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Caz Taylor Writes with Godly Inspiration

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Caz Taylor is a writer who is releasing divine creativity through his work. Be blessed by his story and his short videos as he trains others to write under the inspiration of God. Lord, let Your writers transform the literary landscape.

Caz Taylor's Story

I offer my sincere thanks to new friend Mark Virkler for inviting me to help him with this blog entry. I’m going to tell of the values in becoming more intimate with God through journaling, particularly if you hope to be an author. 

Much of what you are about to read is taken from a series I teach entitled “Called to Write.” This particular thirty minute instruction (in three ten minute YouTube videos) deals with “Journaling - A Christian Author’s Secret Weapon.”

I refer to Mark’s book “Dialogue with God,” including its several editions, as I instruct on this subject. (Note: You’ll find Virkler referenced about half way through part two of the three teaching links provided).  I have not found better written directives on Christian journaling.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:   

The Bible talks about the pen of a "ready writer." So, my question to students and this blog’s readers is, have YOU been called to write? Scribes occupy important positions throughout God's word. The good news is that the Lord is restoring the arts to and through the Church in these last days. His modern scribes will impact cities, states, nations and the world with the printed and broadcasted words.

This practical teaching speaks to novices, pros and part-time writers, alike. We look into developing and honing writing skills to apply to one or several disciplines. These include the simple task of personal journaling, as well as the more visible endeavors of writing books, songs, and poetry, as well as printed and electronic media.

As I say at the beginning of my journaling class, “writing can change the world, but journaling with God will change you.”  Writing with Godly inspiration is and will be one of the mightiest weapons for good this beleaguered earth has seen.

Writing is in our Father’s DNA. His Spirit hovering over and breathing upon individuals not too dissimilar to you, my dear reader, has inspired the most heroic of actions and lifted the most downtrodden souls. In fact, I often wonder how your anointed writing will impact me and others. I can hardly wait.

Each of the thirty nine books of the Old Testament and the twenty seven books of the New required willing writers, diligently listening to the Author and Finisher of our faith. From the beginning of time, God has had a story to tell, and He could well be asking you to pen another chapter. God’s early writing assignments were given to Moses, then reinforced through Habbakuk, saying to “write the vision plainly upon tablets.”

I have found journaling to be the starter fluid to impactful and inspired writings. More importantly, it is the starter fluid to an impactful and inspired relationship with God. Perhaps the greatest revelation I can offer to those who dare to journal is that it is not a one way street. You may start out writing something like, “Good morning Father, I’ve got a busy day today and I need your direction.”  The temptation here is to close your journal and end your entry. But those called into communications, must learn to listen as well as write. I was thrilled to discover that God’s means of speaking back to us is as varied as His character. If we wait on only the “still small voice”, we will miss the earthquake, the fire and the wind. Sometimes our creative Father will use a shadow in your prayer closet, a heretofore undiagnosed pattern in the spackle of your wall, an out-of-context phrase on a poster, or a seemingly unrelated sound. Any or all of these may be tools of the Almighty to stir our senses and ask, could this be God’s voice today? Next, without reservation, write what you sense that could mean. Some of your thoughts may be goofy and some not. This is a time for receiving, not necessarily filtering. That will come later.

Acts 17 tells us to be as Bereans and receive all things with readiness of mind, then search the scriptures to see if they are so. I have found that the order is important in this verse. First receive all things, then, confirm the validity. Too often we’ll overlay our narrow understanding of God and our preconceived notions to disallow what could be a unique and customized communications from on high. I’ve learned to simply trust that God will corroborate His words in offering two or more witnesses to confirm them. Further, give Him the latitude to tell you what those witnesses are to be.

God has big plans for and through His Church in these challenging times. Some of what He tells you in the privacy of your journal may be meant as an encouragement to others, as well. There is surely a God-breathed word, or sentence or paragraph inside of you that He wants presented in some way. Not only are you called to be His writer, you are His epistle to be known and read of all men.

Bio for teacher Caz Taylor

Caz has been a professional writer much of his adult life. He has written literally thousands of television and radio scripts, print ads and commercials. He has edited and written for magazines and newspapers, authored numerous books and has created countless video productions. His thirty year background as an ad agency principal and Creative Director, along with his recent endeavors as radio script writer (eBay Radio, Entrepreneur Magazine Radio & Christian Watercooler Radio Network), video producer and monthly columnist, provide solid vantage points from which he teaches. Many of Caz’s favorite topics deal with worship, along with God’s plans and preparations for His Church beyond denominational lines. The world desperately needs to see, hear and experience Jesus through the collective lives of His Body. Reach Caz at [email protected]

Additional Resources From Caz Taylor

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