Approaching Scripture with a Listening Heart

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The following story is from Robin Little: I recently resumed my studies with CLU after a four year break.  In the second lesson of the foundational course, How to Hear God's Voice, I had a question for my Instructor but she suggested I journal it instead.  Here are my questions and Father God's surprising answers.

Father, what do You want to say to me regarding this question I had for my Instructor? "...I am not sure yet about what he is saying about Genesis, that we are not to use our minds and Scripture to determine right from wrong but are only to listen to God's voice in our own hearts.  Karen, what are your thoughts on this?  Doesn't this open us up to deception, like the girl who shared how she had slept with her boyfriend but didn't think it was wrong since they didn't feel convicted about it?"

Robin, just as a young child goes to his parent with questions about a book he is reading instead of trying to figure it out himself, I want you to come to Me with your questions about the Word.  Does a child go to his schoolbooks to discern right from wrong or does he simply ask His Dad?

I want you to become wholly dependent upon Me so that your mind is My servant instead of you being your mind's servant.  I will show you the way you should walk, sometimes speaking from My Word, sometimes speaking directly to your heart, but always from My heart to yours. 

But what about my friend's lack of conviction?  Does that somehow absolve her and her boyfriend of guilt?

No, it merely points to a hardness of heart, for My words will never contradict My Word.  But My point is that I want you to become dependent on Me.  Talk to Me as you read.  Listen for My heart instead of looking for logical connections.

But what if I hear wrong? 

Come back to My word, to the place of apparent contradiction, and listen for My heart in the situation, ask for more revelation.  Then ask Me why you heard wrong, look for vision, and I will show you why.

Lord, what is the role of my three spiritual advisors in all this?

Robin, the role of your 3 spiritual advisors is simply to take you by the hand and lead you to Me.  If you ever wander from the path they will gently bring you back.  If you get hurt they can help you to heal by bringing you back to Me.

For I am your Healer, I am your Comforter, I am your Counselor - but you must come to Me. So if your wounds ever lead you astray, your advisors are there to gently bring you back to Me.  You have chosen well My son, you have chosen well.  I do not desire counsellors who will control My sheep but who will lead them back to Me.


Your Dad

Courses Robin Was Taking with Christian Leadership University

Communion with God

A thoroughly practical course on hearing God's voice. Biblical techniques of vision and journaling will be combined to help one discern and clarify the spontaneous thoughts that come from God. (Key verses: Habakkuk 2:1-4) The goal is that one commune (converse) with God through the fellowship of the Holy Spirit and that this communion flow both ways.


“I'm taking Communion With God. I am so blessed so far. My life is already completely transformed. I went from hearing God speak to me once in a while to hearing Him not just in my journaling times but even throughout the rest of the day. What a difference this has made.”

— Andrew Steck


“We have been using Communion With God for some months now in all our home groups and one after another people whose prayer lives were dry difficult affairs have blossomed as they have heard the Heavenly Father commune with them, His children.”

— Rev. Bill A. VanZutphen,
Baptist Church, Wollongong, Australia


“Oh my, I am speechless...I have completed only the first several lessons in Communion With God and my life has been totally, totally transformed. He is such a wonderful, wonderful God. A few months ago I told Him I was desperate for more of Him...I had no idea His answer to my prayer would be so exceedingly abundantly above anything I could ever have imagined. My days and nights are now filled with His presence. Thank you for your service to Him, Mr. Virkler. I will be in touch as I progress through the course....”

— Amy


The student will read through Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy at a rate of about two chapters per day. He will discover, record, and share his insights from each chapter. The background and theme of each book are studied, and major biblical themes are traced. The student is exposed to proper principles of biblical interpretation and is required to work with them. The revelation of the Holy Spirit as the Author of the Scriptures is central throughout.

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