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“Tent Time” is a FREE curriculum for children based on Mark Virkler’s 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice. The 4 Keys are combined with the Tent Time concept of encouraging children to experience hearing God’s voice by doing what Moses did in the Tent of Meeting.

It captures their imagination, engages their hearts and the end result is that children experience hearing from God during class and at home.

Engaging Activities - Easy to Understand

The Lessons teach the 4 Keys in a way children can understand. They love saying them out loud, doing the motions and having “Tent Time” with God. It works! “Tent Time” with the 4 Keys is a winning combination for the children. They have been able to journal prayers and thoughts that could only have come from God, and draw God-inspired art work. Children can, and do, hear God’s voice!


No matter what age group, the children respond. Even the Pre-school Kids quiet themselves down, fix their eyes on Jesus, tune in and draw stick figures. They can relate something God said as they share their drawings at the end of class. It really is precious to see them grow in their abilities to hear. Much fruit is evident in the lives of many of the children. 


The FREE DOWNLOADS of printable lesson files, coloring sheets and song MP3s provide everything you need. There are 5 Lessons (Intro and 4 Keys) plus 2 Bonus Lessons, for a total of 7 opportunities for your children to experience hearing God’s voice. The songs with motions help the children remember the 4 Keys. Tent Time is fun and effective! After 9 years of sharing with various classes, Tent Time has proven to be a favorite with the children. It is much appreciated by parents with a desire to see significant spiritual growth in their children and grandchildren. Many students have adapted Tent Time and the 4 Keys as a lifestyle and are helping teach the next generation. Teachers and students alike benefit from having experienced communion with God through “TENT TIME”! 

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Additional resources, songs and videos are available by Linda Harper, the creator of this curriculum, at www.LindaHarperMusic.com

Testimonies from Parents, Grandparents and Teachers!

I am so thankful for Tent Time. It has taught my girls about having a personal time with Jesus. It teaches them to hear from God in a way they can understand. It is on their level and fun. And it is complete with teachings, song with motions and coloring sheets. Each of my girls has a binder and it is so neat to walk into their room and ask,"What are you doing?" and the reply be,"Tent Time." The songs are catchy and my kids sing them walking around the house and in the car. And I sing them too. Stacy Scott Cole

I have had the privilege of participating with 3 and 4 year old children during Tent Time activities. I was amazed at the automatic connection they had with the teachings. They listened to a story about hearing God's voice, learned a song with motions (that they still enjoy singing) and then drew pictures. Tent Time helps children get "in touch" with God at a young age. They also learn that God cares about the children and you don't have to be an adult to hear from God. Robyn

Natalie’s Testimony (7 years old) - Every night before bed, I read from the Bible to my 2 daughters Anna (9 years old) and Natalie (7 years old).  Prayers follow our reading and on this particular evening Anna was a bit grumpy and said she didn’t know what to pray about. I told her to let God tell her what she could pray about. She repeated that she did not know what to pray about. I had been reviewing Tent Time that day for our trip to India and I said, “Hearing God’s voice is as easy as. . ."

Having both been through Tent Time in our children’s ministry, they both immediately perked up and started smiling and doing the hand motions. We continued, “Quieting myself down, keeping my eyes on Jesus, tuning in and writing it down.”  I told Anna she didn’t have to write it down she could just pray it out loud.  She closed her eyes for a minute and then prayed for her brother who had a particularly difficult evening and had argued with us. 

Around the same time (I think it was that same week) Natalie became very sick for the third time in six weeks. She had a fever and was miserable and asked me to pray for her. We snuggled in my bed together and began to pray for God to heal her.  When I was finished, she prayed for herself and then said it was my turn. I prayed again and so did she, over and over again we kept taking turns. When I felt that I had prayed everything I could think to pray, she wouldn’t let me stop so I got out a prayer calendar I had used in the past and two pages of healing verses someone had given to me years ago. On and on we prayed for an hour and a half, all at her pleading, while she raised her hands to God.

I prayed that God would show her His power as healer and finally take away her illness for good. The next morning, I was very disappointed when she woke up just as sick with a high fever again. I told God, “This was Your chance to prove Yourself real to her" (she had indicated frustration with prayer in the past when prayers went unanswered). I felt like God “blew it.”  I was dreading praying with her that night because I feared she would have lost faith and been angry.  Instead, she asked if she had to be baptized underwater to go to heaven.  I told her no, if she wasn’t ready to go under water, that part could wait.  She asked how she could be sure she was going to heaven.  I asked her if she believed that Jesus was real and lived on this earth.  She said yes and I asked her if she believed He died for all of our sins.  She said yes and I asked if she believed God raised Him from the dead.

I told her what confessing with your mouth meant and she asked if it counted that she prayed for her teacher and taught kids a worship song at recess and I said yes.  I realized that I had been so disappointed that God had not seen fit to heal her and through the healing increase her faith, but what God had in mind was much bigger.  God wanted relationship with Natalie and she spent an hour and a half in intimate relationship with Him the night before.  Because of that relationship, her faith was increased and it was demonstrated even in the face of disappointment.  And by faith she received salvation.

Endorsement of Linda Harper: I have known Linda Harper for 10 years. Her ministry to children and worship with children have been a tremendous impact on this upcoming generation of young worshippers. Her music is flowing from the Father’s heart and it touches their lives. It writes God’s words on their hearts. I have worked in children’s ministry for over eight years and used her songs in Sunday Children’s Worship (ages 3-7), in Kid’s Music Classes (ages 1-5) as well as in Chapel at a Daycare. Over and over again, I find that the songs Linda wrote are very easily connecting with the children’s hearts. Due to the songs' simple tunes and melodies, choice of words to express childlike understanding of the Father’ love that also invite the children to accompany each song with motions, they have been my go-to whenever I work with pre-school age children. Sandra Spillner-Martin.

Linda, I know that I have told you before, but I wanted to thank you again for your ministry to my grandchildren in the children’s department at the Vineyard (Inverness Vineyard, Birmingham, AL). Most children’s church programs are just a fun babysitting service while the parents get a break in church. But my grands know the worship songs that we sing in our service because you minister to their spirit man. They are learning to listen to the Holy Spirit’s voice as they pray and listen. And a lot of these lessons come from the music you write.

A few weeks ago, my son had his two daughters, Anna Claire and Ellie, at my house. They were running around in the house and arguing with each other. Then John Frank said, “Watch this, Mom.”  He put your CD into my player in the kitchen and you began to sing. As they rounded the doorway, they both stopped, began to sing, and do motions to the song that was playing. It was a very worshipful moment for all of us, just watching those girls as they turned the kitchen into a place of worship.

He told me that he keeps your music downloaded on his phone, and when they are running errands or any time they are in the car and begin to get rowdy, he just “turns on Ms. Linda” and the very same thing happens. Everyone gets quiet and begins to sing with you. In fact, he and Keri know all the words as well. So, once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart...these children are my heart. Blessings, Patti and Al Yother

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