He is My Passion

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I quiet myself: “I am here, Lord. What is it You want to show me today, Lord? What is it You want to speak to me about today, Lord? Open the eyes of my heart. I want to hear You. I want to see You. I love You, Jesus.”

We are dancing on the beach. I see Him wearing His long white robes. I feel the warm breeze. I feel the strength of His hands. Our eyes are locked. His gaze does not leave mine. Mine does not leave His.

I am thinking in my spirit: “I love You, Lord. Thank You for loving me and strengthening me.”

My mouth isn’t moving but He hears my thoughts. He smiles.

He is thinking in His spirit: “My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts. But as you tune to flow, as you keep your heart aligned with Mine, and live out of My flow, My perfect thoughts will continually renew your mind. My thoughts will flow through you to a greater degree. Your gift of discernment has already grown supernaturally. You are learning how to live out of perfect spirit to spirit communion with Me. This is my heart’s desire. This has always been my heart’s desire since the beginning of time. I am My beloved’s. And My beloved is mine. You are My beloved daughter. You are My joy. You are My passion. As I stir passion and fire in your heart, you stir passion and fire in My heart. Do not grow weary in the seeming lack of response you see in others. I am at work. I use your passion to ignite kindling in others. My Holy Spirit will fan the kindling and grow the flames. My love is a consuming fire in you. And as your passion grows, as the fire of our love overtakes you, others’ thirst and hunger is being awakened. Does not My Word say ‘do not awaken love until it so desires?’ I so desire. It is time. I am awakening hearts and I am awakening passion in My people. Of My River of Love there is no end. It is time.”

We continued to dance as I heard Jesus’ thoughts in my Spirit. He pulls me into His embrace.

I ask (without speaking): “I love You so much, Lord. Have we spoken in our previous encounters? Or has it been spirit to spirit communion as it is now? I assumed it was talking.”

My Lord responds (without speaking): “At times we have spoken. At times we have communicated spirit to spirit. I am drawing you more deeply into Me. We are one. My thoughts are becoming your thoughts. Your spirit is learning how to live in perfect, unbroken communion with My Spirit.”

I respond (without speaking): “This is my desire, Lord. But I have to admit, there is a part of me that is still wondering if this is truly possible. I am still fallible. You have done a mighty work in me, Lord, it is true. But I can still make mistakes.”

My Lord responds without speaking: “I am teaching you every day. You are teachable. You are humble. You are yielded. This is why I can trust you. You are listening to My voice. You are tuning your heart to My flow. You are responding to My teaching and following My lead. This is why I can entrust you with more. Did I not just give you a sense of urgency to reach out to [name] and to pray with her? You are Mine. I am yours. We are One. In the same way you train up your children in the way they should go, I am training you up. I am giving you everything I have, and everything I am that you will do even greater things than Me. I am using you to raise up an army of Passionate Prophetic Warriors that will take ground for My Kingdom. It is time. I am calling them forward. You are My mouthpiece. I am making all things right concerning you. Continue to pray prophetically and look for Me in the Spirit. You are learning how to find Me, and invite Me in, and agree with what I am doing. I am proud of you for stepping out to minister to others. This is what I created you to do. Much of what I show you is for you to give away. Give it away. The more you give, the more you will receive. My River will never run dry. Of Me and My power, there is no end. Of My love, there is no end. Of My Kingdom, there is no end. Of My revelation there is no end. These Prophetic Warriors that I am calling forth will fight in the Spirit with repentance, love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, joy and truth. The weapons of this war for My Kingdom are the FRUIT of living out of perfect spirit to spirit communion with Me. Fruit of the spirit has been misunderstood by My people. Many have been striving to demonstrate fruit that they are growing themselves, in their own strength by their sheer will. This fruit cannot last. It withers. It dies. It does not produce more fruit of the spirit. It plants seeds of falsehood and works. It sows hypocrisy. This fruit is bitter and sour and it is not delightful to eat. Others see it and do not desire it. It is religion. Rather the fruit grown out of perfect spirit to spirit communion with Me reproduces Kingdom fruit. It draws others to my River of Life. Others hunger and thirst for one drop of nectar from My tree of Life. These Prophetic Warriors will ooze my nectar and My fruit. Do you remember the vision I gave you where butterflies came to eat nectar out of your mouth? This is a picture of what I am doing. Those I am transforming into My image will come and eat of the nectar of the fruit in your life. They will come and drink of the nectar that flows from your mouth.”

[See my blog entry dated July 21, 2012 – http://www.cwgministries.org/blogs/how-have-encounter-my-lord-supernatural-fruit-butterflies.]

He bends toward me as if He is going to kiss me. I close my eyes and open my mouth to receive what He has for me. He gently lays me down on my back. And He dives into my mouth. I feel His lifeforce enter me. It feels like a surge of life or a jolt of electricity.

I hear Him speak: “I am in you, Tara. We are one. You received Me to live in your heart. You received My baptism of the Holy Spirit. You have partaken of My body that was broken for you. You have consumed My blood that was shed for you. We are one. I am in you. In you, I live, I move and I have my being. I adore you, My beloved daughter. I love being one with you. My glory shines forth from your heart. My words pour out of your mouth. My passion is for you. You are my passion. I am in your passion.”


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Surely Blessed

Today was the first time I have read your blogs. From the very first blog a feeling of peace came over me. I am trying to learn how to to hear God"s voice. I am going through a season right now and I need to hear what the Lord wants me to do. In time I hope to have half of the gift that you have. May GOD continue to bless you and your family. Thanks for the gift that you are able to share with us.

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Response to "Surely Blessed"

Thank you for your comment. Have you been through the "4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice" study, by Mark & Patti Virker?: http://www.cwgministries.org/store/4-keys-hearing-gods-voice-book. Also, you may want to watch this first. This is a great introduction to the more in-depth 10-week teaching series: http://www.cwgministries.org/galilee. May your journey into all He has for you be filled with joy.


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Love to read this

Oh how I love to read your encounters with Jesus! What beauty!

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Response to "Love to read this"

Thank you! I am so grateful to hear you were blessed!

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Hi I have did many studies on

Hi I have did many studies on how to hear the voice of God.Can one prophesy using the 4 keys to hear God? IF so share with me one story where you prophesyd someone.

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