The Power of Enzymes - Digestive Pain Is Gone! Inflammation Removed! Skin Strengthened!

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The pain of poor digestion had been with me for 30 years. Some days I was so frustrated I just wanted to quit eating altogether!!! It took me a while to recognize that I had poor digestion, then to understand that digestion was crucial to my health, and finally to discover a way to completely resolve digestion issues. Now that has all changed, and in the interest of helping others maintain maximum health, I want to share some recent changes I have made.

I remember being in a health food store in Branson, MO and my wife muscle-testing me for all the digestive enzymes on their shelf. I tested for 4-5 of them as well as HCL Betaine. I took them all and my digestion improved. Then my naturopath told me I had to be cautious about taking HCL so I quit and my digestion returned to extremely poor. 

I was never certain how many to take and afraid to take too many. What I was learning over the years went into a blog on digestive health.

As one ages, enzyme levels decrease in one's body. Now at 66, I need MORE enzymes! Through trial and error and through MRT plus an electronic scanning device I purchased three months ago, I realize that I need to take one or more enzymes with everything that I put in my mouth and that even includes vitamins and metabolic enzymes! I also need one HCL with every meal. Otherwise, I feel low energy and discomfort. The food is not digested and does not furnish the health God has intended. Inflammation grows throughout my system, promoting disease.

More is better

One thing this new piece of scanning equipment does is to allow you to put foods on an electronic test plate and hold the electrodes to see if this food will promote health or not. It has clearly shown that I need to take enzymes with everything in order for the food to produce health for my system. It also scans and tells me how many enzymes I need each day. Everyone I have tested with this scanning device, including my grandchildren, has tested as needing enzymes. So I have been taking MORE enzymes for the last three months, and I am feeling GOOD! I have more energy, better sleep and healthier skin to name a few, plus the after-meal indigestion is gone. 

According to the Father of Modern Medicine, all disease begins in the gut. Therefore it is impossible to give too much attention to proper digestion!

I know there are lots of great enzymes available for purchase. My scanning device has confirmed that all the enzymes from R-Garden are excellent and needed by my body. R-Garden puts a number of them on 50% sale every month.

I take their digestive enzyme, Maximizer, with all meals. I also include it with any food or pills or other enzymes I take between meals. For those who have an ulcer, R-Garden has produced an alternative to Maximizer called Gamma-Zyme. My stomach is not producing enough HCL so I take Betaine HCL with each meal and Beno (available in grocery stores). if consuming dairy, I need Lactaid. Occasionally the digestive enzyme I need is Digest Gold rather than Maximizer.

I also test to take between meals, their Amylase Formula, Protease Plus, and Lipase Formula. These would be considered metabolic enzymes as opposed to digestive enzymes (see article below). I find I test as needing to take their Maximizer along with these three enzymes, to ensure the three are fully digested and can do their work of cleaning the body. Without the Qest4 scans, I would never have discovered this. So if you don't have access to a Qest4, and your digestion is poor, I would recommend taking a Maximizer along with the metabolic enzymes.

To keep the colon healthy I take probiotics, acidophilus, and one ounce of colloidal silver mixed with one ounce of Aloe Vera Juice, L-glutamine Powder, Formula SF722, and OxyOne. These heal and strengthen the colon wall, and kill off yeast overgrowth and harmful bacteria. I take Tumeric to reduce inflammation. 

Yes, the above is a lot of stuff, but my GI tract is finally working fine as is my digestion. My skin is strengthened, and inflammation is reduced throughout my body, so I consider it worth the effort, especially when knowing that all disease begins in the gut. I am choosing to do whatever it takes to enjoy my senior years in vibrant health. Of course, if you want to go a cheaper route, fasting causes your health to spring forth speedily. I have also fasted from time to time and I especially enjoy the Master Cleanse. At this point in our lives, we are going to try the Kayto diet to see how our bodies respond to that.

Along with my recent order of Enzymes, R-Garden sent me an email containing the information below - Reprinted with permission

  1. Enzymes are found naturally in raw foods to break down the food particles in that food into nutrients that the body can use.
  2. Cooking and most processing of food destroy enzymes.
  3. There are three basic kinds of enzymes – food enzymes, digestive enzymes, and metabolic enzymes.
  4. In general, the higher the enzyme levels in the body, the better the health.
  5. There is an enzyme bank account that each of us has and uses up over time. Having nothing left in the enzyme bank account means low energy levels and very poor functioning of most bodily systems.
  6. The primary digestion of food should be in the upper portion or cardiac portion of the stomach. The food sits there for a half-hour or more as the enzymes in the food digest much of the food. If there are no enzymes present, it just begins to ferment or rot.
  7. Taking animal-derived enzyme formulas, such as pancreatin, is not very effective because they only work in a very alkaline environment so don't start working until they get into the small intestine. Most of your food should be digested in the upper portion of the stomach or by the hydrochloric acid in the lower portion. By the time food gets to the small intestine it is too late for digestion to begin. There are villi in the intestinal walls to extract different kinds of nutrients from the food. If the point for extracting a certain amino acid for instance is passed before the food is digested, then none of that amino acid is absorbed.
  8. If sufficient enzymes are present in the food or taken with meals, then hydrochloric acid is rarely needed or even beneficial.
  9. When eating cooked or processed food it is very beneficial to take plant-based digestive enzymes.
  10. Even raw food that has been sitting on the supermarket shelf for a few days has lost much of its enzyme activity. We have found that the body can benefit from taking enzymes anytime food is put into the mouth.
  11. The pancreas normally secretes some enzymes to help in the digestion of food. But with cooked food, all enzymes to digest it must be supplied by the body. This puts a tremendous strain on the pancreas. Almost all of us have enlarged pancreases.
  12. When the pancreas cannot produce sufficient enzymes to digest the food it must mobilize other systems of the body to help. Metabolic enzymes are taken from the liver and the immune system first then other bodily processes will also give up enzymes to help the digestion of food.
  13. By taking enough enzymes when you eat it is possible to not deplete the enzyme levels of the body.
  14. By taking enzymes in between meals it is possible to build up the enzyme levels of the body.
  15. Maximizer, with 16 different enzymes, takes enzyme usage to a whole new level. In the past enzyme formulas have crudely tried to supply the enzymes necessary for digestion. Maximizer, however, recognizes the many different kinds of enzymatic activity that must be present to digest different kinds of food.
  16. Maximizer has been formulated to deliver the health-giving nutrients that are abundant in our natural foods. Regardless of your dietary habits, this formulation will increase the utilization of the foods you can eat whether it be a hamburger from a fast-food restaurant or an organic meal from your own garden. It is important to MAXIMIZE your health benefits.

Dig deeper

Go Deeper - Get Healthy!

Check out this entire blog series on Vibrant Health! - Miracles PLUS Gifts of Healings. Working through this series on health is ideal for both individuals and groups. The more we take responsibility for ourselves - spirit, soul and body - the healthier we become! Won't you join me in living to at least 100 in vibrant health?


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