Lord, How Do You See Me?

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The two-way journaling below was shared in a seminar where Mark Virkler was teaching "How to Hear God's Voice" at Catch the Fire in Toronto on 1/4/12.

Judith Clarke asked the Lord, "How do you see me?"

I think the world of you. I see you made like Me with a compassionate heart and a tenderness that speaks of Me. I see you perfect.

I told Him, "Jesus, I can't see this!"

He said: Take your eyes off yourself and look at Me. Look into My eyes and tell Me what you see.

I saw His eyes and said, "I see love. Just love. Pure, liquid love."

What you see in Me is the truth. I love you beyond measure. I see you vibrant, full of life and hope. You have been bruised, you have been caged, but you will be healed and whole. You will be free to fly. You will be free to fly on the wings of Holy Spirit! You are alive and free. I see fullness of joy in you. Keep looking at Me. Keep looking at Me.

I asked, "What else, Jesus?"

There is a richness and depth to you that you have not yet seen. As you fix your eyes on Me that richness will rise and be released. A richness and depth that shouts My name, that brings healing and restoration. I see My glory in you!

Judith Clarke

Note from Mark Virkler: Let the "Wonderful Counselor" heal your heart with His words of love. Learn how to Hear God's Voice and how to be Counseled By God.