Watching the Fire Spread from Home to Home

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It is such a thrill to hear testimonies like the one below from Robert Richdale! He goes through training on How to Hear God’s Voice, reviewing it several times. It transforms his life. He shares it with his wife. It transforms their marriage. And now he shares it with his friends in his home group and it transforms their lives. Robert himself goes deeper by taking college courses on the prophetic so he can continue to grow and complete the transformation process God is working within him.

Don’t you love watching the fire of God sweep through people’s lives, families and home groups? Make sure you are spreading the fire of God to your friends! Offer any of our 20+ DVD training series in your home. Below is Robert's testimony along with pictures of him and his wife and some of his journaling. Read on and be blessed!

Dear Mark, I thank God for leading me to you and your "Communion with God Ministries". I also want to thank you for the amazing ministry you have established in helping believers go beyond the mundane, same ole, same ole, never really knowing how to reach higher and hear the voice of God. You and Patti and your ministry have changed the lives of me and my wife tremendously, and I thank you from the depths of my heart.

 In March 2012, I ordered the CWG Ministries course "4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice". The course was such a blessing to my spiritual life, that I have gone through the course several times, and I began to teach the course in my home to two small groups. One group finished last year, and now my wife and I have just begun a new home group, beginning this month, teaching the course again. What a joy.

Having been so blessed by your CWG ministry courses I also ordered and took "Prayers That Heal the Heart" last May. Now, after some great clear conversations "with Jesus on the sea of Galilee", I have just joyfully enrolled as a student in CLU. I am very happy, and the Lord tells me He is so very pleased with this step I have taken, which of course pleases me even more. I wish to deepen in my spiritual calling and I am delighted that CLU offers courses in Prophetic Ministry.

Samples of Robert’s Two-Way Journaling

1.  Lord, how do You see me?

Robert, I love the way you try to know Me more. I am delighted you want to hear My voice. I see you seeking Me, and that pleases Me very much. You have chosen well. I know you told Me you want to be like the apostle John, because he was the disciple I loved. You ask Me to help you be like John, you want to know how to be like John, because you want Me to see you also like the disciple Jesus loves.

I will help you because you ask a good thing. Stay close to Me always, in everything, and you will see My friendship more and more. I love you unconditionally. Your heart is peaceful, because you seek peace, and I have told you “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God”.

2.    Lord, please talk to me about becoming still.

Just sit in My presence in a quiet place. You and Me, sitting together. Quiet down your thoughts and emotions and just relax with Me. I control the Universe and the world, so trust Me to control a quietness around you and just be humble and relax with Me. Stillness will come, for remember, “I am gentle and humble at heart, and you will find rest with Me”. Nothing will harm you in My presence. You have nothing to worry about. This way you can be still in My presence, always and anytime you want.

3.    Lord, how important is it to use the eyes of my heart? How have I been using them? How would You have me use them?

I want you to learn to use the eyes of your heart. A new dimension of My presence and My speaking to you will emerge to you. You did not know I wanted you to use the eyes of your heart, and therefore you were not exercising this gifting. Now that you know this is a reality, you can begin to use the eyes of your heart more and more in the times we spend together. I will help you. Do not doubt. I want you to use the eyes of your heart to get to know Me in a deeper way. This way you will add a visual dimension to My speaking to you, and My guidance for you will increase.

4.    Lord, what do You want to say to me concerning Journaling? How important is Journaling in my life? What time of day is best for me to Journal?

Journaling will establish more clearly what we talk about and what I speak to you. It is very important to Journal because that way you will be writing a book of My conversations with you. You and I will then have a wonderful personal Diary of our many times together. Oh, how wonderful this will be for you, and for Me.

Try to have two key journaling times with Me, one in the morning at the start your day, and one in the evening at the end of your day. I want you to encapsulate your day with these intimate personal times with Me. Oh, how I wish all My children would start and end their days like this with Me. Thank you Robert, please do this. This will please Me so much, and your life with Me will improve beyond measure. Journaling at these times of day, sometimes I will not have too much to say but I will speak to you, and you will sense My presence and this will be invaluable to Me and to you. I love you.