Calling Others to be Cleansed, Healed and Set Free from Mountains of Ungodly Beliefs by His River of Love

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I quiet myself: “I am here, Lord. I wait for you. I am listening. I am watching. What is it You want to speak to me today? What is it You want me to see today?”

My Lord speaks: “Mountains hinder the things of the Holy Spirit – My flow. The Holy Spirit will flow around them, but until I remove the mountain, My power and My flow is diminished as it flows around the mountain. I am the mountain mover. Nothing is impossible for Me. All you have to do is but ask, and have faith in Me and My power the size of a mustard seed. With childlike faith no matter how small, I can move any mountain. Not everyone sees the mountains on which their lives are built, however many mountains have been there for generations. Many are blind to the mountain, its influence, its size, and how it hinders My Holy Spirit – the flow of My Holy Spirit in their lives. Legalism is a form of performance, as is fear of man, as is a political or religious spirit. One ungodly belief, on top of another, on top of another for generations creates a mountain that hinders My flow. I have given you the gift of discernment. You can see mountains. You have seen them in your own life as I have healed you and restored you to Me. First someone must see the mountain on which their life is built. Then they must allow Me to set them free from the agreement they made, and the lies they believed. Depending on their humility and hunger for Me, this can take varying degrees of time. But it’s up to each person to choose Me – to choose life, and allow Me to do My Kingdom business with them that they can walk in freedom with Me. You can see mountains of ungodly beliefs that others cannot see in their own lives. Pray for them to have eyes to see. Ask them if they want to have eyes to see. Ask if you can pray for them. Invite them to choose Me, to choose life. Pray they agree with what I have for them. Pray they hunger for more of Me. More freedom. Only then can you teach them how to move a mountain. Keep your eyes fixed on Me.”

I am on Jesus’ shoulders. He is my firm foundation. My right hand is reaching up into His glory cloud. I am looking into His face which is at the center of it. The River – His River of love – flows from my belly. Jesus’ words of life are in the River. Names are in the River. I pull down glory out of Jesus’ funnel cloud, and throw it at the water. It skips across the water, and picks up a name. His glory wraps around the name and pulls other words from the water. His glory, the name, and the other words form a type of vortex on top of the water.

“This is what My glory does. It pulls everything one person needs out of the River – My River of love, to wash them, cleanse them, baptize them with truth, and set them free – that I can move mountains and ungodly beliefs out of the way, that My River of living water may flow unhindered through them, that then they may know their destiny, their call and purpose, that which I created them to fulfill in My Kingdom. If only they would come thirsty, hungry, humble, and yielding to My power, I could set them free. Be My mouthpiece, Tara. Call them to Me. Call them to My River of life.”

“Let all who hunger. Let all who thirst, come. Come. This is the day of salvation. Come. Drink of the River of life. Be cleansed. Be washed. Be baptized by His truth. The vortex of His glory has your name on it. It is pulling everything you need from His River of life to cleanse you, to wash you with His word, that He can perfect everything concerning you. Be washed that the scales will fall from your eyes, that the Lord can open the eyes of your heart to see mountains of ungodly beliefs on which your life is built. He wants to wash these mountains away. Come to the River of life. In Him is fullness of joy. In Him is life abundant. In Him is freedom, destiny, hope, and a future. Come! Is there anything that is impossible for the Lord?”

It’s my voice calling, but it’s Jesus’ words, His spirit, calling through me.

“Come. Come. Come …,” continues to resonate in my spirit. “Draw them, Lord.”

I look to the hills in the distance. I see people. Many people. They are coming to the River of love. The sound of freedom rings throughout the earth. Give them ears to hear, Lord. That they may come. Choose life! Come. 


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Your are truly a seer.

Infact God is is the business of making that which seems to impossible to be possible. He is speaking and will always stand on His promises and whether the world like it or not His children are always hearing from Him and that has helped each of them to have an intimancy with Him. My dear sister I wish you all the best as you continue hearing His voice, most impotantly I wish to meet with you some day in heaven .

Weston Kapasule. Kasungu, Malawi, Central Africa.


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Response to “You are truly a seer”

Thank you so much for your gracious words. Yes, with God all things are possible! May you sense the Lord's delight as you continue to run hard after Him. God bless you and all you put your hand to in Malawi and beyond, Weston.

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Come to Jesus's river!


Your words are beautiful and I get the impression you are seeing things as you say them. I personally try Journaling often but for me it is hard kinda a stretch believing it is Our Lord or myself in the words. Something tells me each day for a week now reading your blogs my name is in the river you speak of and I need your help finding it.

Don't know how or why but the catalyst for me is you. Not sure why and it don't matter to me why, what matters is I find this river before it dries up and I am left behind looking at the salt flats of an old river bed. That's what is in my head. I havea huge mountain and I know Mt. Everett has NOTHING on my mountain. The problem is I can't see it and/or don't know what it's made of and how to tear it down but the Lord does and possibly you can see it.

I'm wondering if it is the Will of God and our Lord Christ Jesus, if you can contact me and we can talk? I would LOVE LOVE to speak to you if time permits or if your willing. I know God has shown me your words daily and is directing me and was wondering if you feel like what I'm saying is correct please send me an email so we can set up a time to talk via Skype or cell phone etc... God willing!!!

Jon (New Beleiver in Christ Jesus), 32 year old Disabled/Retired USN Veteran.
My email: [email protected]

PS: God Bless us all and may Jesus Reign in each a d everyone of our lives on earth through all eternity. In Jesus Name AMEN!

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Response to "Come to Jesus' River"

Hello Jon, I apologize that I am not available for one on ones right now. It is not for lack of concern. I am praying for you and your breakthrough. CWG ministries can connect you with a personal spiritual trainer. Read more here: Also, please read my post from today: I had this encounter with the Lord a few months ago, but I believe you are one of those the Lord is calling. He is the only One that can meet all of your needs. In Him you lack no good thing. Keep pressing in. He will never leave you nor forsake you. Everything you want, need and desire, you will find in Him. I am believing God for your miracle! - Tara

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Come to Jesus' River

God Bless you Jon, I see that you are a new believer in Christ and a disabled veteran. I am a quadroplegic from a car accident 14 years ago. I pray that the Holy Spirit will flow rivers of life through you, and that you grow in His likeness. Blessings to you. Nasrin

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Response to "Come to Jesus' River" 2

Thank you so much for sharing, Nasrin, and for your words of encouragement. God bless you richly! - Tara

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Move the mountain of striving

Hi Tara,
Thanks for your journaling. I respond, "Yes, Lord. I don't know how to live in faith, in rest in you, in resting and waiting for the flow of the Spirit to move me. I know how to overwork, strive, set goals, worry, push, control, fear, and many other things. Move this mountain in my life, Lord. I trust You can and will. Show me how to participate."
I'm going thru the Contributing Strands Worksheet I completed last year on fear. I believe this is one step I can take.
Thanks again.
George M

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Response to "Move the mountain of striving"

Hi George, Thank you for sharing! The Lord is faithful. He will finish the good work He began in you. Remain in Him, and He will do it. I have asked the Lord what my job is / how He would have me respond on multiple occasions. He continues to remind me to surrender to Him, trust Him, let Him have His way. I have learned that control (striving, overworking, etc.) is born out of fear. I add my faith to yours. Faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. Nothing is impossible for Him! May you encounter Him in a transformational way today. Receive of His truth again, again and again. Let His truth transform you. It's not by might nor by power, but by HIS Spirit. - Tara