Is It Ever Right to Hate?

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A couple of weeks ago in a Prayers That Heal the Heart Seminar I was teaching on casting out demons and I instructed the folks that they were to set their hearts against the demon and hate it as we commanded it to come out. Well, I was asked the question, "Is it ever right to hate?" I assured them that the Bible described many things God hated and we pressed on. My recollection was of many Old Testament verses which stated God hated various things. So I decided to check for the word "hate" in the New Testamment, and here is what I found.

Journaling about Hate

Summary Statement: Do not hate people (even your enemies), but hate wickedness, sin, lawlessness, living for self; and your love for God is to be so much higher than your love for your parents, spouse and children, that your love for them would appear as hate.

My Journaling:

Mark, hate is a strong word and a strong force. It is never to be used against My children. It is only to be used against sin. One hates sin in all its forms, but one loves the sinner and prays and intercedes for them with all his might.

You are correct that your love for Me must be so much greater than your love for anything else on earth, that even your love for your family would appear to be hate when contrasted to this love. However, I am not truly saying to hate your family. You are to care for and minister My life to your family.

So yes, it is OK to hate satan and his demons and the works of wickedness which he causes. These things are to be hated with a perfect hatred and turned away from.

Behold I have spoken. Behold it is to be done.

Hate in the New Testament

Strong's Greek word for hate: G3404; μισέω; pronounced “miseō”

Total KJV Occurrences: 41

hate, 16

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hated, 11

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hateth, 10

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hating, 2

Tit_3:3, Jud_1:23

hateful, 1


hatest, 1


What do you think? Has the Lord spoken to you about hate? Is it ever allowable? Are you OK with hating evil, satan and his works? Please share your thoughts in the Comments below.


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About hating

As Christians we have Christ in us to be the available vessels in which He pours Himself through, abiding in Him, and loving as the Father loves and hating as the Father hates, all under the power and control of the Holy Spirit.

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Thanks for the Scriptures about hate. Yes, I agree that hate should NOT be something you do to people. I believe that hate is to be used against the devil. I believe that I should not be complacent about the evil that is in my life or that is in my loved ones. But just hating those evil demons will not completely rid them from my life until I totally recognize that they are there to bring me harm and to ruin my influence with those who are lost. I know that I need to hate what God hates and ask Him to allow His hatred of evil to shine so strongly in me that I don't tolerate or entertain the evil forces by focusing upon their presence, but I need to focus on Jesus!

Too many times I've fasted until I was weak and I've taken the authority that Jesus has given me against that evil, only to wear myself out fighting those evil things and still not being set free. I know that as I get into God's Word and speak His Word and fast the way He desires, that those spirits will not come around again. I keep allowing His Holy Spirit to empower me as I fight the good fight of faith against the evil that comes against me. I've been delivered of much evil that I have allowed into my life and much evil that came from other people who didn't know what they were doing.

I know that getting rid of evil in my life is a life long battle and Jesus helps me to fight that battle as I continue to yield to Him and stand in faith with the armor on (Eph. 6).

As I looked at the Scriptures you posted, I came across Psalm 18. It is a marvelous Scripture to read daily and to put into my heart. Psalm 18 has been a solace to me many times in the past and even now! Although, the word people should be replaced in this Scripture with the word demon/demons, because we are not to fight against people.