His Love. His Power.

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“What do You want to say to me or show me today, Lord?”

My Lord speaks: “Let Me in. Let Me be in you. Let Me live through you.”

I respond: “Yes, Lord. I let You in. Have Your way in me, Lord Jesus.”

“Look to Me. Keep your eyes fixed on Me. Lean not on your own understanding.”

I see Jesus come me. He places His hands on my head. His hands are big and warm. They cover my ears. He lifts my head. I look into His eyes. He smiles as I look to Him. He adjusts my spirit and my emotions. I see things lining up in my physical body. He is placing things in order. A red laser beam shoots from His eyes into mine. The laser beam moves from my eyes to my heart. He is setting my heart on fire. He is searing things off. Everything that remains in my heart lines up.

My Lord speaks: “I make all things right concerning you.”

He loves me.

As I look to Him, He changes me. As He adjusts me, I realize the adjustments He is making are to allow the Holy Spirit to flow unhindered through me. Upon making that realization, I am conscious of the flow of His power into me. I feel His power move from my eyes to my brain, to my heart. From there I feel it pulse and pump through my body. His power is coursing through my veins. I feel it moving like an electric shock wave through my brain and my body.

His power is in me.

He smiles at me.

My Lord speaks: “Your heart beats to the rhythm of My love. Your heart beats in unison with Mine.”

He comes closer to me and bends down as if He might kiss me. I close my eyes and open my mouth to receive what He wants to give me. He places His lips over mine and blows His breath into me. I feel Him fill me up. I am full. My physical body is full of His presence and His power. He breaths supernatural life into me. His breath of life is life. I inhale Him. I breathe deeply of His presence. I am refreshed. I am alive. I am made new.

He loves me. He is with me.

My Lord speaks: “Nothing can stand against the power of God and the love of Christ.”

He loves me.

His power is in me.

Nothing can stand against me. 


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His Love. His Power. re: Mar 3 2013 16-55

i thank God for the relationship that you have with Him. as i read about your experiences, i become encouraged to be myself in the Lord. I long to have a wonderful intimacy with Him too.

many people have viewed me as one who is "dripping with goey stuff". so at first, i thought something was wrong with me. was I really hearing the voice of God??? is His love this grand???

now i realize i am hearing his voice and that He is truly wonderful! i have found my love and he is most dear. thanks for being a great blessing in my life!
with joy!

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tara if you can ask the Lord a question...

Tara if you can I would appreciate if you asked the Lord a significant question. My question is what are Jesus thoughts on face to face appearances from Him, including Him appearing in the physical realm. I want to know what the Lord has to say on that, and also ask Him how does a person increase there hunger for Him(God). How do we get so hungry for Him, ask Him that too if you can . Thank you very much God bless you!

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hello Tara do you teach people how to journal like you do?