We Are Proud to Announce the Bible Lover's Series!

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Don't study about God.
Encounter Him through His Living Word!

Fall in Love All Over Again with Our

Bible Lover’s Series

"Were not our hearts burning within us while …
He was explaining the Scriptures to us?"
(Lk. 24:32 NASB)

Art by Greg Olsen

Is your Bible study time in the doldrums? Do you find that you don’t enjoy learning detached head-knowledge about the Bible, so regular Bible study is difficult to maintain? Have you made a false dichotomy by subconsciously believing, “I need to choose between Bible study and spiritual intimacy?” Are you in danger of deception because you lack biblical grounding which allows you to safely navigate the spiritual realm and steer clear of false teachings?

What could you learn if the Holy Spirit was your Teacher?

Do you feel guilt for not enjoying reading God's Word? Do you feel shame at your ignorance of Scriptural truth? Do you wish you knew more about what's in the Bible? Do you find you can't defend your faith? Are you unsure where God’s spiritual boundaries are?

Get to know the Truth
and you won’t fall for a lie!

We Have Just Finished Preparing an Awesome Solution: We have created the first “Through the Bible Series” which draws you into the experience of hearing God’s voice and receiving divine revelation as you meditate through the entire Bible. You will have Dr. Andrew Hardy, awesome Bible storyteller, at your side (available through both video and audio). Outstanding weekly meditation questions will guide you in discovering biblical truths and receiving revelation directly from God. Plus for a limited time, we are offering a weekly internet group which you can participate in with Mark Virkler where everyone shares the revelations God has given them from the assigned Scriptures, questions and journaling from the previous week. You will find that your heart is inflamed with revelation as Jesus opens the Scriptures to you and your group!


What’s the difference between traditional Bible study and
our revelation-based Bible Lover's series?
The difference between just reading a book and
going out for coffee with the author of it!

The Benefits for You Personally: You will enjoy the process of becoming a "Biblical Person." God's Word will be written in your heart because you have taken the time to meditate on it from Genesis to Revelation. You will not be swayed by winds of change. You will become immovably grounded in the truth of God's Word because the Author has spoken to you as you read it cover to cover. Step into biblical meditation with a group of like-minded Spirit-filled believers. The Bible is meant to be lived and we will as a group be drawn into living the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation.

God’s Word + God’s Voice = Ancient Truth for Your Here and Now!

Highlights of This Bible Lover's Series:

Journey Through the Scriptures with the Holy Spirit as your Guide!
  • 8 Devotional DVD “Through the Bible” Training Packages for you and/or your group.
  • Click here to view a 7-minute clip from this series with Dr. Andrew Hardy.
  • Weekly group online discussions with Dr. Mark Virkler (Begins Sept. 9th. at 9:00 PM EST)
  • Test your Bible knowledge! Find out how well you do on these eight free online Bible quizzes?
  • Make Biblical illiteracy for you and your friends a thing of the past!
  • Up to 30% discount until Sept. 1, 2013 on this introductory offer of 80+ sessions! Order Now!

Do you want to freely soar in the spirit? Get grounded in the Word!
Discover what is available to you. Identify the boundaries.
When you know your Bible inside and out, you are free and confident and unafraid.

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Bible Lover’s Series Introductory Sale

Expires Sept. 1, 2013 Extended to Oct. 1!

Order Lines: U.S. 1-800-466-6961;
International 716-681-4896

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Add Additional Workbooks and Teacher’s Resources – use coupon code “BibleLover” for 10% now 15% off these helpful resources:
  • Additional Through the Bible book/workbook – retail $19.95 (Order here)
  • Through the Bible Handbook of Answers – retail $19.95 (Order here)
  • Through the Bible Teacher’s Guide – retail $17.95 (Order here)

    The above books are utilized in all 8 courses, covering Genesis through Revelation.


Would YOU Help Others Find the Joy of Encountering God Through His Word?
  • Forward this Bible Lovers Series to all your friends.
  • Offer Through the Bible in your small group (home group, Sunday school class).
  • Bring more Spirit-anointed trainers into your home or Sunday School class by clicking here and discovering  the titles of 25 DVD Training Packages
  • Location and time of Dr. Virkler’s weekly online discussions beginning September 9th will be posted here on Mark's blog.