Has Satan Stolen Your Bible from You?

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I used to scorn liberals (actually I scorned everyone who disagreed with me) because liberals lost their Bible through demythicizing (believing Jesus’ miracles and all supernatural references were myths). I was proud I was an evangelical who believed the whole Bible! Then the Lord spoke to me one day during my two-way journaling time, saying, “Mark, you don’t believe the Bible is for you either.” I objected, and said, "Of course I do!" He said, “No, you believe that the Old Testament is for the Jews, the Gospels are for Jesus, Acts is transitional, and the book of Revelation is for the future. The only part you believe is to be lived is the Epistles.” I said, “Good point!” and repented of my belief in dispensationalism.

I Now Believe the Bible Is to Be Lived, from Cover to Cover!

I finally have my Bible back. It took about 15 years to restore, but now I can live it from Genesis to Revelation! If satan has stolen your Bible from you, fight and get it back.

From the most conservative fundamentalists to the most liberal demythicizers, all are equally convinced God has no living contact with individuals. Well, I have now taught hundreds of thousands how to hear God’s voice and I will tell you, the most transforming experience in my life was learning to hear God’s voice every day. He opened up my mind with the questions He asked me. He caused me to see the other point of view. He became my Wonderful Counselor. If you have His voice as your guide, you should be led into all truth. If you don’t have His voice as your guide then invest the time necessary to learn to hear His voice, as life becomes so much easier from that point on.

Be a Berean

The Bereans (Acts 17:10,11) were open-minded. They sought to prove Paul’s new radical teaching SO, not prove it NOT SO. It is all a matter of attitude. Seeking to prove others wrong is to take the accuser’s attitude, which of course is satan’s attitude (Rev. 12:10). I grew up doing that. Then the Lord challenged me to become a Berean, and to come alongside as the Holy Spirit does and prove others right, not prove them wrong.