost nothing and stay healthy at the same time.

Growing up I heard many preachers talking about laying on of the hands when praying and letting the Holy Spirit flow through you to that other person and to release the healing power of God. Some people are considered to be blessed with more of this ability or 'openness' to allow the Holy Spirit to flow through than others.

We Christians are not short of our own made up human words and concepts any less than other religions.

The best way to maintain a right standing with God is to focus less on the human words and always go to him for approval for anything we are unsure of.

I often get asked how can I as a Christian do Martial Arts ... the simplest response I have is that I continually lay everything down at the foot of the cross and check in with God what HE wants me to do / not do. I have left one Dojo because what they were teaching clashed with my Christian beliefs. This happened after I put my concerns to God and asked if this was a place He didn't want me to be in then change my circumstances to make it difficult to go there or reveal to me something in His word. Straight away something changed and I could no longer physically get to this training. I have never returned to that dojo.

In Martial Arts there is a lot of talk about focusing your energy, using your centre of energy, all fancy ways to describe a very physical and natural thing that is within all humans. It's not mythical or strange it's just God's creation within us and we do not need to add or subtract from this as his creation is perfect. It's there but we do not need to give it any mythical power or control over our lives. God is the only one to give these things to.

Hopefully I didn't go to far off topic.

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The ancient prophet Ezekiel recorded his vision of the ethereal chakras (chakra means wheel" in Sanskrit):
Ezekiel 1:19-21; see also Ezekiel 10:17; and very clearly corresponding with the colors of the "bow that is in the cloud after the rain" - Ezekiel 1:27-28
I believe Daniel 7:9 speaks of chakras as well.
Not frightening. Christ taught that the kingdom of God is within us.

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I am glad I found this article. I was brought up Catholic and now at the age of 51,I feel lost with my religion and my beliefs. First and foremost, I believe in God. I also like a lot of the New age stuff that is out there such as meditation, finding peace and serenity, inspiration. I am not a Buddist, but I do have buddha statues, healing crystals, incense, as well as other inspirational items in my home. I just feel a sense of peace with these items. That said, I am a very skeptical person and need proof in order to believe. This "power of positive thinking" and "abundance" which I have researched about over the past two years or so, has never shown me a single ounce of proof.

I am in the process of creating my own website called mycreativechakra, as I wanted it to be about my creative side, as well as inspiration and peace and such. But intend on incorporating religion and spirituality into this website. I just want people to know that I am not anti-Christ.

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I understand being brought up in a church which did not offer me an opportunity to hear God's voice, see vision, experience power to heal the sick and cast out demons. I discovered that all these things are still available to a Spirit filled believer, and through them I have found peace, contentment and power. I write about these things in our book 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice, which I encourage you to review. it is on this website.

I strongly encourage you to read the Bible and make sure everything you do is pleasing to God. He is against idols and false gods, and healing approaches which do not have Jesus in the center of them. So I do want to let you know, I believe you are on dangerous ground. I believe you can find all that you are searching for in Spirit filled Christianity. We offer it through the resources on this website, and you should be able to find a charismatic church in your area to attend.
Lev_19:4 'Do not turn to idols, nor make for yourselves molded gods: I am the LORD your God.
Lev_26:1 'You shall not make idols for yourselves; neither a carved image nor a sacred pillar shall you rear up for yourselves; nor shall you set up an engraved stone in your land, to bow down to it; for I am the LORD your God.

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Here is another thought to consider as I was searching for greater understanding on spiritual gateways, doors and portals I came across articles on chakras and this is what I heard The Lord say to me:

Openings made by The Lord, are called Gateways, Doorways or Portals, for the intention of relationship, intimacy, to bless, to prosper, to edify and to build up.
Openings made by satan are called, holes in the walls and/or armor and is considered, breaking and entering with the intent to commit burglary, ie. to steal, to kill and to destroy. These openings are also called wounds which become tombs in which evil spirits (evil words) and demons will take up residence and manifest. Not every doorway, gateway, opening and portal is of The Lord.

Jere 39:1-3 In the ninth year of Zedekiah king of Judah, in the tenth month, Nebuchadrezzar king of Babylon and all his army came against Jerusalem and besieged it. And in the eleventh year of Zedekiah, in the fourth month, on the ninth day of the month, they broke into the city. [WHEN JERUSALEM WAS TAKEN] ALL the princes of the king of Babylon came in and sat in the Middle Gate: Nergal-sharezer, Samgar-nebo, Sarsechim [the Rabsaris] a chief of the eunuchs, and Nergal-sharezer [II, the Rabmag] a chief of the magicians, with all the rest of the officials of the king of Babylon.

Isa. 22:15-19 Come, go to this [contemptible] steward and treasurer, to Shebna, who is over the house [but who is presumptuous enough to be building himself a tomb among those of the mighty, a tomb worthy of a king], and say to him, What business have you here? And whom have you entombed here, that you have the right to hew out for yourself a tomb here? He hews out a sepulcher for himself on the height! He carves out a dwelling for himself in the rock! Behold, the Lord will hurl you away violently, O you strong man; yes, He will take tight hold of you and He will surely cover you [with shame]. He will surely roll you up in a bundle [Shebna] and toss you like a ball into a large country; there you will die and there will be your splendid chariots, you disgrace to your master’s house! And I will thrust you from your office, and from your station will you be pulled down.

Lk. 5:1-5 They came to the other side of the sea to the region of the Gerasenes. And as soon as He got out of the boat, there met Him out of the tombs a man [under the power] of an unclean spirit. This man [a]continually lived among the tombs, and no one could subdue him any more, even with a chain; For he had been bound often with shackles for the feet and handcuffs, but the handcuffs of chains he wrenched apart, and the shackles he rubbed and ground together and broke in pieces; and no one had strength enough to restrain or tame him. Night and day among the tombs and on the mountains he was always shrieking and screaming and beating and bruising and cutting himself with stones.

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Please align all your siting with these chakras/circles of energy. Again I think these chakras are within us and are meant for good things as i have read, unless if there are those who use them for evil issues. Again i read that these chakras exist within us and that will mean they are made by God. You only have to ignite them by processes which to me are not against GOD's will. Please help me understand how they are agaimst GOD's will.

thank you.

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I really enjoyed this discussion and all of Dr. Mark Virkler's responses. I am currently in Yoga Teacher training, I studied the Chakras in depth about 10 years ago, became Christian about 4 years ago, was Jewish as a young person. We dove into the Chakras today as a part of our YTT and I had so many things come up for me. I was getting a strong sense that my God was not allowed there, I have felt this before at Yoga things, and I was even belittled and disrespected by the instructor. Anyway, really weird experience. I left feeling totally disheartened and not wanting to teach for this particular chain of studios and wondering if I even want to teach Yoga any longer and if I will even be accepted because I do believe in God and such. I really appreciated this discussion as it seems that most people realize the chakras are real energetic centers in the body, the difference is how I want to use them, is I want to only allow God to heal them. I also really love yoga and wish I could speak my truth, even though I feel I am a minority. I know I am a minority. I often get negative responses, disregard, jealousy. I am afraid that if I fully express myself I actually have no one, either christian, jewish, yogi, atheist or anything that will understand. Thank you for having this forum.

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I have to say I completely agree with you! I've been practicing yoga for a few years now and honestly it's my time to pray and release. Sometimes this doesn't translate well to yogis who are not Christians. I just pray that I can be s light in their worlds and appreciate yoga and its teaching for what they are. No amount of yoga or energy talk will separate me from Jesus's love. :) hope it helps to know you aren't the only one. Take heart and bear witness to Him in all areas of your life, including your training. Best of luck to you!

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I too love this discussion. I have been a Christian all my life, ebbed and flowed as human beings do, but I have followed Him with intent the last 10 years or so. I do believe in God and I have recently been challenged with the viewpoint of one very dear to me who has discussed with me Chakras, the third eye, auras, etc. Initially I wanted to believe this was "sorcery" or against God somehow. I am not sure why that was my instinct other than I have in my lifetime experienced spiritual warfare and have a healthy respect for God and His ability to deal with evil. As I think about these topics I have been moving in the same direction as Dr. Virkler. I recall the scripture which tells us we look through the glass dimly now, but one day it will be revealed to us. Perhaps our alignment of our energy sources is part of the enlightenment He offers us.

I am off topic though - the reason I responded to your post Everything submitted by Anonymous was to tell you this: I am sorry you have been met with resistance, but I wish you were in my area. You would be a godsend to me. I would LOVE to have someone such as yourself to take classes from, to have in my life. You have been given a passion, a purpose - many times we set our passions aside because of other people or life circumstance - but we need to remember our passion - our purpose - is greater than what others think; greater than our own fear; greater than our own lives ... the purpose we are each in existance IS the reason for our existance at all. Perhaps what you have been experiencing is you having the opportunity to convince yourself that this is indeed your place in the world and advertise it! Let it be known that you are living your own God inspired version of yoga. God inspired energy and focus ... SIGN ME UP SISTER!!

I am going to be praying for you and I am going to have every confidence that He will be faithful to reveal His presence in your life. Go inspire others to love God and the temple He gave each of us.

Thank you for your post -

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Thanks for sharing. I am taking a health coaching class, and have been doing 'breathing' or meditation exercises. I look at all my sessions beforehand, and change whatever word tracks I feel will all ignore with truth, then it feels right.

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I would love to speak more with you! 2 years ago, God spoke volumes to me about being "Empathic" I believe God showed me this word to describe these "gifts that I have because "the world" sees them as "empathic. I can feel, what I described as "feeling peoples energies, I know when someone is emotionally hurting. I have people that I believe I am connected with in the spirit and God will put them on my heart and at times I will begin to have anxiety attack so I call them only to find out they too were having anxiety. I pray with them and then we are both fine after. I have been learning much about Spiritual gifts as in 1 & 2 Corinthians and know that God wants us as His disciples, as children of God to speak out and be bold. To unite the ones who have been stolen and taken away by every doctrine. Read 1 John- 3 John. I asked God to give me wisdom in this area bc I know it is a VERY touchy subject and we will be rejected by christians and non christians alike, but I really like what this pastor said bc it is everything that God has been speaking to me about. I was listening to a book by a man named James Allen. I could be wrong but I believe that he wrote it in the 1800s. Its called "the divine companion" whoch talks about who truth...what truth is...etc. I desperately waited to hear Him say that Jesus was this truth, light, love, the way...but he did not mention Jesus in that way, but yet made every reference that scripture speaks of in the Bible. God showed me that THIS is THE spirit of the anti-christ which the scripture above speaks about. I would love to speak with you more to learn what you know. I do believe that satan is the father of lies and he wanted to be God. He does have dominion on this earth and he can give people 99 percent truth and 1 % lie and its still a lie. The truth of what truth is with out Christ, is still a lie. I do believe though that God IS showing His people, us that are open and eyes to see and ears to hear, that God did make everything. The enemy knows how our bodies work. God is showing me that we have to be careful and be in His word daily to not fall prey to the schemes of the devil. To be diligent in prayer durong our quest to seek truth. I could go on and on, but for now, I will leave it at that. Please respond back and we can make contact. I believe God is bringing His people into unity as it speaks in John 14-17. Its really pretty amazing! I am eager to learn more before I go telling the masses...but believe we are called to rightly divide thruth from the lies. I am writing a book about it and am gatheri g as much knowledge, research and information that I can. Hope to hear back soon!

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What you have said resonates with me in so many ways. I can highly sense when something is wrong with anyone. I have heard God telling me to pray for a very specific person later to find out they were in the hospital or were suffering from some type of crisis. I feel deeply, even sometimes have visions and I strongly believe that it is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Not everyone understands that about me so I hardly say anything, I just reach out to whomever and pray and uplift their spirits in Jesus' name. It's refreshing knowing someone who has the same quality. I said all this to say that after hearing about chakras from other believers of Christ, I've done some research and even taken a chakras test. The test indicated that I have an over active third eye which allows me to have visions enabling me to tap into some future events as well as other things that seemed to be true as if relates to me as a person. But being raised in the Christian faith, which doesn't highlight chakra energy sources particularly, leaves me confused. I never want to go against any of Gods principles and I wonder if these energy sources are from God. I believe that we are spiritual beings filled with the Holy Spirit and God is our source. Could he have blessed us with these energy sources to receive spiritual and psychological healing all along? Discovering this article has given me something to think about it, Thank you

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Hi im from san diego im 26 years old ive been having encounters with God and insight into all of this youre talking about i thought i was the only one and youre right we are the light of the world ive been wanting to share my experiences witj someone who understands what im talking about but it seems as if noone understands and are just brainwashed to be deceived but i believe the truth will set the world free and it cant be hidden as much as Satan wants to keep it from being known God will shine that light upon the darkness and help us find his Love that is within all of us and be set free by the truth and Jesus christ send me a message would love to have a conversation more in depth :)

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Thank you for your experience. I am a devout follower of Christ for 11 years, He is my Rock, my Salvation. I, too, practice yoga and do so from a strictly biblically aligned fashion. When others mention the chakras (which are true) or spiritual messages mimicking God only to reveal Lucifer (upon further inspection) as he mascarades pretending to be light, then I reject the engagement of those words and commune W God. I still carry on W the flow and movement as Yoga helps my chronic pain from scoliosis and the postures are not sin, it's a form of exercise. There is religiosity steaming from it bc it's SO beautiful, but, it was created by God & adulterated by Satan.

Ask God for discernment prior to practice and cloak yourself W the spiritual armor of our bible: the boots of peace, belt of truth, breast plate of righteousness, shield of faith, sword of spirit (God's Word) & helmet of salvation. God gives wisdom to His children, especially those that ask for it.

It is my strongest interest through this post to encourage you to not live in fear of rejection for following our savior. Be liberated in Loving Him SO much you cast out all fear, darkness, doubt. Allow yourself to be used IN these settings to reflect God's light and attract true truth seekers to His kingdom. God goes into the dark places to shine His light. You will sense when you are safe and when you are not & respect that knowledge.

Amen sister.

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Hi, my name is Alison Watson and I am also a yoga instructor who experienced similar in teacher training. The people I went with were respectful of all beliefs, I was very fortunate, but it felt off at times just as you said. I wanted to teach Christian yoga, and now I do! Much like pastor said, I do believe healing comes from God and I believe people are made up of energy. I always like to explain it to my parents that some people you just feel are having a good day? Or you can just feel when someone is having an off day? It sounds crazy, but we all do it. Some say it's reading body language, some say it's energy, and science says we are made up of electricity, so I believe both. I always felt like I was so different with my beliefs and curious about alternative medicine and alternative healing. I know there are people who practice alternative practices with the correct intentions, I am one of those people;) I certainly know nothing I have came from me, and I wouldn't even be alive if it weren't for Gods wonderful love, understanding and guidance to go in the right direction and walk away from the bad things. I have been delighted recently to meet some people (at my yoga job and other job, I work at a health food store as well) with similar experiences. People are on all different walks of life and at different places on their walk with God, so I don't judge those who don't feel comfortable doing something alternative, maybe that's just not where they are on their walk with God. All who have attended my class left saying they felt so nice because it's Bible based and I don't include anything else. you will figure out what you want to include and/or not include. I'm so sorry you're class wasn't understanding, but not everyone out there is this way. I hope this helps you, God bless!

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I just wanted to encourage you that there are others like you. I also believe that people with this knowledge can be a great benefit to the body of Christ. A lot of wisdom that is from God has been thrown out because it has so often been mixed up with demonic activity. Be encouraged and do not give up. I would be super happy if I could find a yoga instructor that knew the Lord.

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If you are passionate about your Yoga, do it. Do it with the God principles of balance, trust, whatever yoga concentrates on and if the Holy Spirit tells you differently, obey.
Do it boldly. There are alot of Christians out there who would love to come to your school.

I just did a Chakra test, then got the results, read about it, googled chakras vs Christianity and Marks response came up. So here I am.
I am of the same view as he.
I am presently reading 'Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and it is principles that I want to practice.
But as I read and they talk about energy, the universe. I hate that word 'the universe'
Everything is of God. What you sow you will reap etc. It's a God principle.
I just do not understand why seeming 'non-Christians' are the one's that are giving us the 'how too's', the steps in simple terms, 1, 2, 3's. The church should be doing that. Our spiritual leaders.

Let's step out in faith and not be ashamed.

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Amen! I totally agree.

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My friend, welcome to the light of your father. When the world has rejected you because of truths. It is then you know you are on the side of the one true GOD!

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Hi!....I am to a Yogi too!..and believe in Chakras...and God and Jesus!...I think getting in touch with our Chakras is a way like meditation to allow positive loving energy from our creator to heal us...Gods energy is love...and Jesus was tapped into his Chakras in my opinion..and Mind/Body/Spirit connection....He would have to be to be on a physical plain ..and be able to do such things.....Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it...I avoid such videos or medations that claim we are like God and such.....Even though I believe some aspects of the bible are metaphor....I do believe Jesus did come to teach us how to get back home...

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I fully understand your struggle of wondering where you fit. As we change and grow, that is a question we often have to ask ourselves. And the answer often means we move on to new things God has for us. I do think you should honor the feeling in your heart, when at the Yoga instruction that "God is not allowed there." You should know that the roots of Yoga are in an Indian religion, so it has religious overtones in my opinion (See this link -
Because it was birthed as part of a religion, it would make me steer clear of it and find an alternative direction to take which would accomplish my goals. There are many other quieting, healing and balancing exercises one can do, I would think, which are not the outgrowth of a false religion. We actually love MaxT3 and do them daily ( So pray about that and see what God tells you.

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My question is if we should steer clear of Yoga because it was birthed as a part of a religion, should we not steer clear of Chakras if they are also birthed as a part of a religion?

On the other hand if God's sovereignty covers truths and truth in other religions, so long as they don't deviate from the word...could we embrace Yoga and Chakras?

Hmm..I guess I'm sort of answering my question in posing my own question..! So long as there are truths that line up with the word..I may discern where they are truly coming from..whether they are spoken from the platform of another religion. But where there is doctrine such as the goals of attaining certain "enlightenment" or "becoming divine" or not ascribing glory to God, it's time to draw the line.

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Okay, I was involved in the dark side of things, "astrology, numerology, divination, horoscopes, witchcraft" what I mean by dark side is that they are evil in the sight of God. Anyway, I was converted to Christianity for the last 15 years. Now I have knowledge on Scripture too. I can say from experience that Chakras are real. The Planet Earth also has natural magnetic fields, also known as the geomagnetic field's. These forms of energy meet at different points throughout the planet it is that energy that keeps the water, the air, everything on the planet from floating into space and being subjected to the harshness of outer space,

So yes, we are beings that were given a great life force, also known as the bioenergetic field. I believe that God made energy flow through us not just to animate us as living beings but to be able to develop our spiritual abilities that Christ gave us. Praying with laying on of hands allows the healing force from Christ to flow from the body into the person in need of healing. Even if you cant lay hands on the person, you can still picture them in your mind and pray to God that He sends the healing energy to that person. God desires to heal and regenerate sinners but the Glory, "credit" must be given to him.

We are not God's, if we were Gods then there would be no sickness, hunger, wars, poverty, etc. Plus if we were God's we could create what we wanted in an instant. It's when we begin to think of ourselves as a God, or better then God, when we start developing pride instead of humbleness, Its when we start developing arrogance instead of humility, when we start taking in material things, its when we begin worshiping all the creation instead of the creator that's when we slip and fall away from God. That's when you become an easy target for the enemy, "satan" to start hitting you hard with temptations and sin and eventually could loose your own life on earth.

When developing yourself and understanding both the inner worlds and the outer worlds of your life becareful on what you say you believe in. I put all my belief in Jesus Christ because He created all reality and He alone can determine what will work and what will not for the believer. I believe in Jesus Christ as the creator of all reality, Through Jesus Christ and His Loving grace we can develop these energy centers to help us grow for the sake of helping others as a Testimony of the Love Christ has for us all. When practicing your abilities make sure that when you act upon them that they align with Bibical Doctrine.

Example, Are you developing them to help yourself become wealthy? Are you developing them to get admiration and attention for yourself? These are not in alignment with the Bible. Now if your developing them to help heal a
sick person, or to strengthen another person FAITH in Christ, or to help supply the needy with what they need to survive, or feeding the hungry so they don't starve, then these line up with real Biblical Doctrine.

One final note, the world says, "God helps those who help themselves" this is not Biblical Doctrine but this is,"Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God."

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this is awesome and it was so helpful! thank you!

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This sort of interpretation is very clarifying for someone whose judgement has been clouded. Thanks.

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This info need to be shared world wide yo!

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Genesis 32:30 talks about one of the being the 6th chakra (Jacob sees God face to face, and calls the place Peniel).
Also Mathew 6:22 talks about the 6th chakra (Jacob was filled with light at Peniel, because he saw God face to face, and God is light).
Many parts of the bible states to meditate day and night, but it does not tell you how.

I did not believe in the chakras until 2015. I do believe in them but I was thinking this is wrong. I have been researching the whole bible to find answers.
When you think about it I bet that it was taken out of the bible. The chakra teaches of doing good things but it is how you use them. I think the 6th is scary as I have read so much on it (people seeing things). The rest to me are safe. As long as you are grounded by the root chakra and you are positive.

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I do not belive in limiting my GOD to just a healing force. But is it wrong to use the healing art knowing that it can ONLY be GOD that does the healing we are just a vessel for him to use to heal others and our selves. I have read that many subject about the above matter. Please respond,
Have a very,very Blessed Christmas, and a Happy New year.

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You are right but we cant expect god to do everything for us. We should ask him for guidance and strength so in return we can improve our physical, mental, spiritual self. How can we help the lives of others if we cant help ourselves. like you said if we are vessels for god then as the vessel we have to do some work. god has done enough, he has created the natural laws, his laws that cant be broken, his laws that are responsible for order and destruction, and we as humans can help keep the order, or create destruction.

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I am not sure what your question is. What healing art?
I do believe God has put principles of healing in play in the universe. For example if we eat a healthy diet and exercise, this promotes health. If we pray for healing, it promotes health. If we forgive, it promotes health. If we dwell on things which are lovely, just and true, that promotes health. I would consider all these part of God's gifts of healings to us, which we are to use. You can see my book On Vibrant Health for more info.

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I don't believe it's an accident the colors of the rainbow line up with the colors of the chakras. A rainbow is made of refracted light and to do that you need water/water vapor. God=Light. Jesus= Living Water. A rainbow is a promise (a covenant) from God to his children- not to destroy life with water. We are mostly water and that water gives us energy. That is all by divine creation.

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I agree totally and wholeheartedly except for the fact that it reduces God to just a stream of energy. In my belief, it doesn't reduce Him, it takes Him out of the box. It expands Him and makes Him greater than we can imagine. It explains how he is always with us and never leaves or forsakes us. How He is all that we need because his energy flows through all things. All things!!! Isn't that amazing. Religion puts The Creator in a box. He is GREATER than we imagined. This excites me because I know that God is calling me toward a Greater Knowledge and Understanding. It's not for everyone and it's okay. That's why it's best to pray or talk to God about it, ask Him for discerment on anything that your doing and he will provide the answer in a way that your not confused.

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you are totally right. god is the flow, and we are part of the flow. we all have god within us, and that’s the opposite to saying we are gods.

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Excellent response. I have read far too many blogs where people call meditation 'satanic' and some have even said that 'evil spirits' entered them when they would try to open chakras - what hogwash. I was a very serious intercessor for years. Prayed for hours in the Holy Spirit, and would "stand in the gap" for people and events in the earth, and I saw God move. During those very spiritual times, you can bump into very dark energies or even 'personalities' but you have to have faith and let the power of God do the 'fighting'.
Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.Ps 19:14 and I can go on and on where the Bible instructs us to meditate - to ponder until we understand. The 6th chakra is 'knowing' and the 7th is 'understanding. That about sums it up.

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Thank you for raising this topic.

Eastern medicine has many insights that western medicine is beginning to investigate, even verify. We may well discover there is a scientific basis to their medical practices which can greatly augment our current knowledge. But that knowledge comes with a caveat.

The caveat concerns any spiritual teaching that accompanies the knowledge or practice under consideration. It is easy to slip in beliefs about reincarnation, past lives, karma, self awareness, personal power that will contradict and undermine Christian scriptural teaching. There is also the danger of syncretism - the addition of non-scriptural doctrines to the faith tradition. Think of what the Samaritans (originally covenant Jews) did when they added Canaanite worship practices forbidden by God to their worship. Think as well of the kings of Israel who began well but eventually ended up becoming worshipers of Baal and Asherah because of the influence of their wives or counselors.

As regards chakras, they are tied in with ayurvedic medicine and diet, colour therapy, aromatherapy, and a set of teachings regarding the purpose and significance of each chakra. One could make an argument that some verses in the bible imply that diet, colour, specific aromas, and certain parts of the body have spiritual significance and that these are clear parallels with Hindu teaching, especially in regards to God's specific instructions at Sinai regarding the construction of the tabernacle, its furnishings, the clothing of the priests, the ablutions, incense, rituals, etc. But note that God at Sinai was specifying how the priests (and by extension, the people) were to approach or regard Him, reflecting something of His holiness and character. Remember also the outcome of Nadab and Abihus' little experiment with aromatherapy, in clear violation of what the Lord had instructed. We dare approach God not on our terms or ideas, but His. And the fulfillment of the law decreed at Sinai was Jesus Christ, the great high priest who offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice, to atone once and for all for sin.

I find a lot of eastern teachings end up being a means of enhancing one's spiritual potentials and powers so that one (never a group or a community, note) may approach the divine, unite with the divine, or attain divinity, with the option of returning to earth as a beacon and guide to others (a bodhisatva). Jesus, in contrast, forsook His divinity, became human, and dwelt among us, bequeathing a spirit formed and maintained community to act as His hands and feet after He ascended to the Father . At a seminar I took on systematic theology, the professor said the real question of importance is not whether we can become as divine as Jesus, but whether we can become as human as Jesus. The corollary to this is whether we try to attempt this in our own strength and knowledge or in the power of and cooperation with the Holy Spirit, to the glory of the Father, as Jesus did.

There is another important distinction between eastern and western teachings about life and what comes after life. Eastern teachings stress that the present world is an illusion, and therefore inconsequential, and that when one attains enlightenment and dies, it is like a drop of rain returning to the ocean, where one becomes one with God and the illusion of personality and separateness dissolves away as one is absorbed into the Godhead. Of course, if you don't attain enlightenment, you get to come back and try again, encumbered by the bad karma from your previous life. Christ teaches this world is real, was fallen, is now redeemed, and that we may, by Christ's grace won for us on Calvary, partake of the already-but-not-yet fully come kingdom where we will retain our personhood (now transfigured), yet be in fellowship with God and the community of the redeemed in Christ. "To know God and enjoy Him forever" is how one catechism put it.

God can heal directly or indirectly. He may or may not involve humans in the delivery of that healing. There are two great and opposite errors one can make in seeking healing, both of which involve presumption: expecting God to do it all and refusing the advice/expertise of qualified medical people, or refusing to involve God and relying entirely on the advice/expertise of qualified medical people. There is also a third error one can make: presuming and relying on one who claims to involve God, yet (perhaps themselves deceived) does so out of their strength, or worse, out of "that hideous strength" as C.S. Lewis termed the schemes and deceptions of the devil and his demons.

There are some churches whose members use reiki in their healing ministries. [I am personally NOT comfortable with this!] The idea of using one's energy field to correct or influence the energy field in another person is the principle behind this. The question is whether it is the person themselves or God using the person to heal that is the crux of the issue. Some people claim to have the power to heal, to douse for water, to prophesy, to discern - and well they might. Do they use this power to glorify God - or themselves? Do they seek the health of the person - or to heal only as a means of influence or control? Do they seek discernment in prayer (by themselves or with others) before using their "gift". Are they humble or self-aggrandizing? Do they request a small donation after or demand a significant or set donation prior to interceding? "By their fruit you will know them..." - and the type of fruit they are must be discerned BEFORE getting personally involved, not after.

To suggest that the devil has counterfeited or created powers or abilities contrary to those created by God runs contrary to scripture. The devil cannot create - only God can do that; the devil comes only to steal, to kill, and to destroy the work of God. Through temptation he incites mankind to misuse their God given abilities - to twist them, bend them into something contrary to God's purposes. Love twisted becomes lust; anger twisted becomes wrath, rest (Sabbath) twisted becomes sloth, desire twisted becomes greed, relationship twisted becomes abuse, etc. There are far too many Christians assigning the devil equal or nearly equal power with God. This is heresy. The devil is a fallen archangel - more powerful than a human being in the order of creation, but still a created being i.e. no match for a holy and uncreated God.

It may be that science will verify the existence of chakras. If so, then the question becomes, for what purpose has God created them, followed by the question how, if at all, has the devil twisted our awareness/use of them. The test becomes what one does with them, in relation to God, and how our conceiving them (i.e. their proper purpose and use) affects our understanding of God as revealed in scripture. If suddenly in using them the onus is on ourselves, our power, our self-realization, etc. then pride has slipped in and our spiritual health and future is in danger, despite what benefits may accrue to our physical health. But if the focus is on God, His glory, on surrendering our "power" to Him for His purposes, so that we may be empowered by the Spirit to do the Lord's work, then we may yet fulfill Christ's promise that we will do greater works than Him.

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AMEN....AMEN....and AMEN.

Thank you for that very thoughtful and Christ centered response. It is all about our RELATIONSHIP with Christ and making him the LORD of our lives. All too often our focus is on how we can glorify ourselves, through obtaining material things or satisfying our ego. THIS is where many Christians go astray. We have to ask ourselves, did we do like Mary:

" But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her"

Are we spending time seeking God FIRST in all we do. Are we relying on his guidance and NOT our own. All physical and spiritual laws that exist, exist because God made them. The question is are we using them to glorify God or to glorify ourselves.

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To Mark - Thank you so much for the well-written article and response! This profound truth is certainly helping me to further understand God's dynamic engagement with us in the physical realm. He is certainly here with us!!! I would love to read more from you on this subject. Thanks again:)

To Anonymous - Thanks for taking the time to respond in length. I found it very insightful.

Peace Out Brothers and Sisters!!!

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Dear Mark,

Thank you for answering my question! I am in agreement with your response and I feel comforted with clarification of this issue. Bless you!


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Wonderful answer, Mark. All that is good and part of creation is from God. All truth is from God and it isn't wrong if a new Age person believes it to be true. Well said.

I, too, received beautiful healing that literally saved my life from the NMT method which is not standard medicine. I, too, have anxiety created by over-zealous teaching by those in the deliverance ministry.

Best that I praise God from the healing that come after deep and sincere prayer to Him for healing. Who am I to question how God chose to heal me? I am alive and have breath to praise God so hallelujah!

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I too am struggling with life and pray that the new person I Have found can help my healing, all glory to God

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Thank you to whomever asked this question and for the insightful answer. I very recently had physical therapy and the therapist accurately addressed some physical problems through what could be considered an Eastern medicine approach. I wrestled with these methods afterwards, wondering if I'd opened some door to the demonic realm and if familiar spirits were, for lack of a better term, messing with me. The truth is that I felt much better physically but my former exposure to faith teachings made me feel like I had done something wrong.

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I had fallen down some stairs with a student. I had physical therapy which included some Yoga exercises. Of course, my spiritual antenna went up after she told me what method she was using. I was not comfortable with that and wondered if that was why the therapy was not helping me. I discovered that she hadn't listened to where I said the pain was in my body. So just because a person doesn't respond well to a certain method of therapy, that doesn't mean it is the reason one is not getting better. Nevertheless, God has healed me and I am doing exercises on my own with Jennifer on t.v. When I do them consistently, I feel better and stronger. Exercise is exercise! However, it depends on who and what you are focusing on during that time and who will get the glory when you're healed! I choose to focus on Jesus as my healer even as He uses professional people to do the job. He can heal me however He chooses, I just choose to keep my eyes on Him as the Great Physician, Therapist, or Counselor! He's an AWESOME GOD!!
I know without a doubt that He is super naturally healing people all the time, even without professional people's input, and even in this day and age!! God still heals today!!!

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I think this is great insight. I agree.

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Awsome!!!!! Me too!!!!

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