See the Gold in Others and Call It Forth

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The following journaling is from Michael Gridley, as Mark taught the 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice to the students at Global School of Supernatural Ministry in Mechanicsburg, PA. 

Lord, how would You have me use the eyes of my heart?

As He began to speak, I saw Him do something symbolic – He took off a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, and began to speak.  He said, Mike, your eyes have been limited by the lenses you put in front of them.  I never gave you a lens to filter or adjust life – these are not from Me.  If you’ll begin to live in the full expression of faith that I have made available to you, you’ll begin to see clearly with your heart.  Your heart has eyes, and I want you to use them to see the gold in others and call it forth.

I’ll equip your heart to achieve your destiny in Me, but you have to take off the restrictions you have placed on them.  At first your eyes will need a little time to adjust, like when you walk out of darkness into bright light.  The bright light you encounter will be Me, and I’ll take you into realms of glory, so you can release realms of glory into others.  You know that is your destiny – you’ve already had glimpses of what life is like when you see Me clearly.  So, Mike, press into Me and let Me have dominion over these issues of trust in your life.  I’ll lead you safely through into your destiny.  You can count on it – and now you’ll be able to see it happening along the way. 

Action:  Make sure two-way journaling is a regular part of your life!